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  1. Financially, it's had no negative effect on us. If anything we're doing better than usual, since we're not spending money on things like our annual Nats trip. I work at a TV station and my wife is a nurse, so we're both still employed. Physically however...we both had Covid-19 back in June, when it tore through the nursing home where she works. I had a mild case with just a nasty cough and fatigue for a couple weeks, but my wife spent a total of ten days in the hospital. We both seem to have recovered now, although my wife's hair has been falling out like crazy (apparently that's a known after-effect of the virus..supposed to clear up after a few months.) All-in-all, we've been very lucky. One of our long-time club members passed away from the virus last week. Steve Nelson IPMS #30925
  2. Any chance more rooms will be added after the first block sold out so quickly? As I said above, the block was gone in less than four hours. Steve N IPMS #30925
  3. As of 8:00 pm EDT, it's showing no rooms available at the convention rate. I tried both Tue-Sat and Wed-Sat, with no luck. Steve N
  4. Hi! The wife and I are in the process of getting all our ducks in a row for Nats..looking forward to a fantastic week! We've registered for the Pima tour, and would like to take the AMARG tour as well. This of course has to be reserved in advance through Pima's website due to security considerations. They offer two tours that day: one at 11:00 am and another at 2:00 pm. Which would be better? I'm afraid if we took the earlier tour we'd miss lunch at the museum (we've already bought the box lunches) but is the later tour too late? What time does the bus head back to Phoenix, and if we take the 2:00 pm AMARG tour would we get back to the museum in time? Thanks! Steve Nelson IPMS#30925
  5. snelson

    Wings Pallet

    The site has been around for quite awhile. The biggest problem is that all the profiles come from various books and websites, and many are of rather dubious accuracy. You can find some interesting stuff there, but I wouldn't use it as any kind of definitive reference. Steve N IPMS #30925
  6. We just switched our reservation from the Marriott to the Embassy. My wife was able to get a room at the Embassy for Wednesday through Saturday nights at the convention rate with not problem. BTW, they said tomorrow is the last day to make reservations at the convention rate. We haven't cancelled our reservation at the Marriott yet, in case someone wants it. Steve Nelson IPMS #30925
  7. During the initial rush last August we were able to get a reservation at the Marriott, but only for Thursday thru Saturday. My wife called them up this evening, and was able to add Wednesday night (at the convention rate) with no problem, so there may be some vacancies opening up due to cancellations. Really looking forward to the shindig..2011 was fantastic! Steve Nelson IPMS #30925
  8. Saturday night my wife tried to get reservations at Embassy Suites, and was told they "couldn't find the IPMS rate." I assume the convention rate rooms were gone by then..at least for all four nights. Fortunately last night we were able to snag a room at the Marriott next door at the convention rate, but only for Thu/Fri/Sat. Now that our foot is in the door, we may try to see if we can extend the reservation to include Wednesday night as well. Steve Nelson IPMS #30925
  9. The only difference in the 1/72 Hasegawa Dauntless kits is the section forward of the cockpit (provided as separate pieces, differing in the various releases.) I built one many moons ago, and I had the TD set, but I don't recall how well it fit (or not.) I also had the Jaguar set, with I may have used instead. Steve Nelson IPMS #30925
