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  1. I'm mailing the decals out via UPS in the morning Greg. enjoy. Greg, the tracking number is USPS 94346102007933313437278. It was sent from a UPS store but shipped USPS.
  2. Greg, the decal sheet does show Lufthansa on it so I assume they are that . Send me your mailing address and they're yours. Mine is jamesbaskin@bellsouth.net. I also got in today the Revell military version so I'll order a decal sheet for maybe a Russian Front JU52. The decal sheet is yours if you want it. Jim
  3. Here's one pic altho it's small. here's the last pic I took. Yeah I felt somewhat 'slighted' to say the least but the fish did look real.
  4. Mark I have 2 pics but the file says too large to upoad. I'll reduce them and try again.
  5. Thanks but I needed 1/48th scale decals. Maybe one day I'll do a 1/72.
  6. Thanks Mark, I gotta learn to google this stuff
  7. I just bought this kit and looked on reevell's website for a military version but they don't have one. Does anyone know where I could find decals for the military verfsion. Thanks in advance for any help if possible. Jim
  8. I just got some scale nuts from Verlinden today. These are great for adding that extra detail, especially for scratchbuilt items.
  9. I love that color scheme. I was at HobbyTown USA in Murfreesboro yesterday and bought real cheap an Academy 109E3/4 in 1/72d scale. think I'll paint it up in those colors. It's a real simple kit I'm building OOB with no frills.
  10. when did you take a pic of my man cave work bench?
  11. this is the start kind of on the new rig I'm building. it's a Crane Carrier truck and Ingersol rand drilling rig.
  12. welcome. say, if you built model cars as a kid how many coats of candy apple red did you put on a model? LOL
  13. that's a very nice model Mark and glad to see someome else uses clothespins.
  14. welcome Julian. When you do build your work station, can we get an IPO on it. :D I just use a regular folding table in my spare bedroom for a worktable. But if your planning on this being a permanent thing, you may want to build as a unit. But the air compressor noise, if loud, may drive you nuts at times and you will need a vent to get rid of toxic fumes from paints.
  15. OH I WANT THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! May not need it but want over rules.
  16. Thanks Aaron. I have a reissued White Freightliner so I'll build that engine up. And I believe the tranny that comes with it is an Eaton Fuller 13 speed so that makes my day right there. Problem=Solution. Jim
  17. Thanks John. I googled a few days ago and frankly I wouldn't know what a Cummins 855 looks like as opposed to a Cat engine. LOL. I'd really love to get an accurate engine IF possible as this rig is to scale on everything and I sure wouldn't want to say at a contest it's an accurate model of the real vehicle if things don't jive. Perseverence Jim
  18. Guys, I'm needing help and so far Sourkraut's models has not responded to my question. The well drilling rig I'm working on for the IMPS Journal uses a Cummins 855 engine to drive the drilling motor and on Soukraut's website he lists Cummins resin engines as : KTA 450-600HP ISX Signature 600 N-14, E4 L-10 and M-11. My question is this. Are any of these engines a Cummins 855?
  19. When may I expect to receive my issue of the journal?
  20. Thanks Chris, I wish more models had been shown tho. Seems the Cookeville show always has a LOT of them. I'm gonna try and make the Cookeville show this year if time permits. and it was a pleasure meeting you also.
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