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  1. I can see some models you guys are doing but some threads I only get red x's. any idea why?
  2. I'm really enjoying this site and seeing what the rest of the modeling world does. I can even get useful info from cars and planes and trains and boats modelers.
  3. Thanks. That crane is now probably melted down and sold to China. I look forward to meeting any of you guys that are in Murf. yep memories of oil fields are sometimes good and sometimes bad. I saw a rig blow up on a ridgeline about 20 miles away from the one I was on down in Thermoplis Wyoming. not a pretty site.
  4. may take me a few minutes but I'll upload the crane
  5. This is an old Bantam oil field rig I worked on back in 1978 while living in Wyoming. This was my first effort at scratchbuilding anything from the ground up. the only things kit supplied were the tires, wheels and axles. The frame and everything else is totally scratchbuilt. This will be at the Murfreesboro Show in November as well as a scratchbuilt crane.
  6. I live in Lebanon, born and bred a Tennessee Volunteer. And I do know about the show in Murfreesboro November 6. I will be there with 2 of my scratchbuilt vehicles. Thanks for the welcomes and it's good to be back with fellow modelers again.
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Jim. I started modeling back in 1960 with the old Revell, AMT and Monogram kits. Today I do German armor and also I scratchbuild old oil field rigs I used to work on in Wyoming and also old construction equipment I have seen at recycling centers that are scheduled for destruction. I use only the tires, rims and sometimes the axles for these vehicles. It's good to be back in a group with fellow modelers.
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