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  1. This is the 1/10th Alexandros Models bust of the Vermeer painting. Painted with oils. Dak
  2. Dakimbrell


    This is the 54mm of Igor from Young Frankenstein. The kit is white metal from Romeo Models. A fun quick project painted with enamels. Dak
  3. If you want a good read, get a copy of James Holland’s new book on the Sherwood Rangers from D-day to the end of the war. Personally, I think Holland is a better writer and historian than Ambrose. Dak
  4. Just got done with the Life Miniatures bust of Winston. The kit comes with two heads a helmet, a hat and the cigar. I can't do the pinstripe, so I went with the dark blue suit. I did very little shading because the bust is quite well sculpted and doesn't need it. Too often these days people are over shading to the point it makes the figure look like a caricature. The glass of whiskey came from doll house supplies. Unfortunately, I could not find one without ice. No proper scotch whiskey drinker uses ice!!! It will be replaced when a suitable glass is found. Dak
  5. We get catch and release because we have become cheap and complacent about building and staffing prisons. People forget as the population goes up, the need for properly staffed prisons go up. But no one wants spend the money and compromises must be made. Dak
  6. I hate vandals more than thieves. I would like to see them tortured to death. Dak
  7. If you are looking for a good compressor, you can pick one up at Lowes, Walmart, or Harbor Freight for $60-$70. They will have a holding tank and work great. Dak
  8. Model railroaders have standard sized modules which can be connected to form a layout. Maybe a standard oversize base which could accommodate a large aircraft or more than one smaller model and also fit predictably on the tables would work. A very large ship might take a base two modules long, that would fit too I don’t think you grasp the complexity of such an idea when dealing with our models. Dak
  9. This is one of the problems we must face. There are a lot of BIG airplane models out there and bases have become more and more popular as a way to both display and protect the model. Dak
  10. I think the blue is too dark, but it’s hard to tell from the black and white photos. Dak
  11. This is the 1/32nd Williams Brother kit with some figures from, Nemrod, Miniart, and Stalingrad. The kit has been setting on my shelf for at least 21 years. Dak
  12. How true! I have seen very few big dioramas that are truly good. Way to many think building big is the way to impress, but rarely come up to snuff. Dak
  13. I wasn’t comparing anyone. I’ve truly thought it would be fun to wear awards at a show since some such as medals and medallions on ribbons are designed to be worn. As most modelers know, WWII Germans wore their medals into combat and the Russians definitely liked the bling. Americans tend to go for simple ribbons which I find more tasteful in general—-no pun intended—-situations. If we use awards which are designed to be worn, why not wear them. After all, many wear the contest pins to show they are “veterans”. I personally prefer small awards like medallions that are easy to pack and display with the model in display cases. Dak
  14. We could wear our medals like German soldiers or Russian generals. 😁 Dak
  15. On generic awards, a set design could be purchased by the host chapter and purchased from a specific source which gives the best price. No storage required. Just a thought. Dan
  16. If you can’t fix the decals, perhaps that is not the model to build for OOTB. Would you choose a kit that the real thing had rigging, but was not mentioned in the instructions or seen in the box art? As for painting, I was referring to the markings. Painting and glue while not included, are referenced in the instructions. Of course, some old kits did come with glue. Overall, my point is that OOTB as practiced today is archaic and unnecessary. We would be better served creating classes for specific topics like a Bf-109 class and break it down into categories by scale. Judge oranges with oranges. There are a number of models with which we could do this way. Dak
  17. Why would a self respecting contestant insist on building an old, outdated kit for a major contest and insist it be judged OOTB. talk about demanding special treatment. If he was truly skilled he would be prepared to revitalize the kit supplied decals. Dak
  18. Sorry, but it should be kit decals only. You want to compete with an antique kit, then use the old decals. Just my opinion. Dak
  19. I think OOTB should be held to the strictest terms possible including the kit supplied decals. In the old days there was some justification for it. Not so now. I was one of those people hated to compete against because I detailed my models very heavily. Now days I don’t need to do that much extra work. Rarely do I do more than change a piece of string to a piece of wire Today, anyone can buy a WNW airplane or a Takom Panther and have an OOTB model with a full interior. Dak
  20. OOTB is obsolescent. If you want to do a real OOTB, then make it OOTB only, including kit decals. Dak
  21. An interesting idea, but I not sure how it would work for us. Find out more specific information. As for me, I have never had trouble getting a room at the convention hotel. Dak
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