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  1. I had this same problem with a Jagdpanther. I had put it on the shelf for a while and the tracks crumbled when touched. Dak
  2. yes, I have been getting excellent quality pictures with my iPhone, also. Dak
  3. Takom kit coming along nicely. I used 3d printed tool clamps from Shapeways and they worked well. Dak
  4. I have been entering contests for over fifty years and I have never seen anyone use a measuring device to judge a model except to determine if something was out of line....like one wing being higher than the other. For the past thirty-five or more years judging at various IPMS style contests, I have always been admonished not to worry about accuracy. And any question of accuracy would only come in the end when we were trying to separate first from second, etc. And then we were told to give the entrant the benefit of the doubt. Given the IPMS system of judging models against others in a ca
  5. PeteJ, How does one judge creativity? How does one quantify creativity? Particularly when judging a real subject? Are you saying a gaping seam down the fuselage should be ignored in favor of a more "creative" work? (This is exactly what the AMSO people believe.) How is a stand alone 1/48th BOB Spitfire to be judged on creativity? Walking those same rows of contest tables, I see a lot of creativity in subject matter, display, level of detail, particularly the scratch and scifi categories. Is not choosing a highly technical subject and building it creative? I certainly think so. You a
  6. PeteJ, I started this thread not as criticism, but as curiosity if others have encountered such groups. In my description of the AMSO group, I have very charitable of them. They are not really that creative, but merely use it as a an excuse to justify poor craftsmanship. I realize everyone builds models for their own reasons and we have several in both the local IPMS chapters who only build for themselves. They have no interests in contests, nor do they try to build at a high competitive level. I like them and have great respect for them for they accept both complements and suggestions wi
  7. Please keep in mind, my post was not intended to debate the merits of OOB, but as an observation that the state of model kits seems to be changing the nature of the OOB concept. When OOB categories were started in the early eighties, there were only two 1/35th Panther kits and both were shells with vinyl tracks. Both had holes in the bottom for motorized parts. On the Tamiya kit, you could see through the engine deck grills to the tracks. To do any version other than the kit, you had no choice but to start scratch building and modifications. Today, you can model virtually any version of t
  8. This AMSO group doesn't care for basic craftsmanship. Seams, burrs, glue spots and misaligned parts abound on many of their models. Accuracy...technical or historic... is totally unimportant for most of them. Several have expressed the opinion awards should be based on imagination and creativity, rather than basic skills. This is one of the reasons they get upset with IPMS. While I try to make my models accurate, I have long ago quit worrying about strict accuracy it any more than I worry about shade of color. There are a lot of variables. (For example, I have a picture of a German soldie
  9. Nick, Time of the year is immaterial. Actually, I think there are extremely few cheats at an IPMS contest. But my remarks are merely observations and that you refer to it as a "can of worms" seems a clear indicator there may be more serious problems than I thought. Personally, I don't give a lead zeppelin about the category, except.....as I imply… that one day it may be hard to tell what the difference between OOB and everything else. Dak
  10. As I looked at my 1/35th Takom Panther tank, several things occurred to me...…. First, over the past twenty-five years, I have been building more models basically from the box. This is not out of laziness, but simply because the kits have improved and I don't need to add lots of detail like it was in the late seventies. Long past are the days of digging through the discarded parts box or hoarding railroad detail parts for that "special" project. Next was that these newer generation of models have extremely complexed instruction sheets and no one would have time.... at a contest... to
  11. The AFVCLUB kit with figures from Alpine, Stalingrad, Bravo6, and MiniArt. I think the DML 251 is a better kit. Dak
  12. Dakimbrell


    The kit detail is very nice. I had some fit problems, but frankly I'm not sure if it was my mistake a kit problem. One reason the guy is leaning on the wing is because the finished model wobbles on the narrow undercarriage. Dak
  13. As far as I have been able to determine, none of this AMSO group has ever been a member of IPMS. And yes, several of them are poor builders who make no effort to improve. One guy came to our OHMS meeting for a while and kept wanting to trade stuff. He literally offered crap and wanted better stuff. One night he followed me all the way to my car offering a bag of worthless yellowed decals for a DML Panzer II. I finally had to tell him...rudely... he had nothing I wanted. That's when he quit coming to our meeting. We have two IPMS chapters in OKC and one in Tulsa. The AMSO group could never
  14. Here in central Oklahoma, there is a group called the Alternative Modelers Society of Oklahoma.....AMSO.... and they HATE IPMS. They have been around about fifteen years or so and feel: IPMS puts too much emphasis on craftsmanship. (Apparently, filling seams is over rated.) IPMS ignores/hates creative models. It's unfair for them to compete with people who can afford better kits. ( Some will never buy a Tamiya kit, but will spend a hundred bucks at the flea market buying old Heller kits.) Two of the members were part of the local IPMS groups....OHMS and Metro....but l
  15. Dakimbrell


    Meng 1/32nd Komet with Aries figures ( I think). Dak
  16. Preiser makes some 1/24th nude figures. Multipose, both male and female. Don't know who is carrying them. Dak
  17. 1/35th Stalingrad beach girl series. The accessories are mostly from Meng. All painted with enamels. Dak
  18. Dakimbrell


    Nuts planet bust. mostly done in enamels. Dak
  19. Old figure I finally finished. Mostly painted with oils. Dak
  20. A Macchi C.200 shot down by an LRDG patrol. This is the pacific Coast kit and is really horrid. There is a HUGE gap at the wing roots and the landing gear has a rotten fit. The resin engine needs lots of detail work. D-Day figures. Dak
  21. The AMT kit with Masterbox figures. Horrible kit, but nice figures. The bulldog is anatomically correct. Dak
  22. The Takom kit is great! Frankly, one of the best fitting kits I have ever worked with. The cable is home made from 24 gauge wire. You'll need way more cable than comes in the kit. About 15ft. Dak
  23. The Meng Ft-17 done as an abandoned vehicle in 1942. Alpine, Miniart, and New World figures.
  24. I was wondering when we can expect to see entry forms and such posted. Dak
  25. I'm looking information on US Navy squadrons that operated the Sea Sprite in the mid-1970s. Need help Dak
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