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  1. Out of curiosity, how many rooms were included in the block for the convention? Mark
  2. So I forgot to check for the time reservations would be opening for the convention hotel. Tried to make a reservation on Friday, 13 Sept. Went on-line and then by phone only to be disappointed the block has sold out for the Embassy Suites! It never stops to amaze me how fast the main hotel sells out nowadays. I guess this is to be expected. Unfortunately, a number of those making reservations will not be attending the Nats in 2020 for whatever reason and will end up cancelling their reservation. I guess I should have been quicker! Booked at one of the overflow hotels. This will be the first time in the past 15+ Nats I haven't stayed at the primary hotel. Oh well, rant off !!! Mark
  3. R&J Enterprises web store still has a large volume of inventory to sell off since the passing of it's co-owner, Rich Sullivan. I have been asked by Joy Sullivan to pass the word the store is selling the remaining inventory at 50% off the original price. Some of the lines include Aber, Eduard, limited Voyager, RB, Rubio Barrels, Brach, Resicast, Ultracast, DES, resin figures, many books, plastic kits and other products too many to list here. Fruil tracks are sold out but some Model Kasten tracks remain. You can visit the web site for more info, www.rjproducts.com, or call Joy at 360-796-3828, email rj@rjproducts.com. This store specialized in 1/35 armor related products. Thanks, Mark Ford
  4. Excellent point about TSA by all. Engage the screeners in a friendly way and let them know what it is inside your box. I have had to open my box many times but only to allow the screeners to see the model. Most any happy to see the actual model(s). I build 1/35 military vehicles, tanks, etc. I make my own box each year to fit the model/bases and comply with the size restrictions for the overhead bin. In all the 20+ Nats I have attended , I have driven to only 3. The carry-on box I make is from cardboard. Sears has been very helpful with cardboard used for large appliances. I build the box with a removable top and a folding end (one side only). Cardboard strips are glued along the inside walls of the box to "lock" the model base in place for the trip. Duct tape is my friend in building the box : ) BTW, I always glue my models to the base. Nylon straps secure the box closed and provide me with a handle to carry it. I put the box in the overhead bin and have never had a model damaged...even from a rough landing. Good luck, Mark
  5. Looks good Mark! Ya bringing it to the Seattle show?
  6. I am wondering if there is a plan in place to make cancelled reservations available to folks who were not able for one reason or another to make one soon enough to get into the convention hotel. I have my reservation and will be there in Phoenix, so this isn't about me. Over the past 5+ years, I've noticed the hotel room block sells out quickly once it is open to the membership (or anyone else planning to attend). Then as the date gets closer to the convention, a number of people, for any and all reasons, are unable to attend and cancel their reservation. Perhaps the convention folks can work a deal with the hotel and IPMS/USA to make these reservations available for up to 1-2 weeks prior to the start. Many times hotels are reluctant to allow this to happen. I don't know if this is feasible but might it be possible ? Regards, Mark
  7. Ahhhh, Criel! Don't you just love the smell of their resin : ) Mark
  8. The "gold" pin was handed out if you were involved with the judging. Sadly, they ran out of the "gold" pins and a number of judges were left out in the cold. There are no plans to get any more for those who didn't get theirs. One of my friends from Italy did not get his and was much disappointed. Mark
  9. In some ways this is a sad result for a well intended program. It is sad the intended result never came about. My local club hosted 6 or so MnT events over the past 6 or 7 years. We got ZERO new members from our efforts. Mark Ford.
  10. I order you to stop right this instant !!!! First....this is not an Israeli tank, second.....you seem to be having too much fun : ) Cool stuff, Mark !
  11. Echoing what Dennis said ! Nice work on a difficult kit ! Mark
  12. About 1957, Neu Eisenberg, W. Germany I was 11 years old, USAF service brat, Dad stationed at Rhein Main AFB. My buddies and I found a small store in town that sold airplane kits.....Frog or Airfix, don't remember. The base PX also had a small selection of plastic kits too. Came back to the States in 1960 and my mother worked for the BX at Travis AFB, CA. The BX had a large plastic model section....I was in hog heaven ! Many happy memories ! Mark
  13. Going to have to miss this one for the first time in many years : ) Have fun at the museum !
  14. Very excellent piece of work on your Stug! Got this one in my stash but it hasn't made it's way to the top of the build pile yet : ) Again, an inspiring effort ! Like it a lot. Cheers, Mark
  15. That is a fun video to watch! I have a model of this waiting for next year's line-up. Mark
  16. Mark, This is looking good! I know what you mean about PE..sometimes it just ain't worth it : ) I like the fact you intend to fill the hatches with figures too! You do know that 4 figures will force it into the vignette category at the Nats contest. Local contests are another matter. Then again, don't we build for our own pleasure/torture? Take care, mark
  17. Chris, Nice work here! Not really a ship guy but I like looking at all good models. Question.....you mention "jeweler's chain". What is it (I know, dumb question) and where can it be found? I build military vehicles and this chain might come in handy. Mark
  18. Looks like someone stopped by the R&J table :marine8point: !
  19. This show is fast approaching on 20 September. It is held at the Evergreen Aviation Museum...home of the "Spruce Goose"! Anyone going to make it there? Mark
  20. I would agree the cost of fuel is causing a spike in airfare prices. No problem....we are booked and ready to go! Ground transport is no problem. I have several friends living in the Hampton/Virginia beach area who have offered to pick us up from/to the airport. It's good to have friends with cars :army7: ! Looking forward to seeing friends in hampton! Mark
  21. I know I should have gotten airline tickets sooner but it was never an issue in the past. Most often I book tickets 2 months out from a trip. So last night was no exception. I was on the phone with 2 friends (conference call) looking to book our trip putting us on the same flight(s). In the space of about 30 minutes, we saw the price for our selected flight jump $100+. I looked at the price this morning and the price had climbed $200 from what I had paid! I would suggest folks look to book their flights now because the prices seem to be increasing. Mark
  22. Hey Tom, Welcome aboard! Like Mark A. stated there is a IPMS club just down the street from you. I've been a member since the start and we meet twice a month. Good group of guys! The next get together is on 5 June....see the web site. Some of us gather at the pre-meeting dinner at the Chimicum Diner beforehand, 6pm. Come join us if you care to get involved. BTW, our annual contest is scheduled for 28 June in Bremerton. Mark
  23. Z, I hope you realize my comment to Dennis' model was in jest. Dennis and I are good friends who humor eachother often. Mark F.
  24. I think this is one of if not the best one you've done. But, you forgot to add the bent antenna....again :army7: ! Mark
  25. I don't know Dennis. While it looks kinda OK....what it needs is a bent antenna : ) Mark
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