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  1. My vote goes to the guys and gals of San Marcos for all their hard work this year!
  2. We have just been informed by the Rio that we are now officially SOLD-OUT of all 2,400 room-nights. As a courtesy, they will honor the $89.00 discounted room rate for a few more days for weekdays ONLY! We will be reaching out to other resorts in the area to see if we can secure a discounted room rate for those that missed out. Thanks
  3. We have just been informed by the Rio that we are now officially SOLD-OUT of all 2,400 room-nights. As a courtesy, they will honor the $89.00 discounted room rate for a few more days for weekdays ONLY! We will be reaching out to other resorts in the area to see if we can secure a discounted room rate for those that missed out. Thanks
  4. Pete, we are getting the same feeling as you! All I can say is thank God I am not in charge of judging! 🙂
  5. Room Update - As many of you know we sold out of our 1,600 room-nights a few days after opening our 21' Nats Website. As promised we added another 600 room-nights for a total of 2,200, but before the contracts were even signed they too were sold-out. After conferring with the IPMS Nats Committee we were given permission to add a final 200 room-nights for a total of 2,400 which will be final room block at the discounted amount. As of Friday there are only a few left of those. It is unlikely that the Rio will honor the $89 discounted room rate after that, but our fingers are crossed. We'll reach out to the Gold Coast and The Palms as soon as they open and see about arranging a discount there. Thanks for everyone's support! Bob
  6. As hard as my job my be as show chairman, its nothing compared to the guys and gals that are going to have to judge this show. Chattanooga is going to be a hard show to beat, as well as follow. The team there did an amazing job! As of this morning, over 568 rooms have been booked, which is over 1,950 room nights. A great many people are taking advantage of the low rate and are coming in early and staying late. That is eating up a lot of the room-nights, which is what we promoted. Thanks for everyone's support. 🙂
  7. I was just notified by The Rio that we have already sold-out of our 1600 room block as of 13:00 today. I secured another 400 to hold us through the weekend but it highly recommended that anyone interested in booking a room and has not done so yet, book their room this weekend. I will be reaching out to our Hotel Rep on Monday to see if we can increase it further as well as trying to secure back-up rooms at the Gold Coast and Palms. Thank You
  8. Pete, I'll be getting a full report from The Rio bi-weekly but my contact at The Rio emailed me this morning to tell me that they have already booked over 300 room-nights so far out the 1600 we blocked out. She also said their online system was almost completely overwhelmed for a short time on Wednesday with a lot of reservations coming in at the same time. Several reservations came in from outside the U.S. Its a little more than we expected for the first few days, but we are obviously pleased with the excitement and interest so far. I'll continue to monitor the progress to see if we need to increase the room block. But, I would suggest to all those interested to book as soon as possible keeping in mind that we are NOT the only convention taking place that weekend at The Rio, and they too will need rooms. Thanks Bob
  9. Room reservations can be made now! Visit www.natslv2021.com
  10. If you have visited our website in the past we suggest you clear your cashe files before visiting the website again. Thank You
  11. Fellow IPMS USA Members We are pleased and excited to announce the launch of the 2021 IPMS/USA National Convention website! We invite you to visit and see what we have in store for you. We're looking forward to welcoming you to the Rio Hotel Resort and Convention Center in the heart of the fabulous City of Las Vegas. With over 2,000 all-suite rooms and almost 70,000 square feet of luxurious convention space, The Very Best of the West promises to be a National Convention experience of a lifetime. We want you to party hard in the vendor room, so we have secured a special discounted convention room rate of only $113.00 per night (including resort tax) for up to ten days! Come early, stay late and enjoy our amazing city. Reservations can be made immediately! You will also enjoy free on-site parking, 13 restaurants, 14 bars & nightclubs, 4 luxurious swimming pools, on-site shopping, day spa and workout room. All just an elevator ride away from the convention floor. You’ll never have to leave the resort to have an amazing time. But if you chose to do so, the City of Las Vegas is waiting for you. Go to www.natslv2021.com and let the party begin! Thank You 2021 Nat-Con Committee
  12. All reservations that were already made during our online test are good to go and firm. No worries! Also No worries about getting in during the test, I appreciate the initiative! Although I would appreciate it if those did get in not share any more reservation information till Wednesday. (Thanks) The full site will launch on Wednesday along with the reservations link. Its been our goal to launch a complete website with everything there and operational except for event registration, which will launch on Feb 1st. Our team has spent a lot of time putting together what we think is fantastic Nats website. We hope everyone finds it enjoyable, informative and fun. Again, there are plenty of rooms, anyone who wants one will get one. We have 500 rooms blocked plus another 400 on standby reserve. All onsite and at the discounted rate. Please look for an official announcement on Wednesday morning. Thank to everyone for their interest, patience and cooperation. Bob
  13. I'm glad to see that there is plenty of interest in the 2021 Nats in Vegas. You guys should be congratulated for managing to sneak in while we were conducting a live test of the website. The full site will be online shortly and no need to worry about getting a room, we reserved 1600 room nights for the convention and the resort has over 2,000 rooms on site if we need more. Please stand by for a post on the forum when we officially go live. Thanks Bob
  14. Our website complete and as soon as we get the word form HQ (IPMS/USA) we'll publish and launch. We estimate that will be on or around July 15th. Hotel reservations will be able to be made as soon as the site is launched. Viva Las Vegas! 🙂 Thanks Bob
  15. For those looking for general information on 2021 Nats please go to our website at www.ipmslv.org , you'll see a link under 'more' which will take you to our landing page. Our 2021 Nats website is complete and as soon as we get the OK from IPMS/USA we'll publish and activate it. Hotel reservations will not be available until later in the year. Thanks, Bob
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