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  1. Welcome back Jim. Jon is a great source for items over at the ModelCave! Have you had a chance to check out the IPMS Willow Run Bomber Group? They meet the first Thursday of the month at the UAW Hall in Rawsonville.
  2. Mike I tried emailing you but your email bounced back. Jeff
  3. Thanks. I wish I knew about CAMMO when I lived in Cleveland.
  4. Thank you Ron, I will get you the info.
  5. HI Mike, While I know there are already two sci-fi SIGS, they don't seem to focus on the area I am looking at and like to build. I was thinking of a SIG for Gundam/Mecha/Large Robots etc. I know the Black Swamp SIG has some of it but from their site they focus mostly on other subjects and the other Sci-fi SIG seems to focus on Trek. All fine subjects but with my interest increasing in this area and the increase in the number of entries I have seen at shows, I thought it would be worth looking into. Jeff Thanks Eric.
  6. Hello How does one start a new SIG? Is there a process or a place on the forums for it? Thank you Jeff
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