  10. I've seen the Anigrand resin B-32 built-up. I looks nice, but is basically a resin version of the Aviation Usk/Xotic vacuform kit. I have that kit, and it's the only vac I harbor any serious consideration of actually building (although I think I acquired it sometime in the late 90s.) Like the aforementioned Contrail kit, the injected parts are pretty terrible (the engine faces are copies of the Hasegawa B-17 engines.) I picked up an Academy B-29 "bagged kit" with no decals or instructions for less than ten bucks to pirate the engines, props, wheels and other details. The Anigrand and Usk kits both share a major shape error though: the nose turret is too big (it should be identical to the tail turret) and it's misshapen..it's wider than it is tall, when it should be spherical (and you only get the external half of the turrets.) This gives the model an even more "pug nose" look than it should..and would require major surgery to fix. I'd love to see a state-of-the-art injected B-32, but I can't imagine any mainstream company taking it on. It's just too esoteric to sell enough to be profitable. I suppose I could see on of the Czech outfits taking it on, but the price would be astronomical..I still haven't convinced myself to pay $50+ for the Special Hobby B-18. Steve Nelson IPMS#30925
  11. Welcome! My wife and I (both members) attended the recent IPMS Toledo show in Port Clinton and had a great time (unfortunately I didn't enter anything..I haven't actually finished a kit in nearly two years!) We had hoped to go to the zoo on Sunday, but the weather was terrible so we went to the art museum instead..followed by dinner at Tony Packo's. A must if you're in Toledo! I live in Battle Creek, MI now, but grew up in a little town about two miles from Indiana and four miles from Ohio. We'll definitely be at Nats in Columbus..maybe we'll bump into you! Happy Modeling! Steve Nelson IPMS#30925
  12. I'm more passionate about some subjects than others. I was chatting with a friend once and I mentioned how nice the Tamiya 1/72 Spitfire was, but he said the wing outline was so inaccurate he just couldn't build it. Then somehow the subject turned to the Minicraft B-24..he was just fine with it, but I'm a big fan of the Liberator and Minicraft kit's undersized and inaccurately shaped engine cowls were a deal-breaker for me. We both had a good laugh, realizing that all of us have our "sacred cows." Even then, I try not to get too nit-picky unless it's something that just jumps out at me. The bottom line is, we all build for our own reasons. Some builders love delving into the minutia of a particular subject and try to get every single detail right, others just build for fun and rarely stray from what comes in the box. Whatever floats your boat is fine..that's why it's called a hobby! B) Steve Nelson IPMS#30925
  13. The only Thunderbolts that came from the factory with Interior Green cockpits were Curtiss-built P-47Gs, all of which were assigned to Stateside training units. The standard color for P-47 cockpits was Dull Dark Green..althought some have been incorrectly restored with Interior Green cockpits, confusing the issue. As mentioned above, Model Master "Euro 1 Dark Green" is about as close as you'll get straight from the bottle. Steve Nelson IPMS #30925
  14. Does anybody from the Roscoe Turner chapter have any info on a 2015 contest? It's usually held in March, but I've seen nary a peep anywhere, and no mention on their website. This is one of our favoritest events of the year..I hope it hasn't been cancelled. Cheers! Steve Nelson IPMS#30925 President, IPMS Kalamazoo
  15. I've got a couple pics that might be good enough for publication. I tried PMing you but your inbox must be full. Let me know if you still need them. Steve Nelson IPMS #30925
  16. I registered both myself and my wife (Amanda Nelson IPMS #41368) on May 31 for both the convention and the awards banquet. I have the confirmation e-mail, and a total of $190 was debited from my account. Steve Nelson IPMS #30925
  17. I just received my 50th Anniversary T-shirt and pin in the mail, but the convention nametags and such were not included. Are they being mailed separately? I only ask because the envelope was damaged by the USPS, and I'm concerned some of the contents may have fallen out before it got to me. Thanks, Steve Nelson IPMS #30925
  18. Yes you do..and I've got to finish that Hobbycraft B-36 I'm building in the ManCave across the hall from the Lady's Lair. Steve Nelson (aka Mr. Mandie) IPMS#30925
  19. That's because you never get the sound effects right! Steve (Mr. Mandie) Nelson IPMS #30925 Oh, and welcome to the forum, Dave!
