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  1. Hey Mike - I've never seen one. Seems like JoHan made some 4-door kits, but I'm not sure if Nova was one of them. There's probably a database somewhere of all kits manufactured --
  2. Joe - 7 to 10 months? Is that working on one project exclusively?
  3. Hey Joe - I'm not a big fan of group builds - for one thing, my attention span is much too short. I currently have 8 projects in the works simultaneously. I'm constantly moving to a different subassembly on one subject or another, just so I don't lose interest and start cutting corners. Even if I did try to participate, I imagine I would miss the deadline. Adding a group build to the soup at this point would probably take me close to a year to complete.
  4. Gary, your work belongs in a museum for all to see. OUTSTANDING!
  5. I just may do that - I've got lots of subassemblies goin right now - this would be the right time to snap some pics...
  6. Hey Joe - thank you brother!....I got 2 of these kits --- workin on the 2nd version right now - that one's also gonna be a gasser, but a highly-finished version, and I've got some real nice Slixx decals to use along with the kit decals..........I've also found some jewels in my parts box for this build too...just have to make the stuff fit first-----you know what I mean.
  7. Hey Gary - thank you, man. Ya know, when I found those headers in my parts box, I knew I had to make them fit this car, no matter what...
  8. This was my first time to try hand-painting letters and artwork directly on the body of a model car, which turns out, is a whole lot harder than drawing on a piece of paper laying flat on the table, but it was a fun experiment! I’m gonna be trying more of this on more projects soon! This is my tribute to those crazy fellas from the 50’s and 60’s who lived to drag race with whatever they could get their hands on….probably built in their Dad’s garage…the big blown souped-up motor was the most important thing. Winning on Saturday night was all they could think about all week long. And maybe safety wasn’t exactly first on their mind--just winning with the craziest fastest car out there! This is the excellent 1/25 AMT ’37 Chevy kit that comes with the option to build one of three ways, and I chose to build a mad gasser in honor of those drag racing pioneers. The body was primed with Krylon Gray Ultra-Flat primer and allowed to dry outside for about an hour while I took my oil pastel sticks and scraped 5 colors into powder with an Xacto on a piece of wax paper…Orange, Rust, Yellow, Light Blue and Brown. I used cotton swabs to mix those powder colors together a bit, and then rubbed the body down to appear severely weathered, like it was finally rescued from the junkyard. I sprayed Testor’s Dullcote over the body to protect all that weathering work, and to prep for the task of hand-painting the lettering and ball-and-chain artwork -- the lettering was done with acrylic paint markers, and the ball & chain was done with the edge corners of the pastel sticks that I made the powders from earlier. Then a second coat of the dulcote to protect the artwork. The chassis was painted Krylon Red Oxide and set aside. I added a few of my own touches to the beastly 427 powerplant -- like the MOROSO valve covers, some CRAZY PIPES from a Miss Deal funny car kit, velocity stacks made from Evergreen Styrene tube, a parts-box blower, and I made the fuel pump tubing from some clear plastic bead string stuff I found at Michael’s that I painted with Tamiya Clear Yellow acrylic to appear full of gasoline - then hooked up to the kit-supplied fuel pump. The rear tires are the most excellent pad-printed M&H dragmaster piecrust slicks from AMT parts pack--the Cragars are lightly coated with Tamiya Light Gunmetal to bring the kit chrome shine down a bit. Seatbelts were made from masking tape painted the same Light Gunmetal, and P/E buckle hardware was added. Finally, I used Tamiya Weathermaster Orange rust to give the door handles and headlight bezels that neglected look like it was just dug out from years in the junkyard. This was a BLAST to build! Thank you AMT.
  9. Yeah Gary - I love Model Roundup too. Jack has what I need in stock every time I order!
  10. Yeah Dave - I had to shore up the wheel connections a bit, but I don't mind, since AMT went to the trouble of giving us poseable wheels --- which I really like.
  11. Thank you, Ed. You know, the same could be said for many cars of the 60's, including those old Ferraris. They were hot, loud, and really didn't handle very well - not by today's standards. At least back then, not every car looked like an electric razor -- the autos from the sixties had style!
  12. Thank you Gary. Those small bodied-big engine cars of those years really appeal to me... I've got a few Mustangs "in the oven" right now.
  13. Hey James - thank you sir!
  14. Hey thanks Joe - The air cleaner is made by Parts by Parks, but I bought it from Model Roundup - those guys are very friendly to buy from!
  15. This is the excellent AMT kit of the 66 Nova that can be built up one of three ways.... as Grumpy's Toy drag car, or a street custom, or just factory stock. I chose the street custom route and modified the engine slightly by using a P/E air cleaner from Parts by Parks. I also wired it up and added fuel and electrical lines. The paint is rattle-can Tamiya Metallic Red over a base coat of Silver Leaf. The interior is Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black, the carpet is flocking from Detail Master. The fantastic tires are pad printed tires from the AMT 68 Camaro kit (which came w/ 2 sets of tires!). I'd love to have one of these bad boys in real life!
  16. Mucho Gracias, Gary... that is a compliment from the master modeler!
  17. I've never seen this car in real life, so pictures are all I had to go by - and the best pics of the engine bay that I could find were not of the real car, but of a CMC die-cast model. Thank you for your support Gil..
