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  1. It is always to see how thinks will go. One time, you enter in what you see as a basic reality and get blown away. The same project ends up in a different category and wins big in a way you didn’t think. We have that happen all the time. But I do see the way things end up often looks confusing. Dak
  2. Nick, I understand the idea of “mounted”as defined in a dictionary, but both vignettes and dioramas vary a bit in what we do and what it is described, I think. Also, as you can see from that photo, not all animal mounted figures are on a horse. Not to mention the phrase “bust” meant something different than my grandson anticipated. I do remember one year at a National, they moved my diorama (4 figures and a car) from Figures but left another diorama stay with multiple figures and a vehicle stay in Figure dioramas. Too often that does happen unfairly. So, if there is a figure on a horse, one on a bear, and one of a motorcycle, what is the difference? Dak
  3. Do keep in mine this is not the first time I’ve had to deal with this sort of thing. I don’t expect it to win because most of the figure judges always feel guilty when they come around a sexy figure. But, you can never know for sure unless you enter. I will leave it until I get there and let the people make up a mind. “Mounted” is just a word. It doesn’t say horses or other things. They may decide what ever the “mount” might be. Dak
  4. Hope to see you in Texas. I hope you do figures with your figures. Dak
  5. Thanks guys, One friend said put it in 408, Early Steam and Sail. Well, I aways enjoy the thinking on the issue. This like many we are seeing more like are things begin to work in grey areas. I see the whole thing more about the figure than the bike. Considering she was broken when I got her cheap. It doesn't generally go with the motorcycle guys because, so few ever do a figure, but I don't to win based on what I say in the past. Then again, with a figure might add to it in a big crowd. There really isn't a true story with both bike and rider. I have noticed the "Mounted" fraise doesn't seem to actually define what a figure is riding. I don't really think of it as a diorama, and I think putting her there would just get lost in a crowd. Maybe just putting it in Mounted and let the judges figure it out at the show. Dak
  6. This is a Tamiya motorcycle kit, of course. However, it was not the real intention. The model was done to support the girl than the motorcycle. The question is where should be in the show contest. Perhaps in Mounted Figures? Dak
  7. I wish we could put together a good National convention in Norman, Oklahoma. WE have an Embassy and then three other hotels on the same side street within walking distance and then plenty places to eat and shop on the main street there. Several other hotels in nearby blocks. And a good model shop in Norman. The Ft. Sill museums by Lawton and the 45th infantry Division in OKC, as well as Tinker AFB. Problem, finding enough guys willing to do the work. Dak
  8. Interesting, we just sold another of this kit which had been held by Don Douglas who had died last December. In fact, I recall he had at least two in his collection from way back. Lots of kits to brave souls picked up all his old kits. Good work. Dak
  9. Brilliant, I’m not sure. But I liked it. Thanks for the compliment. Dak
  10. Just got done with the 1/35th Miniart D8500 tractor with a Miniart driver and ram. No real story. The title comes from a book which did involve sheep and rams. Dak
  11. I'm working on a Panther that ended ups under a Chevrolet sign in Belgium in 1944. Dak
  12. I got this Stormtrooper kit cheap a few weeks ago and just did him up. The crossbow is called a latch bow. These fired short almost dart like arrows. The trick was making the string look about right. All I saw were fairly heavy cords. The 1542 period had no hand guns of much use hence why the small cross bows were liked so well. The Reivers in the six Marches of Scotland and England were pretty much gangsters of sorts. The name on the bust is my grandson. (Age 23) A bit as a joke, but he wants it now. Dak
  13. After the world collapses you will lose all you information. 🤪 Dak
  14. 1) Start a logbook to list when you started or finished a model. It will help you keep track of the multiple projects. 2) Note the date of purchase on the new model's box. You will be shocked down the line when you check the date. 3) Sign and date the base of your model. (Before the model is attached!) It helps make sure you are the owner and when you built the project. 4) Start keeping a personal journal on your model work. You will find looking back a few years helpful and interesting. 5) Take pictures of your finished model with your mobile phone. Being able to show your work/hobby/art to others makes life interesting and surprisingly entertaining. Dak
  15. The name plates I make on the computer at home. Sometimes I use the Microsoft Publisher program and sometimes a greeting card publisher program picked up Office Depot. I actually got the idea some 15 years back from John Charvat of AMPS. I print it on photo paper and then cover it with laminate material or clear packing tape. Once cut out of the paper, the edge was colored with a marker to match the background. (Cover it before cutting it out of the paper.) It was then glued onto the base with clear Elmer's glue. I also use the same program to make a sign for a diorama, too. Dak
  16. Well, considering it is over two years old, no one complained.😜 Dak
  17. Finished the 1/32nd Kotare Mk1a Spitfire. Dak
  18. If you are looking for something to mask your model, consider using modeling clay. Cheap to buy, easy to shape and doesn't stick to the model badly. The use will give you a sharp edge. Dak
  19. No, no residue to speak of. I had a tiny bit get caught in a seam but was easy to remove. It doesn’t stick hard unless you press it down real hard. The first time I saw it done was 1969. But haven’t had any around in years and had to go find it. Dak
  20. For those looking for a good making material, I recommend children's modeling clay. It doesn't sink into things the way Silly Putty does. Dak
  21. from what I found molded into some of the parts, I suspect they plan on issuing several other Marks. A MkII and a MkV. Dak
  22. Got the kit on March 27 and started it immediately. No engine or gun bays, but a very detailed cockpit. Lots of decal instruments and plaques. The seatbelts I used are from Eduard, but they include one seat with the belts molded in place. No photo-etch in the kit. Fit is very good, and the instructions are VERY similar to the WNW instructions. There is even some rigging in the cockpit. Mine will be DW-K in a diorama. I'll send my article on it to the Journal in a couple weeks. BTW, in the course of picking figures, I found the "Eddie" figure in the Revell Iron Maiden kit is actually the same figure in an ICM set, except for the head. Dak
  23. Dakimbrell


    This is the IBG 1/35th twin turreted &TP. Most of these had been converted to the Single turreted version by the start of WWIi. Also, by the start of the war the markings had been discontinued, so I put it in 1938. The kit has a full interior including the engine and fit was not bad. I did use the kit link and length tracks which fit fine, but a set of Fruilmodel T-26 tracks are good for the model. The figure is from a set by Minianrt. Dak
  24. One of the biggest problems I often see is what I call the World War in Living Color. The problem here is the builder has tried to make a huge scene using many vehicles of different type and lots of figures doing things which don't seem to fit together. I understand the builder gets so wrapped up in the subject they don't see the major flaws in the story or even the craftsmanship. Sometimes, it is simply several events going on, on the same base. In effect, several different stories done at the same time in hopes of creating a larger scene. It is one thing to do a group of refugees marching past people working on a broken vehicle and another to do the refugees passing a garage where the people are lounging around a car like there is no problem in the world. If the builder is copying events in a photograph, they should display a copy of the picture with the model to let the judges know why they did something a certain way. Dak
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