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  1. Tossed this together starting late last night as a break from the Shinden.
  2. Now have something resembling a plane.... Had to strip the silver paint as it didn't stick to the model. Worst case of mold release contamination I have ever seen. Will have to wash it down before I repaint it.
  3. Starting to look like an airplane...
  4. Last look at the gun bay and engine before covering it all up
  5. There is a shaft the runs down the middle of the pipe on the end of the engine. If it is not set correctly I could see where it would not go together properly.
  6. As the guns and their components have been painted and are now drying I decided to work at the other end... I have seen several other forum where other modelers have said that the engine doesn't fit and required that 4mm be cut out of the pipe on the back end of the engine. as you can see here I did not have that problem and the fit was spot on.
  7. Right now it is all model master enamels with the exception of the washes those are model master acrylic.
  8. Very impressive for a frog kit!!
  9. Now working on the cockpit.
  10. Gil; You need to make sure you use the "IMG" link to post single pics Just copy & paste. If the IMG option is not under the picture you need to go to the settings screen and click that option. (the settings screen can be found by clicking on the gear on the far right about an inch or two down from the top of the screen)
  11. This kit... but doing it as a military aircraft, no silly cartoon aircraft.
  12. The engine is done and now started to paint the parts for the cockpit.
  13. after 2 hours tossing paint around....
  14. Also have started working on my 1/32 scale J7W1 Shinden... No, it will not be done in the silly cartoon version. It will be a warbird when done.
  15. Started the paint on one of the Prowlers...
  16. 8-9 hours drive time, not counting, gas, food and piddle stops
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