  18. Turning to Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR), Nismo began developing a prototype of the R390 GT1, named to follow in the tradition started in the 1960s with Nissan's R380. The first decision for Nismo and TWR was the choice of engine. The previous Skyline GT-R LMs had used the trusted RB26DETT Inline-6 motor, but the design was old for a racing car, employing an iron block which added weight, and had a high center of gravity. Nismo instead chose to resurrect an engine from the Nissan R89C, a racing car from the Group C era. Its engine, the VRH35Z, was a 3.5L V8 which used an aluminium block, as well as having a lower center of gravity and a better ability to be used as a stressed member over the RB26. Thus the engine was upgraded and designated VRH35L, and would produce approximately 641 hp (478 kW) at 6800 rpm. For road going versions, the engine was detuned to 550 HP. For 1998 the R390 was modified, most notably in the extension of its rear bodywork to create increased "luggage space" in order to satisfy the ACO, a new rear wing for racing models (production road cars had no wing), and the addition of a rear diffuser for improved downforce, after all three cars failed scrutineering at the 1997 event and had to be modified in order to be allowed to race. This subsequently led to overheating problems for the gearbox, and ultimately their failure during the race. Thus the "long tail" version was created, which boasted increased downforce thanks to the extended rear bodywork. This is the 1/24 Tamiya kit of the car, and I chose to replicate the car as it appears in Test Drive LeMans. The body shell is Tamiya Metallic Blue over a base color of Silver Leaf. Paint was polished up with 3200 thru 12000 grit MicroMesh abrasives, and given a final polish with Meguiar's Scratch-X. Mesh was added for vents and grills, and kit decals were used as well as a few sponsor decals from Studio 27. Lots added in the engine bay -- Thermostats were added to the radiators and exhaust system, as well as shielded cable, spark plug wires and fuel lines from Detail Master. Transmission fluid box and tail light wiring is from Model Factory Hiro. Exhausts were given a bit of burnt metal powder pigments of scalding blue and furnace orange. Driver electronics are fully wired from the comm. boxes, to temp gauges, to front lights. The front brake air ducts were scratch-built from parts-box leftovers.
  19. Hey Richard - thank you for your service! You're gonna have a blast with all the new aftermarket items available since you hobbied last. ...and yeah, stuff cost a little more these days, so what I'm doing lately is putting a LOT of love and time on each individual part of each new build which makes a single project last much longer - which saves me on my budget - and consequently yields a more satisfying build at the end. Welcome to the club! -Bob
  20. Thank you Joseph - along with all the extras, this was a fun build. I'm planning a sandy shore & ocean base to display this one plus the 57 Ford Del Rio ranch wagon that's in the works....just waiting for the Carolina pollen to cease. I do not have an airbrush, so I use spray-can paint, which puts me in a holding pattern during pollen season - otherwise, every paint job would have the look of metallic, except that it's never in a smooth, even pattern....just another week or so, and I'll be back on track with the del Rio surf beast!
  21. Hi Ed - Your are correct, this kit did not include mirrors of any kind - I didn't even realize it until you mentioned it (how did I miss that?) Something else about this kit (MPC too) -- you will have to decide if you want to use the rear bumper guards, or if you want the tailgate to fully open....can't have both. I had scraped the chrome from the bumper and fixed the guards in place long before I installed the tailgate. Since I have a full load in the back of the wagon, I want the tailgate to open all the way down - so now I need to go back remove the bumper guards--strip & sand the bumper, and repaint with Alclad Chrome.
  22. This is an old 1/25 AMT kit of the very popular Chevrolet Nomad wagon. The kit included parts to build a factory stock version only, and I envisioned a lower, custom version to carry stuff to the beach in style. The body shell is painted with Testors One Coat Fiery Orange Lacquer, and the roof is Tamiya Light Gunmetal, all polished up with Meguiar's Scratch-X, and 3200 grit abrasive. Instead of the dull kit wheels, I used AMT Deluxe Champion wide whitewall tires, and American Racing slotted mags. Then I lowered the stance about 4mm all around. The kit engine was tweaked with dual Holley carbs and parts-box velocity stacks, then everything was wired and plumbed. The interior got a lot of work--Detail Master Gray flock was used for carpeting, the dashboard got Bare Metal Foil at the guage level, and the seats were dressed in a snazzy 4-color scheme. Starting with Tamiya Racing White as a base coat, seat tops and fronts were striped with alternating silver and semi-gloss black, the silver being outlined with a black .01mm Microperm pen for better contrast. The seat middles were painted silver, with a top coat of Tamiya Clear Orange. The seatbelts are gunmetal with Bare Metal Foil for the buckles. Surfboard's are made from DAS air-dry clay. The clay was warmed by hand, laid out in pieces, and rolled with a heavy steel pipe, then cut to approximate shape a bit larger than needed to allow for shrinkage when dry. The skags were made the same. Once dry the boards were sanded with 200 grit thru 800 grit, primed with Krylon white primer, painted with Tamiya Racing White and decaled to resemble surf boards from 60's. Decals used were from an old Revell '40 Ford Woody kit, and a newer AMT Woody kit. Firewood for camping was made with yard twigs bundled up with hemp rope, beach blankets are paper towels rolled and folded, then painted with Tamiya bottle acrylics, and the Boogie Board is made from the same clay as the boards, painted Tamiya Light Blue, ankle strap added, touched with clear acrylic at random with baby powder added to look dirty from a day at the beach!
  23. Thank you Don - Yeah, Revell did offer this kit a few years back, and the p/e hood vent louvers was the same exact assembly, so I'm sure you're right about the deal with Accurate Miniatures.
  24. Thank you Eric - Hasegawa made an excellent kit there - I found that one on eBay. Try one yourself, you'll see what I mean!
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