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  1. Next up is the Tamiya 1/48 Arado AR-196A German seaplane. I will be doing the scheme as one of the aircraft that were used on the Bismarck battleship. The Arado Ar 196 was a shipboard reconnaissance low-wing monoplane aircraft built by the German firm of Arado starting in 1936. To add details I am using the Eduard detail set. The first thing I noticed was aside from a few of the kit parts like the seats and some bulkheads the cockpit is 80% photo etch! There are 3 sheets of photo etch and most are the cockpit. It is taking a lot of time to cut, bend, and place the many parts but it is looking
  2. LOL, The polar vortex this past week helped a lot, Off of work a day and a half due to -20* temps.
  3. The EA-18G Growler representing VAQ-209 is now complete. This build was very nice to build. The fit was great and the instructions were well done. The Two Bob’s decals are nice and thin. They went on well (aside from the Vader face being on a single film) and they look great! The Eduard photo etch set is great as well. Thanks for following along! All the build photos from start to finish are on my blog at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-ea-18g-growler-vaq-209/
  4. The 1/48 scale Hasegawa EA-18G Growler is getting closer to the finish line. The landing gear has been detailed and installed. The nose gear door was completely replaced by photo etch. Hoses and cables added to the struts. Installed all the under wing missiles and jammers. The decals were then put on and the top coat applied. The decal set is very nice. Just a word of caution, the decal sheet with Vader’s face and the CAG logo is a single film sheet. It must be trimmed before placing in water. I they switched over to the canopy. The first thing I needed to do was to remove the seam down
  5. As work continues on the EA-18G, the landing gear bays have been detailed with the photo etch parts. The main gear bays required the entire outside wall to be removed and a photo etch panel attached. I used 400 grit sand paper to remove the kit wall. I then assembled the intake ducts. Using dental spade I filled the seam with putty and sanded it down with a sanding stick. The fuselage was assembled and the front landing gear bay was detailed with photo etch parts. Added some more photo etch details to the fuselage like wind splints, chaff buckets, and formation light frames. The exhaust cones
  6. If I had seen it earlier I would have definitely bought a set. If I ever do the E/F I will get a set.
  7. Wish I would have seen this earlier. I just finished building and installing the intakes last night. The seams were really not too bad. The flexible sanding sticks I use were worked very well.
  8. Next up is the Hasegawa 1/48 U.S. Navy EA-18G Growler. The EA-18G Growler is an airborne electronic attack (AEA) aircraft which operates from either an aircraft carrier or from land-bases. The Growler is the replacement for the United States Navy EA-6B Prowler aircraft which entered service in 1971 and was retired in 2015. For this kit I will be using the Eduard photo etch sets for the seats, cockpit and exterior of the kit. I also will be using decals from Two Bob’s Decals that represent “Star Warriors” of VAQ-209. I chose these because I like the star wars theme with Darth Vader on the
  9. The Accurate Miniatures 1/48 B-25B representing the “Ruptured Duck” is now complete! It has been mounted to the deck and tied down. I used Berkley 50lbs test braided fishing line to simulate the ropes. Then I used two tweezers to make the knots. Finally they were then painted with Tamiya Buff (XF57). Once it was mounted I used EZ-Line to rig the antenna lines. Aside from the issue with the decals I really liked this build. The kit is well detailed and the fit was very good. It now sits on the display shelf while I decide what the next build will be. Build log with all the photos
  10. This has been a difficult week on the B-25B. Calling this the good, the bad , and the ugly week. The good is paint and decals done. The aircraft is nearly done with the exception of some minor details. I will be mounting it onto a resin base that looks like the deck of the USS Hornet. It will be tied down just like it was on its journey across the Pacific. The base is the Eureka XXL USN Aircraft Carrier Wooden Deck Base. It comes with a resin insert, wooden frame, and steel arresting cables. It is very nice and very detailed. I used a teak colored primer then top coated it with deck blue. I we
  11. I use Kapton tape to tape off areas and do not have any problems around curves and angles. Have done boots on other models without issues.
  12. Continuing forward the bomb bay doors have been now installed. The landing gear has been detailed and installed. I added the crew hatches and other details to the bottom. The bottom has been base coated with neutral grey and the top base coated with OD green. Need to tape off for the boot black areas and add some details to the top then move on to the decals. More photos in the build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-b-25b-doolittle-raider/
  13. For those of you that would like to see this in person, It will be at the National Convention in Chattanooga this August!
