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  1. Vendor Table Sales - All 300 tables are now SOLD OUT! Any vendors who still do not have tables please reach out to Joe who is compiling a stand-by list. vendors.nats2021@gmail.com
  2. 2021 National Trophy Sponsor Sales is officially SOLD-OUT! Thanks to all of those who reached out (and reached deep) to help support our show. For those who still would like to help, click here: https://www.natslv2021.com/event-sponsor Thank You
  3. Hi, I'm currently finalizing the seminar list. I should be able to post it on June 1st as scheduled. So far its looking really good! As YES..... we are in need of volunteers in every department. Your help would greatly appreciated https://www.natslv2021.com/volunteer
  4. Whenever we travel to California or Phoenix for a model show, we always stop off and stock-up at local shops located throughout LA and San Diego. But more than just a place to buy models and supplies, local hobby shops were also a place to meet-up with friends and 'talk shop'. That type of socializing was the hobbies life-blood before there were podcasts and Youtube. I miss that. I was a partner in a hobby shop on Staten Island back in the 70-80's and that was always the best part of the business. I met people that are still my friends today. You can't get that online.
  5. Rick, there is only one small hobby shop left in Las Vegas, HobbyOne Japan. Its a great little shop that caters mostly to Japanese animation figures and Gundum. They carry a nice line of paint and supplies and few air and armor model kits. There is a rumor of a new hobby shop opening soon, but until then we are limited to buying online. It's sad that a city as large as Las Vegas has succumbed to the trend of fading brick and cement hobby shops.
  6. We will NOT be inspecting Vax cards out of respect for our guests and attendees privacy. Anyone not comfortable with the new guidelines are encouraged to wear face coverings as I'm sure many will continue to do. The only cards we will be inspecting will be IPMS/USA Membership Cards. See ya at the Nats!
  7. Nevada just lifted the mask mandate for vaccinated people in all indoor and outdoor public spaces.
  8. We are expecting that all the big and popular shows will be posting dates and selling tickets on or around June 1st, which has been slated as the official 100% open of EVERYTHING without restrictions. 'Word' has it that things will be back to almost pre-covid restrictions by August 21'. Please keep checking. Thanks
  9. Thanks Mark! You have to keep a sense of humor in this crazy job.
  10. It is time for all able-bodied modelers to step up and do their patriotic duty. Volunteers are need to fill the ranks and defend YOUR national convention against our mortal enemy - CONVENTION CHAOS! Basic training is fast and simple, casualties are expected to be low and you'll even get a nice clean brand-new uniform (Nats T-Shirt). The time to stand back and wait for the 'other guy' to man your place at the parapet (or model registration, security, raffle sales, etc) has passed. We need YOU! Those that stand with us upon National Convention day, go by, from this day to the e
  11. For those coming to the convention and not entering models, we've now made it possible to pre-purchase Day Passes in advance. Just check the IPMS Store under Registration. It will save you some valuable vendor room time! Bob
  12. That is really a question for IPMS/USA and up until yesterday it was still uncertain as to what our attendance may be. What you may find interesting is that we already increased our room allotment twice before, and if we do not make our room allotment IPMS/USA will have to pay for every rooms we didn't fill. As you can imagine that could get expensive, something in the area of ten thousand dollars or more. As with any show, there are usually a few cancellations as you get closer to show date. As of now, the Rio is still honoring the $89.00 room night during the week, with regular p
  13. Nats News Flash - Nevada announced yesterday that ALL Covid-19 restrictions (except masks) will be lifted on June 1st. That includes all social distancing restrictions, the opening of all shows, buffets, concerts, restaurants, pools, churches and above all - CONVENTIONS! As of yesterday we were expecting record breaking attendance levels, with this great news we are only going to see more. I urge everyone to pre-register NOW!
  14. Check out my interview with the Plastic Model Mojo Podcast and learn what's new with the 2021 National Convention, and check-out all their earlier episodes to help fuel your model mojo. https://www.plasticmodelmojo.com/754676/8298492-plastic-model-mojo-episode-35-countdown-to-vegas-deluxe Bob
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