  20. The tool you're describing is usually called a "scribing tool." The best one I've ever found is from UMM models, available here. For making straight lines, I usually use "dymo tape." This is the tape used in label makers. It's made of stiff plastic, and has an adhesive back so you can stick it to the model to guide your scriber. You can usually find it in the office supply section of most stores. I'm not sure about the paper you're describing. Happy Modeling! Steve Nelson IPMS#30925
  21. Looks good to me! Oh, and I find the term "Nippoholics" incredibly insulting..I prefer "Meatballer." Steve Nelson IPMS#30925
  22. snelson

    Uglyist Airplane

    Here's one from this side of the pond: the ill-fated Ford "Air Pullman." Bill Stout designed it as the followup to his successful single-engine Ford 2-AT Air Transport. It made one flight, and the test pilot (sitting in the single open seat atop the nose) barely got it back on the ground in one piece. Henry Ford was on hand for the test flight, and the pilot told him to "forget it." Ford sent Stout on a speaking tour and had his engineers redesign the aircraft, resulting in the famous "Tin Goose." Steve Nelson IPMS#30925
  23. Very nice! Steve Nelson IPMA #30925
  24. Thanks all! I'm glad I managed to whip this one into submission, but I think I'm going to stick to nice flat camouflage schemes for awhile now, though! Clare: I did mask and paint both sides of the open canopy panels. Normally I would just mask the outside, and paint the interior color first, but I figured that since the inner side would be so visible it would look better if painted. The inside was just painted Interior Green, but the outside was primed with black first, then painted silver. The black is visible in the extreme closeup due to the thickness of the clear plastic. Steve Nelson IPMS #30925
  25. I managed to finish my first "real" model in a year-and-a-half this afternoon. It's Academy's 1/72 P-51C built as Lee Archer's "Ina the Macon Belle." I originally started the project back in February..our club had a contest, and the theme was "something red." I figured a Red Tail Tuskegee P-51 would be perfect. Also, it was Black History Month, and Archer (America's only black Ace) died about that time. I tried to keep this project fairly "box stock." However, I couldn't resist cutting out and dropping the flaps (since you'd never see them up on a Mustang that's been parked for more than a few minutes.) I also added some tape seatbelts and resin wheels, and replaced the gun barrels with brass tube. Here's the cockpit before buttoning her up. A little drybrushing popped out the molded details. I went with Interior Green, but used Dull Dark Green on the seat for variety (apparently many "high back" Mustangs had DDG seats, made by a subcontractor.) The wood floorboards on Mustangs were painted with black not-skid paint. One reason this project took so long was that it fought me every single step of the way. First, I had problems with the paint. I used Floquil Bright Silver lacquer, but primed with Tamiya Gloss Black acrylic (cut with lacquer thinner.) I then masked off the red and yellow areas and shot them with Tamiya Flat White (again cut with lacquer thinner) which promptly became riddled with cracks. Fortunately I had only done the wing stripes, but I had to sand them down and repaint..stalling the project for awhile. Then I discovered that the silver didn't adhere very well to the primer. While adding decals I managed to rub it off in a few spots. I masked off the decals with post-it notes to touch up the paint. I'd heard all sorts of horror stories about Academy decals, but figured they couldn't be THAT bad. It took liberal amounts of Solvaset to get them to lay down, and I figured it would take a tactical nuke to remove them. BUT..when I pulled off the "low tac" post-its, this was the result.. I set the project aside in disgust, and considered trashing it. Fortunately, a fellow club member encouraged me not to let it beat me, and another provided some Aeromaster decals..so the project was back on. I finally got her finished this afternoon..warts and all. She's OK as a "shelf sitter," as long as you don't look too close. I flat-coated the portions of the wings that were puttied and painted on real Mustangs (although I didn't fill the panel lines) and applied some Bare Metal foil to the around the exhaust stacks to simulate the stainless steel panels. I made one slight deviation from historical accuracy. Archer was only officially credited with four kills before being rotated back to the States, even though he actually got five. It's widely speculated that there was an unwritten policy to remove the Tuskegee Airmen from combat before they made Ace. Black flyers were good for PR, but the "powers that be" didn't want them to be "too" successful. A few years ago, Archer was finally given official credit for his fifth kill, officially making him an Ace. So in his honor I put five kill marks on the model (Kermit Weeks did the same when he restored his P-51C in Archer's markings.) Cheers! Steve
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