  14. Starting to look like a B-25B! The tails and wings are on. The fit was pretty good. Some very minor filling of small gaps was required. I then turned to the bomb bay doors. The photo etch parts completely replace the kit parts. Each door consists of five pieces. I used an aluminum handle of an Xacto knife to place and shape the curve of the door to match the fuselage. The inside of the doors were painted bright aluminum then weathered slightly with black pastel chalk. I am now working on the landing gear. The photo etch details have been added to the struts. You can see more pho
  15. Continuing the buildup of the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 B-25B “Doolittle Raider” now that the fuselage is together, I worked on the engines and some more details. I assembled the bombardier section to the front. I added a “Field Upgrade” they did to the B-25. This added an armor plate to the top of the fuselage just aft of the upper turret. The kit engine cowls have too small of an opening for the B-25B. I used a round dowel and some 400 grit sandpaper to open them up by .05”. The engines did not have the pushrods molded on them (and no parts in the kit to add them) so I used some 32 awg wire a
  16. A special update before the holidays on the 1/48 Accurate Miniatures B-25B. The Doolittle Raiders carried three 500lbs bombs and a 100lbs incendiary bomb for their load out. After some research the incendiary bomb was an OP-1664 spec bomb. It consisted of 32 individual bomblets. Each bomblet was packed with a thermite package in a steel tube and an aluminum hollow tail. The rods were strapped together with canvas straps and aluminum end caps. When released, the canvass straps were released allowing the rods to separate during the fall and spread out over the area. On impact the explosive char
  17. The extinguishers are molded to separate pieces not the fuselage walls. The aft of the bomb bay is molded with the seat. So painting them is easy. For the side glass, I have never had any issues with them pushing in after gluing. I use the Micromark "Same Stuff" glue. As for masking them, The Eduard BigEd set came with a full set of masks. If I did not have the masks, I typically would use kapton tape for masking.
  18. For this week’s update on the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 B-25B Doolittle Raider, I am working on the interior. The rear upper turret is together and detailed. I added a piece of clear acetate for the safety glass on the turret. The cockpit and bomb bay bulkheads have been installed. I then finished the starboard side of the fuselage and added weights so the aircraft won’t sit on its tail when finished. Still lots more details to add and finish the port side. You can see more build photos at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-b-25b-doolittle-raider/
  19. On the 1/48 Accurate Miniatures B-25B Doolittle Raider I have detailed and finished the cockpit. Started to paint and detail the bomb bay area. Waiting to assemble the bomb bay until I get to the fuselage so that everything lines up. The kit has a butt fit for the bulkheads so I want to make sure they fit correctly. On the Doolittle raiders aircraft to reduce weight the tail gun and side guns were replaced with broomsticks to reduce weight. However the upper turret still had the machine guns. I am replacing the plastic barrels with photo etch and wire and detailing the turret support. Che
  20. Last night I was trying to decide the next build. With yesterday being December 7th, TCM was showing some of the old war movies. They were showing the classic “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo”. So I decided to build the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 B-25B “Doolittle Raiders”. This should be a nice build with lots of details being added. I will be doing the “Ruptured Duck” which was the aircraft followed in the film. The “Ruptured Duck” was the 7th aircraft to take off of the USS Hornet. It was piloted by 1st Lt. Ted Lawson. He survived the raid and wrote the book on which the movie was based on. I w
  21. The 1/48 Tamiya F-117A Nighthawk is now finished. The kit was a nice kit to build. It included a weight so it sits correctly and it included masks for all the clear parts. The only thing I did not like about the masks was they were not pre-cut. It took some time to trim them to fit correctly. The decals were ok. They are very thin and the larger ones took some finesse to line them up. Overall it came out very nice. You can see all the build photos on my blog at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-f-117a-nighthawk/
  22. I have added a new tip on my blog on cleaning and polishing clear parts as well as removing scuffs or unwanted seams using Meguire’s PlastX cleaner and polish. The photos are the before and after on removing scuffs from a B-17 nose and removing the seam on a modern jet canopy. I prefer doing this rather than dipping in Pledge Future. The clear parts appear clearer with a lot more shine and resist dust when sitting on a shelf for a while. You can see a detailed step by step page on my blog at https://davidsscalemodels.com/tips-and-tricks/how-to-repair-clean-and-polish-clear-parts/
  23. This week I finished detailing the cockpit with photo etch accessories on the Tamiya 1/48 F-117A. Then the forward landing gear bay and strut was detailed with some 32 AWG wires. I decided to close the bomb bay. The kit had the bomb racks extended and I prefer a clean look. Next came the assembling of the fuselage. This had a minor issue. The resin cockpit tub is a little taller that the kit tub. I had to grind a channel on the bottom of the tub so the landing gear bay could fit into the channel allowing the fuselage halves to fit together. Beginning the detailing the fuselage now.
  24. Starting on the Tamiya 1/48 F-117A Nighthawk. Will be adding the Ares resin cockpit detail set. To start with the upper fuselage required trimming for the resin cockpit tub to fit as well as removing the top of the kit dashboard. The resin dashboard with the supplied photo etch looks awesome. For the display panels I painted them chrome silver and then applied a coat of Tamiya clear green. Working on the cockpit tub then detailing the ejection seat. See the build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-f-117a-nighthawk
  25. The Wildcat is now ready for displaying. I completed the painting and applied the kit decals. Also I added some EZ-Line for the antenna. Overall this has been a very nice kit to build. The detail is good and the assembly/fit is very good. The decals went on without any problems and with a little bit of Microsol they laid down nicely. Aside from the addition of photo etch seat belts, engine wires, and the EZ-line, the rest of this is straight out of the box. Looks like I will need to look at getting some of the other Wildcat variants from Hobby Boss. You can see all the build
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