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  1. What's the best way to remove paint from a model car body -the whole body in order to start over? Easy off , brake fluid? Lacquer thinner and a tooth brush? I'm not happy with how the paint turned out on my latest review subject and would like to remove it all and start over., this time I think with Tamiya spray.. Thanks for the help Spaceclipper
  2. Building the Hasegawa Nissan Fairlady 240ZG Police Car as a review build and am making some progress forward and some backward Quite a bit of detail painting to do before gluing anything. Model is a curbside kit. Nice engraving for most of the car. The body though has very light panel lines that will need to be re-scribed in as they're too shallow and a coat of paint will cause them to disappear. First time having a problem with Testors rattle cans. Decided to go with the One Coat Lacquer "White Lightening" and it bubbled in many places like carbonation bubbles. I've never had that happe
  3. Hi Derek, good to have you on the forums. I enjoy 1/350 ships as well but has been a while since I've built one. Picked up a Lindberg Bismark. Old mold and not to today's standards but also not at today's prices either. Purchased it at Ollies outlet for $15. Couldn't go wrong at that price. The pricing of the import brands are going out of sight for ship models in this scale, especially if you add in some after market PE and wooden decks and your quickly in the $400 range. ouch... Spaceclipper
  4. Thanks for replying everyone. I'm looking forward to posting on the boards...
  5. Hey neighbor, I didn't know there was a local group. I'd like to come to the next meeting! Where and when?
  6. Love the build, I always wanted the models from the movie. I like the movie and see it more as an adult/teen film. I hope Round 2 reissues these kits as the Ebay prices are getting pretty high for these kits. Good job on the build!
  7. Big hello to everyone, Vince from Elkton Md signing in. Have been a member since this spring but just finally getting around to signing in to the forums. I've found the forums to be very informative and hope to contribute to them. My interests are varied including cars to armor, figures and everything in between. I started model building back in the early 1970's building Aurora monster and horror movie models and continued from there to all different types. I belonged to the Parents magazine "Young Model Builders Club" and loved getting a new model in the mail every month. Great times. In J
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