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  1. Picked these up this weekend.. One of them is to replace the Blackbird I built that is going to the USS Lexington in a couple of weeks. The other is for a design concept I saw that I want to build. These, although separate kits, where designed to work together. The XR-7 can be mounted on the back of the SR-75.
  2. It is just OOB. The only "extra" I have done is use a pounce wheel to add rivits. The marking are going to be what ever came in the box with it.
  3. I had started this kit a while back. Only it is finally ready for the paint booth.
  4. Masked and ready for the paint booth...
  5. Finished all the rescribing now adding the tails
  6. It is now starting to look like an airplane. I added the ventral fin, air intake, nose cone. I have about 55% for the model scribed. Hopefully can put a dent in the rest tomorrow.
  7. Here is my take on the tail size.... taller than the wing span but smaller depth than the wing. You can see that I have scored a panel line pattern in the tails. this is completely conjecture at this point.
  8. Just want to say thanks to Acrylic Addict for the instructions and copy of the decals for the YF-12! :smiley20:
  9. Ok, now I have to dig deep into my stach to see what I can come up with.
  10. thinking of doing it in SEA camo as well.
  11. I have used pastels quite a bit. Maybe this will help you out. It is a tip for pastels from my website and is in PDF format so you can download it. http://wedmodelfactory.com/wmf-hintsandtips.html
  12. I was watching a documentary on the F-104 on TV when I saw this picture... It was a design study for the F-104 fighter by Lockheed. I thought this would be a neat model to build. I started this idea once before but had used a Lindburg kit for the base model. Why do I do stupid stuff like that. Lindburg kits are :hush: So I have now attached this model once again using a Monogram model as the base. And as with Monogram kits the fit is ... OK, but that does mean sanding seams flat and wiping out the surrounding raised panel lines. So I now have to rescribe and rivet the kit. Here is where I am at right now... and here is a before and after on the upper wing..
  13. Just leave the start date and push back the finish date if needed.
  14. Jump in Bubba!! Don't let other modelers scare you. Pratically everyone of them will give you hints and tip if you ask, and at times you don't even need to ask.
  15. So glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. Our club put a good amount of work into the show. (Yes, I am a member of the Northshore club. One of the Officers)
  16. And from what I have heard the ship builder is a bit of a salty character but the Blackbird builder is moocho cool!! :lol: :lol:
  17. My raffle winings for the last AutumnCon 2014... And my purchases from the vendors at the show...
  18. For your enjoyment. http://s249.photobucket.com/user/wed192/library/01%20post%20200%20model%20limit/AutumnCon%202014?sort=3&page=1
  19. Looking over my YF-12 kit relised it doesn't have instructions or decals. This is not going to stop me. I have built 5 of these things in the past and have a completed 48 scale SR-71B to use as a reference. I also have extra decals from olders kits that I can use for this model. Now to just figure what color to paint it.... :D
  20. They tried that already, didn't work...bedroom where taken up by Mom's and Dad's hobbies... no space left.... oh darn....
  21. I have a great deal of respect for all the work Kelly Johnson did. The Electra airliner (major renovations to the design after he joined Lockheed), The P-38, P-80, F-104, U-2 , and SR-71. Quite the stable of designs. Most designers would have been happy with just one of those aircraft in their protfolio. I have always been inthralled with the 71. An aircraft desinged before cad design on slide rules! He said that he felt the airforce bought the wrong version. They should have bought the YF-12. Actually the Air Force order 102 of them, but congress cut them from the budget. So for this built I have a 1/48 scale YF-12 I will toss into this build.
  22. I got back into the hobby in 06. The kids finally moved out of the house and my wife said I needed a hobby to get out of her hair. Now i wanted to get back into model building for several years but never could line up all 3 requirements, time, space and money. Now I had all of them! I started building models in earnist when I was 10 and continued until I was 16 when I discovered computers and girls. Then came college, work, marriage, etc, you know that *%^&% called life? I first dicovered the local club in Pensacola. Then was forced to move to Louisiana and now am a member of the Northshire and NOLA clubs. I mostly build aircraft but will dabble in almost every model category (except bi-planes - tried three times all three turned into glue bombs that got filed in the curcular file) I not compete at the local shows and also have my own website (will admit it needs to be updated) wedmodelfactory.com. I look forward to posting here and getting constructive comments.
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