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  1. Im asking to clarify/confirm for a friend. Is baremetal foil allowed in OOTB ? To my thinking it is more like a decal and would be allowed but I can see it being taken the other direction being an aftermarket supply item. Thanks, Jay
  2. Man, I'm sorry I missed the big finally. Beautiful. Impressive. Amazing.
  3. check this out http://www.showrods.com/showrod_pages/raiders_coach.html
  4. That is some of the coolest stuff I have seen at a model car show. So many original creations. Makes me want to move west.
  5. Well two years from when I first opened the box this thing is finally done. There has been so little model building time in this past year and I don't know if i'm even out of the rut yet but the last week was good for me. Thanks for looking.
  6. One of my favorite threads around . Almost hate to see it get done . Beautifully inspiring work.
  7. Only ONE pic! : ( Great detailing
  8. Sorry, not plastic but, CSI Vegas had the 'miniature killer'. The gimmick spanned two seasons and several episodes. The killer or someone close would leave a scale model/diorama of the crime scene at crime scene. Of course the miniature had clues that the actual scene did not. On more that one occasion there were visits to a model builders work bench. Hand crafted pot metal molds were the subject of a specific investigation thread. More connotation that model builders are derelict.
  9. Chris, Thank you very much. That is quite a nice compliment. I agree with Pete about the fan style spray pattern being superior for larger area coverage. Most if not all of the rattle can opions I suggested previously have that type of spray nozzel.
  10. The brand I have on my bench is Rustolium. Yes, it polishes nicely
  11. I would suggest auto parts store rattle cans. Many have specific manufacture color matches. Start with a good primer to protect your plastic. I prefer Duplicolor Sandable Primer. It is very good for body prep in general and has some scratch-fill properties. Since your primary color is a metallic you will NOT be able to polish it directly. You can sand metallics between coats but not on the final coat. (You will see why for yourself if you do sand between coats.) You will require a clear coat that can be polished out (should you want to polish any flaws away) Look for Krystal clear it is an acrylic spray that does not yellow. It is made by a couple manufactures...Krylon, Rustolium and Duplicolor too I think. Even if you are not going to polish the final layer, Krystal clear lays on nice & smooth and metallic paints don't always have much of a high gloss finish on their own. Best of luck.
  12. This is one of my favorite techniques for improving kit coil-over shocks. Carve away the plastic spring using hobby knife & small files. Leave the center core of the shock. Wrap the shock with a small diameter solder, trim the ends and adjust the coil spacing. Solder cuts easily with a hobby knife and forms with almost no effort in this gauge (.022 from radio shack). It looks pretty good and does not disrupt the part dimensions and resulting fit. These will be fully exposed in the engine bay of the Enzo so this extra effort will easily be seen in the end, unlike most other shock locations.
  13. Welcome to the community. Great looking work for being relatively new to the hobby. I love the pic in the other tread showing the inner workings of the door. Very cool! The special treatment to the bench seat is impressive too.
  14. Rod, I use a 3 stage effect using tamiya translucent Orange, Red and Blue with an airbrush. Starting with Orange, apply a coat over a wide general area and with each color change I narrow the focus area to create a layered effect with a darker blue/purple center. I think it is a fairly effective representation but keeping the edges between color changes soft takes practice. Jay
  15. Over a year since the last post on this project. I did have one OOTB build to get me out of the slump but typically I don't table incomplete projects. Lots of PE details to add. The paint is testors enamel(sq btl) no clear, polished nicely. Thanks for looking
  16. Nothing fabulous but I finished a kit after a long time away from the work bench. This is a curbside kit built nearly out of the box. I vac formmed all the glass: Windshield, rear window and headlight covers. One was cracked and after replacing it the others looked thick and ugly. There are a couple more in my fotki account Thanks for looking
  17. Was the paint bottle or rattle can? The wrong thinner can cause what you experienced if you had to thin it yourself.
  18. Nice. Distracted driver 70's style.
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