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  1. Thank You Vegas Team...Long walk enabled me to get in my steps...14,000 on Thursday Cheers Bill
  2. Thank You Mark for the Timely Update. See you at the Judges Meeting Cheers Bill
  3. Greetings I am currently President of Three Rivers IPMS, Pittsburgh PA. We have utilized "Open Judging" style for over 15 years. Keeping Short reply..Gil has covered most and Ralph has shown how the Logistics for awards works. I agree with every thing that Gill has defined with the Exception of the comment on OOTB. ANY Gold standard build may win a Gold award. The scope of effort may enter the judging when the Best of Categories is decided. We also do not utilize a numeric system and we mandate a 3 man judging team. A link to our Contest criteria is http://tricon.tripms.org/judging.html Cheers Bill Dedig
  4. Great Build. Agree on the "Higher Call" book..Great Read and Interesting human retrospective. I have also built Stigler's Africa 109, his Late war Bf109G, and the Me 262. Enjoyed your Model. Cheers Bill
  5. Neither the NCC nor I in particular, plan to insist on any masking requirements that are stricter than any local standards in effect during the course of our 2021 convention. Thank You for the Updated Information Bill D
  6. Gil Here Here Love to see any reply from any E-board member to a question on their National Show occurring in 46 Days. Also a very important subject regarding the "Contest" What say you IPMS National Leadership ? Regards Bill D
  7. Bob Seminar Schedule looks Interesting. Quite a Variety of subjects ...Good Luck Cheers Bill
  8. Thank You all for the Very Positive feedback. Adds to the final pleasure Cheers Bill
  9. Thank You for the Positive feedback Bill
  10. 1/72 Finemolds Bf109G-4 Hartmanns Aircraft from 1943. This kit was a pleasure to build complete. The Kit Decals were used for all but the fuselage insignia and I should have used them instead of the aftermarket I choose(Challenge getting to settle down). I used Uschi Lines for antenna and a True Details Resin Interior(Which you cannot see in my photos) Gunze paints for the RLM 74/75/76 scheme and Gx Clear and Flat for final coats Thanks for Looking Comments Always welcome Regards Bill
  11. Nice Support Eric..well Done on Your part. Cheers Bill
  12. Greetings Gil Very Nice aircraft. May I ask if the canopy was "Dipped" looks super Clear. Well Done Bill
  13. I shall consider that a Nominee commitment to interacting with IPMS members and will Vote accordingly . Best Regards Bill
  14. Thank You James for your Reply. However I am perplexed by the lack of "Official" replies to queries from IPMS Members. Correct Answers in any case are not necessarily "Official" answers. Sincerely Bill Dedig
  15. I really don’t want to kick any hornets nests,however,is there any reason a member of the EBOARD cannot dignify this request with an official answer ? Best Regards
  16. Thank You.. The Corsair was 1/72nd. Nice little kit for a quick Build. Kit was Revell of Germany Boxing.
  17. 1/48 and 1/72....the German Tiger Tornado , the FW-190 and the C-46 were 1/144 Thanks Bill
  18. Thank You All for the Great Feedback. Hoping for a 2021 that is Easier Regards Bill
  19. Greetings Noel Happy Christmas This model is totally fiction. I saw a box top photo and had to build. Front looks like a 55 Edsel and I loved it. Cheers Bill
  20. Greetings Thank you all for the Positives. John ..I am a huge fan of Alclad over Tamiya rattle can Gloss Black. As you can see I like my planes less weathered than normal modelers. Sorry for the duplicates on the Mustang and Spitfire. Cheers Bill
  21. 2020 1. 1-10-2020 Israeli Skyhawk 2.2-22-2020 B-25 Wolf Wagon 3.3-21-2020 P-51H PA_Ang 4.4-7-2020 PA ANG A7D 5.04-22-2020 303Sq Spitfire MkV 6.04-25-2020 FW 190D-9 7.05-10-2020 C-46 Yost Pilot 8.5-15-2020 Israeli Mystere 9. 06-04-2020 Hartmanns F-86 10. 06-24-2020 A-10C D-Day Anniv. 11. 07-20-2020 VMA-211 Red tail 12. 07-23-2020 2011 Tiger Tornado 13. 07-27-2020 Albatros D.III OEFFAG 14. 08-11-2020 303 Sq Hurricane B.O.B. 15. 09-19-2020 Leduc 022 16. 10-11-2020 Bf 110 Battle of Britain 17. 11-09-2020 P-40 Lt Welch Pearl Harbor 18. 11-18-2020 Victory 357 19. 12-18-2020 F4U-5 Corsair Thanks for Looking Lets Go 2021...VIVA LAS VEGAS Bill
  22. Good Luck Gil.Looking for this type of Action to come to an end in 2021 EARLY. Regards Bil
  23. Thank You for the Positive feedback Bill
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