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  1. I need to make a trip down to Corpus Christi. I have 3 of my models on display on the USS Lexington.
  2. My newest additions to my stash... and yes the 229 is a sweet kit, I have it as well.
  3. have the base coat down. let dry for a day then start the real painting.
  4. A very eye catching and interesting build!
  5. been on a puddy and sanding craze....
  6. Got the canopies on these two but the fit is terrible, so now am going to have to puddy and sand around the canopies.
  7. Pulled these off of the in-progress shelf and decided to see about finishing them. previous pics
  8. Or you could sand the opening just a little larger so the wings and openings either barely or don't touch.
  9. Best I can figure is to get the best AOA for takeoff.
  10. first print project was for decal set holder. (it was also quick and easy to build in autocad) This was done at the lowest resolution. Now have to reprint at highest resolution to compare quality.
  11. Things learned so far: ABS plastic is quite tough. Stronger than most model plastics but not as brittle as resin. Some where in between. Tamiya glue doesn't work all that well with it. I have to leave it over night before I couldn't pry the pieces apart. Super glue worked a lot better. have to try Tenex 7R yet. It seams to be quite porous on the edges as a sharprie I was using to mark it was soaked into the plastic. Will have to try paint on it next to see how well it take or if it will need a good primer before painting.
  12. Just received my 3D print today!! A Solidoodle Press. Now just need to master the software for it and I am off and running!
  13. Decaled and sludged. Now just needs a dull coat, light weathering and some fiddly bits and it will be done.
  14. Got the bottom of the 229 painted tonight. I had painted the model flat black last night. Here it is just as I started painting the bottom color, Then I have all the bottom done with the first misting, then I mist over the whole bottom until I have a finish that I like.
  15. wedfactory

    Sea Shadow

    When I did the tape mockup I saw that the bottom will have some sizable gaps in it. Now the bottom of the model is flexible so I am stuffing some foam in it to to close of the gap.
  16. have the flat black base coat on...
  17. I just use the OOB for a break from the more "serious" builds I like to do. For giggles and grins take a look at the Sea Shadow I started in the ship section.
  18. wedfactory

    Sea Shadow

    The construction of the Sea Shadow is unique to say the least.
  19. wedfactory

    Sea Shadow

    Started work on the bridge of the Sea Shadow. i didn't like the decals that came with the kit for the bridge so I dug out some old aircraft IP decals and cut those up. The back wall. The tan piece of paper below to the right was the decal for the back wall controls. I like my kit bash decals better. And for the pilot seat all the kit had was the decal on the floor. Again I like my kit bashed controls better. Now will you be able to see them when I am done. Don't know how well yo uwill ba able to see into the bridge once it is closed up.
  20. wedfactory

    Sea Shadow

    OK, I admit it, I have the attention span of a 3 year old, couldn't sit still while waiting for the HO-229 to dry started another kit. Picked out my Sea Shadow. Just doing this one OOB. May even get it done for the March 28th model show. Just sprayed all the interior grey, Not sure how much you will see but decided to play it safe and spray everything inside. OOh!! Look the 229 is dry! See you later!
  21. As I am trying to figure out how to build the rotorary bomb rack for the B-2 I went ahead and tossed this together.
  22. Latest bomb bay update...
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