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  1. This is 100% true. No information leads people to speculate. I still have all my plans to go, I can wait a little longer but at some point I need to decide if I am going. It is less than a month away. As Dak said, tell us the thought process, tell us where things stand even if there isn't an update, tell us if it does happen what would be the measures in place, give some sort of update. Our local show cancelled already for October and Michigan was in the green the other day but on the way back up. I also agree with the statement someone else made, why wasn't there show insurance?
  2. Interesting because for a few weeks Texas was quarantining anyone from Michigan due to our high numbers.
  3. You what would be really helpful, some input from leadership. Maybe an update, maybe scenarios, maybe some information....
  4. Welcome back Jim. Jon is a great source for items over at the ModelCave! Have you had a chance to check out the IPMS Willow Run Bomber Group? They meet the first Thursday of the month at the UAW Hall in Rawsonville.
  5. Mike I tried emailing you but your email bounced back. Jeff
  6. Thanks. I wish I knew about CAMMO when I lived in Cleveland.
  7. Thank you Ron, I will get you the info.
  8. HI Mike, While I know there are already two sci-fi SIGS, they don't seem to focus on the area I am looking at and like to build. I was thinking of a SIG for Gundam/Mecha/Large Robots etc. I know the Black Swamp SIG has some of it but from their site they focus mostly on other subjects and the other Sci-fi SIG seems to focus on Trek. All fine subjects but with my interest increasing in this area and the increase in the number of entries I have seen at shows, I thought it would be worth looking into. Jeff Thanks Eric.
  9. Hello How does one start a new SIG? Is there a process or a place on the forums for it? Thank you Jeff
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