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  1. Old figure I finally finished. Mostly painted with oils. Dak
  2. A Macchi C.200 shot down by an LRDG patrol. This is the pacific Coast kit and is really horrid. There is a HUGE gap at the wing roots and the landing gear has a rotten fit. The resin engine needs lots of detail work. D-Day figures. Dak
  3. The AMT kit with Masterbox figures. Horrible kit, but nice figures. The bulldog is anatomically correct. Dak
  4. The Takom kit is great! Frankly, one of the best fitting kits I have ever worked with. The cable is home made from 24 gauge wire. You'll need way more cable than comes in the kit. About 15ft. Dak
  5. The Meng Ft-17 done as an abandoned vehicle in 1942. Alpine, Miniart, and New World figures.
  6. I was wondering when we can expect to see entry forms and such posted. Dak
  7. I'm looking information on US Navy squadrons that operated the Sea Sprite in the mid-1970s. Need help Dak
  8. The wheel is a 1/32 Mig-3 by Trumpeter.
  9. Static grass applied with the Grasstech flocker
  10. Put your model on a base an fix it down.....glue, wires, screws, whatever. The biggest problem I have seen with most models is evidence of handling. Paint worn; oil and dirt from skin. As well as repeatedly broken parts. Even soft gloves will wear on the finish, over time. Bases are cheap to by and prepare. Usually just a small dab of Elmer's is enough to hold a car model in place. All that pretty paint job, conversion, and extra detail will not hold up to repeated packing and unpacking. Or simply taking it out to be seen. When the judges have to move you models around.....
  11. Just got an applicator from Grasstech. Works pretty well. Used both short and longer stuff.....6.5mm. The applicators aren't cheap, but the look is great. Dak
  12. Dakimbrell

    need tips

    Tile grout is far superior to any other thing I have found for dirt in dioramas. It is fairly cheap and easy to use. A lot less work, too. As I said, it is far more versatile than anything else. No one who has made use of it has gone back to using anything else. Dak
  13. Dakimbrell

    need tips

    I use tile grout from the hardware store for dirt. Absorbed water well. You can make it look like dirt, Tarmac, or concrete. Lots of colts and shades to choose from. Mix your own, if color doesn't match what you want. Woodland Scenic flocking works well for grass. Dak
  14. Ahh, there are electrical outlets at the front of the room, also. And most diorama stuff do not require plug ins, anyway. Dioramas have the category numbers they do because in the old days they were an afterthought. And until recent years they have not been mainstream modeling. That is changing. At Hampton, I had trouble shooting pictures because of all the people crowded around. Time to get them out of the corner. There is no rule that says the high number categories MUST go in the back. Consistency is a hobgoblin. Dak
  15. I understand about the electricity. But it seems like more and more are showing up. It just seems they would be easier to see AND judge out on the middle tables. Dak
  16. That's my point, it's always that way. I agree that there is no malice, now days. It's just a case of "that's how we have always done it".
  17. It is so tiring to see dioramas a shoved up into the back corners of the display room at the contest. They should be out in the middle where the light is better and you can see them from different angles. Pictures I took at Loveland make it look like several are all one thing. This year at Hampton was not much better. Dioramas are pretty mainstream now days, so why not bring them out where they can be seen instead of putting them in the back like an after thought! Dak
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