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  1. Thanks for your feedback Gil. Always good to see your feedback. Best Regards Bill
  2. I purchased a Japanese Base from him. It was "Bases By Bill" Super product Regards Bill
  3. Greetings All I did not want to highjack the Hasagawa Harrier Thread ,so here is my finished VMA 211 Wake Island Avenger. I had to install the gun pods as a Marine Aircraft without weapons seemed "Unnatural". This is probably my final aircraft for this collection. I have 7 Aircraft from the Wildcat thru the F-35 in collection. This is the Hasagawa kit with Super Scale decals,Resin Seat,Resin Exhaust vents, and Flying Leatherneck Det.- Cord. Two tone gray scheme with true Marine Tail.I used Gunze paints for colors and GX 100 clear for decal base and Mr Hobby Matt for final finish Last addition was the Resin FOD covers. The Hasegawa intake has too many issue to be left open and I like a little more colors these add to the aircraft. Thanks for Looking Comments Welcome Regards Bill
  4. Looking Great Also on that Aircraft only using the VMA 211 "Wake Island Avengers... Will post after completion...Complete Dullcoat ??? Cheers Bill
  5. "Best" is a Subjective term. I can only comment on what I can Recommend based on build. The new Airfix 1/48 Hurricane is an excellent kit. Great details,Good decals and trouble free to Build. Thats All I got to say about that. Bill
  6. Greetings All As these discussions go round and round ,information goes back and forth,I have a simple request. To All involved ...simply allow me to make my own decision. Go or stay at home , I simply request the ability to make my own decision and live with the consequences. Thank You Bill Dedig
  7. Greetings Rick Have volunteered for the last few years as Photographer . Offer is out there for this year also. Requested Catagorys are SCI-Fi and Juniors Cheers Bill D
  8. Registered, Flights Booked and ready Good Luck all...Look forward to Event Cheers Bill
  9. Thank you Mark i can’t seem to post on the Middle East War SIG. any help thanks Again Bill
  10. Great trip Thanks for the show Nice Aircraft Bill
  11. Greetings I also have this kit but not the stimulus to start. Look forward to watching your Progress. So-far So-Good. Bill
  12. Nick I disagree with your interpretation of the “GSB / 123 “ survey The survey was only a question regarding methodologies. There was nothing that implicated “drastic change”. The distribution of results was virtually 50/50. Apparently interest is equally strong on both sides of the issue. The number of survey responses (~500) was greater than the number of votes received by most officers in the last E-board election. ( * )Should we now interpret what that means regarding interests ? I will not pretend to be an interpreter of the ~4000 members of IPMS or their voting interests. I disagree adamantly that the results were “predictable”. I am hoping people were done kicking this on the forum where debate has been accomplished "ad infinitem". The last posts on these topics were back in October 2019. The subject in this posting is "Placing of notifications during the IPMS Nationals". Could we please stay on subject? Let’s move forward. Bill
  13. Thank You Rusty. That will be my Course of Action. I never had any intention on 2020. Appreciate the constructive exchange ,sad so few indulged. Regards Bill
  14. Hello It has been 14 days since I started and I Figured it was time for a few notes. Besides the decals are now drying on my F-15. Why did I start this conversation ? Three main Reasons I absolutely despise the need to run on Saturday evening after the awards to see the winning entries and congratulate those builders. I do not believe the 1-2 second photo and the Miniature Picture in the Journal is enough to take a good look at the Judged winners. After attending the Telford World Model Expo, I found the ability to see who and what was awarded was fantastic. Clubs needing to be "Guiana Pigs / Lab Rats" is not really a needed concept. There are three major shows that post their award winners before the end of show...Scale Model World (Telford), Eday(Czech Republic) and Scale Model Challenge (as mentioned by Mr Bonnani above). Attendees leaving early has been mentioned in posts above and as I stated in my opening post ,there are way to many reasons for my time spent at the convention, contest results are not one of them. As mentioned above, all the factors involved in attending a IPMS convention preclude departing early (Travel Plans,Vendors,Comraderie, ETC ETC). Couple of people have mentioned Surveys, but in the next breath note that they are mostly futile.(PS..Survey of Forum respondents is 2 against and 7 Interested) As a previous Product Manager , I suggest put the concept to a test and review the results. If Good- it remains, If bad- remove and continue. Again as mentioned above ,things have been tried, failed, modified and implemented, without the failure of the IPMS convention. I do not believe The IPMS Nations are "Not Broke" rather I would like see them as a "Work in Progress" and looking at the worldwide modeling community learning from each and continue to grow the US Nationals . As we would say at Product Management "sooner or later you have to shoot the engineers and build the product"...I would like to move this idea forward to IPMS Leadership. Any Ideas How ? Have enjoyed the conversation. Best Regards Bill
  15. Middle of night update. Word on the street this is a Classic Airframes A4 Mold. Cheers Bill
  16. Hello Guys My focus in this discussion is the Placement of "Award Winner " cards with the winners on Friday evening. Allows Saturday for all attendees to see, in a Timely manner, what models were winners. I appreciate the Banquet and photo discussions, but my main point is for attendees to view awarded models all day Saturday, not just a brief photo at presentation or when models are being "packed Up" Saturday evening. Thanks for Interest Bill
  17. Thank you for your comments. My thoughts are mostly to post the notifications with the models on Friday evening to allow attendees to actually see what “placed” at the IPMS Nationals. the Banquet and Slide show are just the argumentative side of the concept. Cheers Bill
  18. Hello I would hope this stimulates some spirited discussion. Concept: As each Category is Judged, Notices are placed as to what has "Placed" in each category : No Longer place "Category winners"(Announced at Awards presentation) Judges simply place a "IPMS Nationals winner" card with model (category and entrant number written on it). Awards Show will be Category and Special Winners (1st,2nd,3rd will be placed with models during Awards ceremony, as done now) 1st,2nd,3rd will be published in Journal and Social Media and discussed during Saturday evening model-rush. - Debate Points Non-Winner will take Models and Leave...(My Opinion...I am there for the Convention ,not only as a competitor, Thank God) Banquet will suffer....( Banquet is about Camaraderie, IPMS recognitions and Thank You's, not awards.) Judges may be asked to justify their decisions...They should be able to do so even now. +Debate Points Winning models can be viewed in a Timely manner during Saturday Brief Photo Show and Announcement no longer needed during Awards Ceremony Winning Model Builders can be congratulated and discuss their methodology during the day. Details can be added or subtracted as Needed Comments PLEASE Bill
  19. No label from other manufacturers. Thought it Abitur unusual,but not to bad.
  20. Mark for the Middle East Group Finished today AZ Skyhawk Vallejo Air Paints from Israeli Box Set Built Mostly out of Box including very good Kit decals Lots of Uhu Tack for worms and Frog tape for masking Thank for taking a look Comments are always welcome Bill D.
  21. Nice Aircraft Gil. Love the Red and White markings
  22. Thanks Guys. Gill, the nose section did decline and was the predecessor to the front of the SST. Pretty cool,huh? Cheers Bill
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