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  1. Hi Al, this is John Noack, President. I never received an email from you. If I didn't, odds are that Marie didn't either. I forwarded your comment on to her, and I'm sure she'll be back with you shortly. What can I do for you?
  2. Dear IPMS/USA Member: As any member who has attended the past few Business Meetings at the National Convention could tell you, the Make and Take program has been an ongoing item of discussion in terms of cost and benefits to the Society. While the intent of MnT has always been to recruit new/young members, no correlation has been established between participation in a MnT and subsequent enrollments. In spite of this, the program was continued because of the local goodwill it was perceived to generate. However, recent changes by our suppliers of Make and Take kits have severely limited the selection of kits, placed restrictions on their distribution, and significantly increased our costs. In fact, for the past several years, these costs have averaged around $10,000 annually, or looking at it another way, almost 10% of your annual dues spent on what is at best generating local goodwill. These costs were simply too high for the benefits received and could no longer be justified because of the increasingly high costs to the Society. Due to these changes the Board has decided that IPMS/USA can no longer support the MnT program. While existing requests in the pipeline will be honored, no new requests will be accepted. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jim Brooks for all his hard work managing the MnT program for IPMS/USA. Jim told me tonight that the thing he'll miss the most about managing the program is the friends he made during the process. Thanks for your understanding in this matter, (for the Executive Board) John Noack, Director, Local Chapters
  3. Yes, understood, that's why I specified a VH-34D in the post. But thanks.
  4. Hi all: I'm writing the IPMS/USA review for Gallery Models' 1/48 VH-34D Marine One. There are no interior color callouts for the presidential cabin. I found one color photo online (see attachment) of JFK boarding Marine One that shows a light color interior, darker floor, and some funky 60's era window curtains. Does anyone have access to some interior shots of this first version of Marine One? My online search has been less than successful. Thanks. John Noack IPMS/USA Life Member 23017
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