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  1. Finishing up the WNW H-B W.12. Using resin for the water. The top layer will be artist gel to crate some wave action, Figures are from Wings Cockpits. As you can see in the photo, there is a crewman standing on the float pretty much how these will be posed. Dak
  2. Keep in mind, I have always said a landing craft on a tank transporter is a ship diorama. 😉 Dak
  3. That is not what the rules say. Two or more vehicles is a large comp diorama. But there is nothing that says you can’t have ten vehicles and one figure in figure diorama. The ten vehicles would just make it large comp. I.E. Tank Man and ten T-59s. 😉 Dak
  4. I disagree, Ed. The whole scene was inspired by the captured half-tracks in the picture and the desire to show the Germans surrendering. Without the figures, some people would not get the significance of the stars on the vehicle. In my opinion, the 25 figures dominate the scene and tell the story. If the 251 was removed, it would not change the story. The halftrack is merely background, like the wall. And they won't be judging the plaque. Noting that it is captured is an effort to inform those that are confused by a Nazi vehicle with American markings. I didn't want someone thinking it is
  5. Rusty, that is my take, also, but I have others feel my opinion is grossly wrong. In 2011, I had one with a vehicle which I enter in figure diorama and it got moved removed from where it had a good chance at a win (IMO) to the vehicle category where it got lost in the crowd. The contest rules have vague points in them and people seem to have a fit when there is a challenge. I just don't want a big argument at the show because this surprises someone. Nothing actually states what is the clear defining line between diorama categories. Viva Las Vegas! Dak
  6. This diorama has a total of 25 figures and it is my intention to enter it as a figure dioramas, large composition. Does anyone see a problem with that? Dak
  7. Remember, the one who dies with the most toys wins. Dak😉
  8. I found it interesting even though it is a small museum. Cost $20 and has discounts for seniors and others. Dak
  9. Good to know. I was down on the strip and everyone was complaining about the cost to park. Dak
  10. Just got back from Las Vegas. This was a trip for gambling, a granddaughter's volleyball tournament and sight-seeing. For those going for the first time in August, I can recommend the NMoAT. Take the 202 line bus for $2. The Mob Museum is also good. There is a speakeasy in the basement of the Mob Museum. One thing I found at the NMoAT was this picture of a Ki-61 Tony that was assigned to Kamikazes. I have never seen it before. The artwork is a plane crashing on a ship. Parking is no longer free in the big casinos. They have plexiglass shields up between seats at the gambling ta
  11. There are several photos of the aircraft. I included on on the plague on the base. There didn’t seem to be anything on the wings in the photo. I did take artistic license by leaving the rear canopy in place. I believe the pilot jettisoned it before landing. Dak
  12. The plan is to go to the National in Vegas. I won’t have more than one or two entries as I’m flying in. This may be one of them. Don’t know if it will go in humor or auto diorama. Thanks for the compliment, Gary. Dak
  13. Tamiya kit with Master Box and DEF figures. Not finished, yet. I'm waiting on some details to arrive in the mail. Dak
  14. Tamiya kit with Master Box and DEF figures. Not finished, yet. I'm waiting on some details to arrive in the mail. Dak
  15. Tamiya kit with Master Box and DEF figures. Not finished, yet. I'm waiting on some details to arrive in the mail. Dak
  16. These are two Masterbox figures in 1/24th to go with a car model I am currently working on. I haven't seen many done, but they look pretty good when you get them together. There are a bunch of men and women in the series, mostly in modern attire. As you can see, the one girl comes with a mobile phone. MB never quite matches their box art and they have some seams and flash. I used a hot knife to enhance the hair. These are all done in enamels. Dak
  17. Good luck. I can't even see 1/72. 🤪 Dak
  18. Just got done with the Trumpeter kit in 1/35th. Alpine figures and one from Tamiya looking out the hatch. Dak
  19. I was looking at the contest categories for Las Vegas and noted there are 13 in the aircraft categories 10, in the military vehicles and 3 in automotive. I found it odd the aircraft are scattered through the categories, while the tanks and cars are grouped together. Not that it makes any real difference, I guess. Carnage Hall, indeed! Dak
  20. Looking at this again, I have to say I don’t think it is true. First, it is extremely rare, but not impossible, for a newbie to win the top awards at a National. It’s all in the work and what else is on the table on a particular day. Second, there is no code to crack beyond work and dedication. Less experienced modelers are not normally super model builders. They have to gain that experience working with kits, coming to clubs, and contests to learn what categories best fit their interests and skills. Why would anyone assume a novice would automatically beat out an experienced modeler?
  21. This is my basic perception, too. As I have said, today’s kits make it much easier to build a very competitive entry with and OOB model. From the day they started OOB, the rules have been continually modified to accommodate various aspects. Rigging, drilled out guns and exhausts. Replacing decals, and on and on. IPMS members enjoy pushing the rules to the absolute limit. This puts some—who played by the rules—at a disadvantage when someone pushes a bit a gets a dispensation at the contest. If you want out OOB, then make it EXACTLY that. No additions or substitutions of
  22. Over the years, I have seen a number of builders who did well at local contests, where they were the wunderkind, go to regionals and nationals only to get their...hat...handed to them. Insulted, and embarrassed they never come back. That is good because we don't want or need them. They spoil it for the rest of us. While an early win is a sure way to get them hooked---Las Vegas learned that long ago---it also creates unreasonable expectations. As Wall Street says---past performance is no guaranty of future performance. If you want to win, you have to play. I have entered many contests and
  23. Gil, Why? Most of us, the membership majority, are adults. They know what is going on, or at least should. All the current set up does is make more work for everyone for no real gain. In this photo you can see it replaced the kit string for the tow cable with a homemade wire cable. It is hardly a big thing and if I said nothing about it, it would probably go unnoticed. Yet, it totally excludes the model from OOB and forces it to compete with the "honchos". Wouldn't it be more "fair" to make the "honchos" compete separately? Personally, I don't think there really are "honchos". I
  24. This is the MiniArt 1/35th kit. If you are looking for a lot of nice detail, I recommend this kit. The bonnet louvres re molded open and the suspension springs are hollow. Dak
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