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  1. Thanks Mark Very kind of You Cheers Bill
  2. Thanks Gil Amazing the difference in looks,folded VS straight. I believe weathering requires artistic talents I am challenged to obtain. I envy your skill in this area.Reason I tend to build clean. cheers Bill
  3. Thank You Randall I suggest taking one of those Corsair kits and spend a few days..This is a fall together kit and you will enjoy the build. Cheers Bill
  4. This aircraft was flown by Marines in Ground support for Army in 1945 in Philippines. This is the 1/48th Tamiya kit Gil mentions in his build below. Great Kit and a nice relief for some well engineered model. Some basic stuff, Testors Spray Gloss Blue(Decanted),Mr Hobby Semi-Gloss (Decanted), Eduard Seatbelts, filled step in starboard dropped Flap. Only color was Green in a couple of places. Uschi fine line used for Antennas Thanks for Looking Comments Welcome Cheers Bill
  5. Great Aircraft Gil...Love your efforts with Monogram kits Cheers Bill
  6. Thanks Guys Tamiya Corsair already started. Decals from F√ľndekal newest sheet with "F4U & FG Corsairs part 2 ""Whistling Death" VMF -211 Markings from 1945.Obtained at Phoenix Nationals Cheers Bill
  7. This is my next to last build for the VMF(A) -211. I had custom markings created for this aircraft as it belonged to the Commander. I loved the RAM Decals from WOLFPACK...These were absolutely perfect This was a very well engineered model and defects were self induced. I didn't have the heart to load up the wings with racks. So I left her stealthy. I have completed the Wildcat,Skyraider,Skyhawk,Harrier,and the F-35B. The CF markings are a Little large on the tail but not detracting. Last project for this group is the F4U-1D Corsair. Start Tonight Thanks for Looking Comments are always welcome Cheers Bill
  8. Thank You Dick Cheers Bill
  9. Thank You Guys for your Positive comments Bill
  10. I wanted a little bit of a challenge after a Tamiya 1/72nd P-51 I got exactly what I asked for. Challenges Vallejo Olive Drab and Tamiya rattle-can Camel Yellow colors were the only simple items. The basic parts all had flash,All need some sort of work Struts needed trimming and pins inserted for support. Landing Gear parts were all needing trimmed and adjusted and I think I still missed the mark. Rigging was all steel wire to simulate the metal braces I will say the resin engine cylinders needed minimal cutting. I did add Albion tubing and copper plug wires Tons of stuff but just posted Final results Cheers Bill
  11. Thanks Gil That is Xtracrylic PRU Blue. Just a change from OD/Neutral gray. Upcoming P-47 will be OD/NG Cheers
  12. I reversed the props after other feedback
  13. Very Nice Gil. I do miss the colors though well Done Bill
  14. Greetings Just Adding my next to last 8th AF Project in 1/72nd. Eduard interior details and Uschi Line Xtracrylic PRU Blue with some white in spots. Uschi Powders on Wheel details and some weathering..(Love that Stuff ) Thanks for Looking Comments are Always welcome Bill
  15. wdedig

    Small Tiger

    Thanks for the Positive feedback Guys Cheers Bill
  16. wdedig

    Small Tiger

    This is the Trumpeter 1/144 Rafale Tiger kit. Mostly trouble free build with very nice responding decals. Gunze Paints and Uschi powders Space is becoming critical at Home. Thanks for looking Comments always welcome Cheers Bill
  17. wdedig

    F-16 Tiger

    Thanks Guys The Revell of Germany 1/144kits have been great and their decals really work well. Cheers Bill
  18. wdedig

    F-16 Tiger

    Great little Model and Markings Wine Seal for F.O.D. covers Revell of Germany Kit and decals except wing walk lines from spares. This is the 1/144th scale Belgian F-16. Painted with Gunze and Uschi Powders on Exhaust. Thanks for Looking Bill D
  19. This is part of my 8th Af Project . Trying to have a representation of the main players from 8th AF in WWII. Need to complete a P-38 and will be completed. Simple OD over Neutral Gray Basic Kit decals and some aftermarket decals Thanks for looking Comments always Welcome Bill
  20. Gil That is friggin Beautiful. That is the coolest ugly aircraft designed and you really made it shine...Great work Cheers Bill
  21. Amazing work. Good Luck.Looking good :smiley14: :smiley14: Bill
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