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  1. ready for the paint booth...
  2. 21st Century Toys 1/32 scale ME-109F
  3. This is my secret weapon when I decal my models. A small adjustable vice I picked up at the local hardware store. It is a godsend for decalling.
  4. The design of the kit forced you to put in the struts when putting the wing halves together. So yes they are attached.
  5. 109 s just about done, just have engine exhaust, decals and weathering to do now.
  6. Got his kit for Christmas from my sister, she is a trekkie. Started building it 2 days ago. Being a snap tite the fit is questionable, so it has been glue several part putty and sand, glue several more.. Good thing it only has 12 parts. Next step is light ghost gray overall then decals. By the way here are the decal sheets...
  7. Had a sale at the hobby shop... The last one is a resin cockpit for a 48 scale B-58 Hustler.
  8. Pulled these two off the in-progress shelf finished puddying them and now trying to get them ready for painting.
  9. All glued up minis air intakes (have to paint the insides of them first)...
  10. Squadron White.. as you can tell the pods had big fit problems
  11. Everything is now rescribed...
  12. Working on my U-2. Rescribed the left wing now need to do the rest of the aircraft.
  13. Main paint job done. Now touch-ups and details before decaling.
  14. Bha humbug; those tape strips are about 1/4" thick.
  15. Masked and ready for the next color...
  16. picked these up at the show.. yep another blackbird.... hum, sense a trend here.... and found this beast.... here is the fuselage in 1/72 scale!!! this will be a challenging build to say the least.
  17. Here is a link to the models at the show. http://s249.photobucket.com/user/wed192/library/01%20post%20200%20model%20limit/Lafayette%202014?sort=3&page=1
  18. Yesterday was a huge success for me. I went to GatorCon 2014 and brought home 11 awards! Ok, to qualify the awards, there where only about 130 model at the show (small show) and the judges split several categories, thus my chances went up, but still pulled in a lot more than I thought I would. One fo the awards was the Theme awards for the show. This time it was "50 shades of gray" My 3rd place awards; my 2nd place winners: the 1st place winners; and the theme award winner;
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