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  1. one of the basic tenets of writing & public speaking is to tailor the presentation to your audience.
  2. https://www.carendt.com/small-layout-scrapbook/page-60-april-2007/
  3. you might want to get started with a few kits to get the feel of things. https://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/show/category/JustPlugLightingSystem https://evandesigns.com/pages/video https://lights4models.com/ and then can sound be far behind? https://www.fantasonics.com/ http://www.fantasonics.com/manual.pdf https://www.ngineering.com/
  4. regardless of the method of presentation, the magazine requires being "made". I think the other obstacles are an excuse for that not being done. even the ardent supporters lament coverage of 2 year old contests. sometimes it's just "time", ya know? it doesn't always equate with what we want, but denial can only go so far. reality always wins. used to work with a fellow who told the story of "Thought". Thought was brought up on the gallows. Thought didn't think he was going to be hung. but he was.
  5. impressive endorsements for such a moderately priced unit. I like it and the American beauty model here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007S20H0Q/?coliid=I1846ADLBVCWM0&colid=FEDCRO6LYELH&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it i'm not getting hobby time for a couple of months so I have time to cogitate for a bit, as well as save my pennies! thanks for all the inputs.
  6. anyone have a favorite soldering iron with an on/ off switch? under 75 watts is fine - to be used for model electronics. a "soldering station" would also work; I just want an "off" feature. (110v - US mains) thanks
  7. trying to decide which miniature table saw to buy. any suggestions welcomed; thanks.
  8. the leeching continues: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/146941-issue-206-contest-issue-mailed/
  9. I think that would open the proverbial can of worms. if I only had 1:25 scale brown, could I use it on an HO scale boxcar? or would I need to special order 1:87 brown?
  10. has anyone copied a mode of transport from the Tin Tin series? there seems to be so much inspiration, and there's a member on Britmodeler hooked on Wallace & Grommet, that I started wondering. ps: camels & elephants don't count!
  11. I found Vallejo Model Air aluminum #71.062 to be a good "silver" without the almost artificial flakes that the labeled silvers have. plus they are a bit gummy after a minute or two on the plate.
  12. i'm kind of "on" to the black & white thing: very seldom use either unless it's for a garnish. until I get more laps around the track, i'm relegating myself to Vallejo with heavy dependence on Model Air and only using up the Model Colors I bought before getting familiar with my airbrush (summer exercise). I don't mind having to brush a second coat if the MA doesn't cover completely first time around. I think the 80/ 20 rule is applicable here. the more research I can do, the more confidence will build in application, and then the fewer tools I will need. right now, I think the water-wings of a textbook would help bolster that goal.
  13. is there a single "101 paint theory" book you could recommend? after reading through this thread, it articulates my concern(s) that a substantial amount of my finished models look too dark. initially, I thought it was the level of 'flat-ness' in my paint choice. after painting a couple of models with a base coat (over primer), and gaining reinforcement here, I realize there was no consideration given to scale implications. I must learn how to compensate & "go lighter" with my color selections. thanks
  14. or an automobile that couldn't be driven because the steering wheel rests on the front seat cushion. or chopped so much the driver would never be able to get into the car.
  15. i'm just glad no one put a caliper on my caliber. ( . . . judging accuracy does not mean putting calibers to the model. . . )
  16. I agree. we all have a benchmark from which to vary depending on our experience in the hobby.
  17. is there differential between "model" and "replica"?
  18. a picture is framed without a mat border, the eye takes in its peripheral details. isolated by a mat, the view is focused on the subject. obviously there are extremes, but a bit of space around a subject can enhance the presentation.
  19. is this a fair place to introduce the "to weather or not" discussion? some think thrice about slathering age & patina on a model after putting countless hours into its creation. should they immediately be scorned by others who insist it should be to their criteria? what about those who use stage tricks to cover inaccuracies in their assemblage? should they be getting a ribbon?
  20. thanks for the clarification; helpful in that I can put the conversation in context.
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