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  1. you can download some references from here: http://bookos-z1.org/s/?q=B-26+Marauder&t=0
  2. Scratch building the divider between bomb bay in the B-2 right now. Here is what it looks like. This is what I have so far: Lots to still do.
  3. I now have the four main walls in for the bomb bay. Now have to detail out the interior. In the pics the bottom is only taped on to verify fit. I can remove it to detail out the bomb bay.
  4. Ok, I have now gone off the deep end. I am going to scratch build the bomb bays in the B-2 model. I have cut out the kit bomb bay and made templates for the four main bay walls. I still have to cut open 2 of the bomb bay doors as the kit only came with one bay open. I used the kit box to make cardboard templates of the walls so I now have to finish the kit as I have no to place to store it any longer.
  5. Here she is next the my SU-24.
  6. Yep, it's another one of "those" kits... :smiley34: and that is just 4 parts!
  7. The F-111 As a "What Should Have Been" aggressor aircraft to simulate the SU-24.
  8. The Airfix kit was garbage. I didn't have 2 parts that fit correctly. Every thing required sanding and or pudding. The wings do swing, and the horizontal tails surfaces rotate (I glued them though).
  9. I was given the call sign "wedfactory" at another forum. I started at that forum in 2008 and I was building models in mass. The guys gave me a hard time about running a factory. So I earned the wedfactory name there. Over the last several years my production slowed to a trickle. Recently the modeling bug has hit me again and the "factory floor" is ramping back up. Now that B-2, you are correct, nothing good is written about the kit anywhere. Basically you build the kit for three reasons, 1: you don't know any better, 2: you have nothing else in your stash, and 3: you are in dire need of being committed. Unfortunately for me 1 and 2 do not apply.
  10. B-2 cockpit is now done.
  11. My newest headache. the Testors B-2 in 1/72 scale.
  12. Now have the camo on the F-111.
  13. Got everything sanded down and an all black primer down and the bottom color on.
  14. Absolutely nothing fits on this kit....
  15. Keep pounding this kit ....
  16. Hold on there my young Padawan. You cannot claim to be complete without a Tu-22, and don't go claiming that you are covered with the Tu-22M, they are not the same plane, despite what those pesky Russkies may say. You too must deal with the old Esci kit, Hahahahaha pshhhhh they're practically the same thing! i've done my research... close enough for government work :-D :gold-plane: TU-22B TU-22M The only thing similar is the name. I do have the TU-16 done as well The 72 scale Tu-95 is in my stash right next to the B-52, B-1 and B-2 all in 72 scale as well. Don't have the TU-160 or Bounder kits (there is a 72 Bounder but OOP and fiberglass fuselage). There is also a M-4 bomber model the is OOP (also with a figerglass fuselage) and Anigrand has the Sukhoi T-4MS, the losing design to the TU-160.
  17. Now it is time to bludgeon the F-111 into submission...
  18. My latest two pick ups... You can ignore the cartoon cover on the Shindin. It has been reboxed. It still has the full military kit and decals in the box. They added extra decals and 2 new parts for the cartoon version.
  19. Can't un-see it now! :lol:
  20. There is (has been) one made (not sure if it is still on production). http://www.swannysmodels.com/Do24T.html
  21. This by any definition is a crappy fit. I have my challenge for this week.
  22. It is painted, decaled and sludged. Now need to dull coat and weather.
  23. Go back one page and look at the 72 scale Airfix F-111 I am working on. even more "fun" ( )
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