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  1. I also have the Kitty Hawk model sitting in my stash, but want to finish this one first.
  2. Went deep into my unfinished stash and pulled this one out to work on for a while. It is the Revell 1/48 scale MIG-25. Have my work cut out for me.
  3. Got the Wings glued on the fuselage and gloss coated. Now ready for decals.
  4. finished rescribing the F-111. Also ripped out the cockpit to detail it. Before: After: The lack of detail was driving me nuts.
  5. Main painting done. Got a little overzealous removing the tape.
  6. Got the first color of upper camo on..
  7. Also hit the cockpit for a 48 scale blackbird!
  8. This will be a quick build I told myself. This will be a OOB build I told myself. So why am I rescribing it? Why am I thinking about working on the (cough) cockpit? Let's consider the average kit quality... Now let's look at the completed (cough) cockpit... and now the rescribing in progress... Just shoot me now. Or is there a rehab of modelers who have lost their mind?
  9. Nope two, top shelf on top of the ME-262 and just under the Hustler. The New Jersey and Bismarck in 350 scale.
  10. Popped open another kit. Going to do this as a "what it"
  11. Ready for paint... Finally!! Hopefully should start throwing paint Tuesday.
  12. I have a brick house. That means that the exterior walls are thicker than most homes without brick. This leaves the windows set quite a way back from the wall. I placed the work area in front of the window and had 4" of space between the bench edge and window. So I built a vent box out of foam core that would fit in that space. In the section below you can see what I did. The vent box is build from foamcore taped with blue painters tape. The two small fans are taped to the face of the vent that faces the window and blows the air out through the window (when I remember to open it ) The total coat was about $40. I have also attached a surge protector to the underside of the bench and plugged in the fans, light and compressor to it. So when I want to paint I just hit the on/off switch on the surge protector and the whole bench powers up. Here are some close up photos of the vent box.. I purposely built the open about 2 inches higher than the bench top to prevent anything rolling into the vent. the tassels are there from when I first built it to test the suction power. It gets rid of most of the fumes when I am working.
  13. Just finished remodeling my model room... The new work area and display shelves. (shelves are short on one end as Lowes didn't have enough shelving in stock when I bought the supplies) The paint booth.
  14. Packed and ready to be sent to the USS Lexington museum for display. This my sound silly, but will miss this model on the display shelves. It was one of my favorites.
  15. My new work area is finally coming together... The spray area is a mess right now... Hopefully it will all come together by this weekend.
  16. I am doing a major remodel of my modeling room. (much to the chagrin of my wife) When done I will have over 50% more display shelving. I now have moved the work area out of the closet and moved my stash into it.
  17. I couldn't shim the fuselage as it would affect contact points for the wing connection to the fuselage. I decided to go with brute force. I found out if I pressed in on each side I can make the canopy just about fit. So I hit the edges of the canopy and fuselage with superglue and pressed the pieces together. Here is the result. Now it it just a matter of some putty and sanding to smooth things out. And before you post that I have fogged my canopy with the superglue, I have discovered that once you have dipped your clear parts in future you can use any glue you want to attach them. The future protects the clear parts from the fogging effect of the glues.
  18. ok, build stumbling block, main canopy is to wide. look on the left side of the model to see how off. humm... gotta figure how to fix...
  19. Got back from CALMEX, a model show in Westlake, LA. Came away with 7 awards. Took 12 models. Here is a link to all the models at the show... http://s249.photobucket.com/user/wed192/library/01%20post%20200%20model%20limit/westlake%202015?sort=3&page=1
  20. My latest purchases in the last 2 weeks.... This is what I want to put on the 88 Love the bottom 3 kills
  21. I have used rollmodels in the past and did not have a very good experience, never got the part I ordered. Had to call them up 6 months later to get them to cancel the order. I hope if you used it you had better luck.
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