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  1. well today my rigs got beat out of 1st place by a fish. was a nice fish. but a fish? oh well, back to my man cave to pout. LOL
  2. I have found the chain I need to replicate the chain hoist used to raise the rig up. It comes from a revell "Torch" chopper. The part is only maybe 2" long in a straight line so looks like I'll be doing a LOT of resin casting on sections then joining them all together. This project is going to take at a miminum 6 months maybe longer to complete. I have 3 engines to make, 2 caterpillar's and one Detroit Engine. There may be models of these but I get more enjoyment in making things from nothing than buying a kit to just slap that part in. Anyway, I have started on the chassis and am wiring and p
  3. that's the exact reason I do my stuff also, because I know it's there I love those old WW1 planes
  4. Thanks for the compliment. This next project has more plumbing and hydraulics than the Millenium Falcon! I may not be able to replicate every piece of tubing but I'll give it my best shot. And thanks to Dick on here, I'm going to do construction photos as I progress and have them posted to Filezilla. Maybe one of you guys can take a step into the unknown and try your hand at it. I've done airplanes before with scratchbuilt items rather than aftermarket so it may give ideas for new projects to some of you. Anyway, I do appreciate the kind words and will start this project beginning of next mont
  5. I'm an avid flyfisherman and tippet lines will work superbly for rigging. You'd be surprised at all the colored line and copper wiring flyfishing shops have. great for boat riggings.
  6. I use GrandtLine in my models. Some model shops that carry a lot of RR stuff usually carry that also.
  7. skysoldier46

    My first tank!

    doesn't matter if it will be a match for most or not, you build it and they will come. I learned a LOT of my scratchbuilding techniques from modelers who do pristine stuff as well as just the ordinary non-descript models.
  8. yes I will. I'll probably start on it the first of the month. I have this Tamiya Brummbar I'm finishing up now. that's built straight out of the kit. one day I may try my hand at scratchbuilding a tank from ground up except the wheels. Then again a tank from scratch I keep asking why since there are so many aftermarket items for them.
  9. This is the water well drilling rig that's my next scratchbuild project. I took 122 pics of it today and will begin as soon as I restock more Evergreen.
  10. I use a Passche PAAVL myself and love it.
  11. skysoldier46

    My first tank!

    Not bad for a first attempt at a tank.
  12. I was at a small hobby shop in town today looking at the magazine Building Armor Dioramas and saw what they called the Fold & hold tool. It looked very similar to yours. I may have to get my brother to make one for me, he works with aluminum projects.
  13. nothing like free backyard dirt. I'll have to try this on my next scratchbuild. and being a water well drill rig, it may just be the right thing.
  14. cool, maybe one day someone will come up with another one for the market.
  15. I just read this post and being an old combat veteran and having attended the School of Gravity I'll enjoy going to Benning even more now, altho Knox is closer to me.
  16. what did you use for mud/dirt on the tracks and lower body?
  17. in that second photo, what is that tool that has 2 round items attched to it? is it for track links or road wheels?
  18. I ate an entire bag of Oreo's last night working on a Panzer III. Too bad ModelKasten doesn't team up with Tamiya and provide their track links in the box.
  19. There's a company here in Lebanon, Jackson Drilling, that drills water wells and their trucks are another one I plan on doing from scratch. I know it won't be ready for the Murfreesboro show but maybe by next year. Anyway, I'll try to post some in-progress photo's once I start. The show is an IPMS Middle Tennessee sponsored event also.
  20. Some of those I know. Guess I'll have to pay more attention to the cyphers I use photoetch on some of my stuff but seeing the PE threw me off.
  21. I'd love to do the Nats even if just to oggle all the other models there.
  22. I see you guys using terms I'm not familiar with. What is PE? gonna need a crash course me thinks
  23. getting track links on the model has always been my big hangup. I've tried gluing them together then adding to the model but now I know to leave the top hull off until the track is positioned correctly. It sucked living in a cave for so long. Thanks also for this tip.
  24. Thank you Mark, I thought it may have been my cookies disabled but then again I ate them all.
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