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  1. That’s fine for those in the hobby, but transient visitors who could generate goodwill won’t pay premium prices. A high GA fee is the wrong place to make a profit. High fees erase goodwill. Day
  2. The problem with a “day” ticket is still that many—-like my friend—-would only be there a couple hours and they might also resent paying to see the vendors where they will pay out money. Dak
  3. I believe a nuisance fee is a good thing to keep out those that really have no interest, but just happen to be bored and looking for something to do. A fee of a dollar or two is fine. However, bigger fees work against us. I know few people who aren't serious model builders who would come in for more that a couple hours. They definitely wouldn't keep coming back every day. In 2003, I told a coworker about the convention and he brought his whole family only to be hit with a big fee which he wasn't willing to pay. He was really angry about it. No good will there. If you want to attract people, then let them in. Trying to make a profit on visitors is counter productive. Dak
  4. Come to the Dark Side and start building tanks and Dioramas. I to have been building since I was 4 years old. First model was in 1958 and I glued the decals onto the model. Dak
  5. They should have gotten one of the water massage and oxygen bars to set up in the hallway. Dak
  6. At least you got the rudder on right. 😁 Dak
  7. I enjoyed it....except for that long walk down that loooong hall.😄 Most of us are old and fat. Dak
  8. Yes, I believe this is a 48 star flag. Appropriate for Pearl Harbor in 1941. Dak
  9. It is to me. If your front yard is in Kabul, it is patriotism. On Elm Street in Memphis it is just fashion. It’s easy to be brave and fly the flag where no one shoots at it. People rarely fly the flag using the etiquette you speak of. In most cases the just put it up and forget about it. This shows far more disrespect than someone burning it in political protest. People also tend to put more importance on the flag than what it stands for. In the end, it is nothing but a symbol, not a thing to be worshipped. Dak
  10. Now days, I find the flag is used much too often as a fashion statement-----like flying it in a front yard and from a car. We live in the United States and I find it shameful garrison flags get used to sell cars. Are people so insecure they have to remind people of that? Most just seem to put it up just to look cool or to try to convince others they are a patriot. Personally, I found the display of American ships on an American flag to be completely respectful. Flag etiquette is a guide line, not a law. When etiquette becomes dogma, we are a doomed people. The important thing is not the flag, but the nation for which it stands. Dak
  11. To date, for almost every hard fact, I have found a exception. That doesn't mean there were M1A2 Abrams tank at El Alamein. Still, there are many things to strange to be believed, but not too strange to have happened. Dak
  12. This is an element I have often argued. Where does craftsmanship end and accuracy begin? You read my earlier string However, in the judges meeting we are told we are not judging accuracy, repeatedly. I guess the question is would the average person notice it. They might notice a seam or glob of glue, but the propeller on the wrong nacelle? Mark even brought up the P-47 which won big a while back. Seems there was a big anger because it had some incorrect parts on the engine....at least for that version. I certainly couldn’t tell you it was wrong. The same with the P-38 props. I would not have noticed it as incorrect. On the other hand, I know a lot about tiger tanks that I see wrong. Dak
  13. Props on the wrong nacelle is an accuracy issue and should not have been a judging point. except perhaps at the very end when it comes to personal choice. Dak
  14. I was a judge and on Saturday morning, I manned the critique table at the door of the model room. We had a dozen or so people come and have us look at their models. Interestingly, a number of these people won awards. This also happened at Chattanooga. This was announced several time and signs were in place. Dak
  15. I have used the flag before to display some stuff like that. I have no problem with it because the symbolism is respectful. I see people fly the flag all the time after dark with no lighting and in the rain. I have seen them flown literally until they faded out and rotted off the pole. A few American battleship models sitting on them upsets me not. During my time in the Navy, I could count the times on one hand we folded the flag. Most times it was just stuffed in the drawer of the quarter deck desk after evening colors. Dak
  16. Dakimbrell

    Lana Kane

    For those of you familiar with the animated series ARCHER, Lana needs no introduction. For the rest, She is a super sexy ISIS spy agency agent who is virtually fearless and tough. This is a Stalingrad beach girl figure which I did a while back. Quite honestly, I had almost finished her before I realized I had done the figure in one of Lan's costumes. Dak
  17. This year I'm flying in and had to send my entries via a friend. So, this year I had loads of time on my hands before the National. Normally, I'd be up nights trying to make sure I got done in time. Now all I have to do is worry about my friend getting my entries there without breaking them. Dak
  18. Dakimbrell


    One more model from the Shelf of Woe completed just before I head to Las Vegas for the convention. With the withdrawal from Afghanistan I thought I would do it from the time the Mujahideen were the "good guys". The kit is the 1/35th Trumpeter kit with a figure from Stalingrad. Basically just OOtB. Dak
  19. Since masks will be hiding our faces, here I am in my fashionable WWI lozenge mask. What sorts will the rest of you be wearing? Dak
  20. Me wearing the mask I’ll use at the convention. Dak
  21. The American Revolution was a plot by a bunch of left wing liberals to discredit the British government. All the fighting was fake. There was no war. Dak
  22. Masks work for me. I've been vaccinated, but had planned to wear mine in Vegas anyway. A late night in Las Vegas....been there done that! Dak
  23. Building models has always been work for me. I do enjoy it, but it is never relaxing for me. Nothing wrecks the evening like a clog in the airbrush or an important part dropping to the carpet. Dak
  24. For those going to Vegas, who would like to meet me face to face, have a drink (I think there is a bar in the hotel), or challenge me to a duel (pistols or swords only--no pies, I'm diabetic), here is my picture. I should be in Wednesday afternoon. Don't be intimidated by my dashing good looks or cavalier Harry Flashman like manner. Dak
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