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  1. Great work, gentlemen! Edit: I've resigned to the fact that I've probably thrown away my PE belts for the Eduard Albatros Dr.1, so I ordered a set of seats with belts from Barracudacast. While I was there, I ordered a set of wheels, too. We'll get this bird done eventually.
  2. I thought that the Glencoe kit was a repop of Aurora's. i'll dig out my Aurora DIII and take some comparison pics. Edit: I don't know if pics are going to help - the plastic is fairly featureless on the underside of the wings. The struts fit snugly, though.
  3. Thanks, John. I might take you up on that. If you've ever built a Pegasus / Blue Max / Silver Cloud kit, you know what this feels like for me. I'm not going to complain, but suffice to say that I can get the Revell kit for less than I could get this for, and it has all the parts of the Eduard (Weekend Edition, I presume). Still, this has the Arab cowling, so that's something. I've actually been enjoying fettling this thing together. I didn't start with the cockpit! I glued both nose halves and radiators together. I will not use the Eagle III nose, but it's nice to have it to hand.
  4. I've abandoned the CMR BE2c for the time being. Straightening the bent resin without breaking it proved beyond me this time. I mentioned to Chris that I'd started an Eduard 1:48 Albatros Dr.1, but I have lost the PE seat belts. I suspect I threw them out, if it was stuck to some masking tape accidentallyI do have a habit of forgetting where I put things down, so they might turn up sometime, but I'm fully thinking that they won't. So, I started a Roden 1:32 Pfalz DIII, and that's been coming along ok. Then, last night, I opened a Blue Max 1:48 Bristol F2b Fighter. I like this for the Sunbeam A
  5. Matchbox/Revell in 1:76, too, with the Char B1.
  6. Finished washing my resin parts, and the upper wing broke while trying to straighten it. I've straightened it, though. The break was nearly all on the starboard side of the centre section (the centre-section cut out on the trailing edge was a stress concentrator). As there is a dihedral, I'll probably break the port wing on this line, too, either accidentally or deliberately, depending on how the re-bending goes. Wishing the bent parts weren't bent.
  7. Here's my unopened kit - a CMR 1:72 scale RAF BE2c Bag Artwork: Instructions: Drawings (on reverse of Instructions): Resin Parts (including a sheet of 2-part moulded items joined by common flash at the mould seam. Yay.): First job will be to wash the resin and re-bag it into the conveniently-provided Ziplock bag that the whole lot came in. The upper wing should have dihedral, but it has a bend in the port wing about mid-span, so I'll get some hot water and clamps ready later on.
  8. I've been pondering all sorts of things. I don't want to tackle the Dreadnought until I get something simpler under my belt. The last thing I need is an non-completed GB subject. Starting with 1914, then, I'm leaning towards either a CMR 1:72 BE2c or (if I can find it!) an Eduard 1:48 Sopwith Baby. Let's leave it at BE2c for the time being.
  9. I'll be in on this. What to do, though. Lots of choices, from HMS Dreadnought to Wingnut Wingz planes and Emhar tanks. Maybe I should start with something from 1914 ... a BE-2 or something like that.
  10. That's very nicely done, Ron. I dare say it's the best I've seen extracted from this very good kit that has been done by many modellers since its release. Cartograf made the decals, IIRC. Airfix finally did something after years of complaints about their decals which, to be fair, were made at Trun in France (Heller had a reputedly state-of-the-art decal machine which has never produced decent decals). The very old Airfix decals made in England were ok, the ones that came out of India and China a few years back (Brown backing paper) are reputedly useless, and so they went to what seems to be ev
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. My particular kit's ID is 6283.
  12. Brews

    P-40E Tomahawk

    I think the P-40D onwards were "Kittyhawks", while the ealier ones were "Tomahawks". Clive Caldwell was an expert Tomahawk pilot and proponent (he once shot down two Bf 109Es that had bounced him and left him smoking, spirally earthwards) ... Stocky Edwards was a Kittyhawk ace. I got this book for free at one time, when Amazon were offering it at that price. Edwards said in that book that the Desert Air Force didn't get air supremacy until the Spitfires arrived in theatre, sometime around the 2nd Battle of El Alamein. Bf 109s from Jg 27 weren't be so interested in going after Blenheims and oth
  13. Brews

    1/48 P-40N

    That's a very Bavarian-looking tail on that bird! Nice.
  14. Brews

    P-40E Tomahawk

    Nice build! Question 1: Would a P-40E be a Tomahawk or a Kittyhawk? Question 2: What colour did you use for your interior green? Question 3: Did you have fun? Question 4: Would you build it again?
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