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    My main interest has been Plastic Models and Model Railroading. If a plastic kit is made for a Model Railroad, I usually reproduce it out of wood, since I model mainly HOn3, and nothing beats real wood for that. Anything else,Ships, Spacecraft,Cars, Modern Planes, you name it must be Plastic, except what was originally made from wood;ie. WWI aircraft.
  1. Ed, I didn't realize you did this build! Nice work! It was because of this build, I purchased the 1/32 Apollo capsule model, along with the VW kit we spoke about. I just purchased the Atomic City/MRC 1/12 Mercury Capsule after seeing these shots of how to super-detail it. http://public.fotki.com/ScaleModelingByChr...tomic-city-mer/ Now I'm thinking more on the lines of Fiber optics,electronic sound,servo motors, computer interface, to enhace a model. Thinking too of sound chip of VW starting, headlights, ect. using LEDS.
  2. I too would like to pick his brain how he got these shots. He must have used a pinhole camera. There was an article in Model Railroader magazine back in the 'late 70'S-80's on how to make one. I'll have to look up the issue, but with a pinhole camera, you can focus on the model and the background and it gives perspective in focus. If you use a zoom lens, it blurs the background and makes things flat. A pinhole changes the depth of field without changing the focus of near objects. It's a whole science, will have to find the issue to explain it in detail. The Pictures are fantastic no matter how you look at them.
  3. Yes, just got home, found out I was he winner! I'll have the kit next week. Called my Dad last night to tell him I finally found the kit, E-mailed him the link so he could see it. He told me he didn't remember starting to build it. It was a rather tumultuous time with a divorce that followed shortly after, so I can understand he had other things on his mind at the time. LOL, at least I cross that off my "Bucket list". I recently purchased the Tamiya 1300 beetle kit, which is outstanding, but what Tamiya kits not? It's going to be an interesting comparison.
  4. Thank you so much Mark for helping keep digging. I found it on Ebay Finally! It was a Pyro Kit. Called "VW sunroof sedan" Molded in black plastic, side's that had to be assembled, and after seeing the box art, that was it! Thanks for all your help, you have no idea what this means to me.
  5. I found it on Ebay Finally! It was a Pyro Kit. Called "VW sunroof sedan" Molded in black plastic, side's that had to be assembled, and after seeing the box art, that was it! Thanks for all your help guys, you have no idea what this means to me.
  6. Thanks for your help. I thought you found it! I thought it looked promising at first, but it is a 1951/1952, with a split rear window and no sunroof. This kit ranks up there with finding Jimmy Hoffa. I'm doing more research finding out what year VW came out with the crank handle sunroof in case the model was a pre-1966. I bought this kit for him as a Christmas present at a department store, which had to have been between 1967 and 1970. I'm thinking it was Christmas 1968, which Apollo 8 was in orbit around the Moon on Dec 24, and got the 1/96 Revell kit of the Saturn V on Christmas day. Hmmm... Who produced a VW kit in 1967-1968 with opening doors, trunk, and engine lid, with a crank handle sunroof? I have to try looking for model catalog's from that era, or maybe listings of models produced during that time. Thanks for jogging my memory
  7. Thanks Chris. I spoke to my Dad this weekend. He said it might have been a Revell kit, but he was not familiar with any of the other names I mentioned to him. He said he just remembered the name from the glue he would buy for me. I just read a post from Mark Aldrich, who gave me a link to a Revell Model Kit 1/16 KAFER Beetle. If I find out that is in fact the one, I'll let everyone know.
  8. Hi, my name is Bill I'm a new member from Delaware and I could use some help from the forum. I have been trying to find the plastic model of a Volkswagon that was made between 1966-1970. It was molded in Black plastic, maybe larger than 1/24 scale 1/18,1/16 scale and of a 1966-1968? VW with the the crank handle sunroof, not the full cloth sunroof. The body had to be built by fitting the sides to the frame. Had opening doors,trunk, and engine compartment. Anyone know who made it? I was 8 or 9 years old at the time, and tried to finish it for him. I'm a little fuzzy on the year because I had just finished the original issue 1/96 scale Saturn V rocket kit. Things sagged a bit in my zeal to finish it, which unknown to me at the time, became the future fate of his 1966 VW 1300, as well as my own 52 year old body. I can't seem to find anything on the web. Maybe some old model Memories? Catalogs? Books? My Dad will be 82 this year, and I would like him to know that I found who made this kit, as I spent many a Saturday washing and waxing his Volkswagon over this, later to become the first car I drove at 16, to my first job and best job to date, at a Hobby shop! I worked at the shop until going in the Navy at 18,(1976-1980) and afterward while going to College. Best job, best people,(Co-workers and Customers) you could ever meet, and still keep in touch after 30 years.
  9. Thank you all for the kind welcomes, and the many ideas to help me on my quest to find out who made this VW kit.
  10. WOW! I saw the original Launch of Apollo 11, nothing so technical as this. It was Awsome.
  11. Fantastic! Back in the 1980 while working at a hobby shop, I was talking with a customer about about lighting up the interior of the U.S.S. United States model he purchased. I told him about an article using fiber optics for lighting, and making the model a waterline kit to hide the incandescent bulb. He brought the model in, and it was impressive. You have to remember, fiber optics were new, as were LED's. You have taken this to a new art form! I was actually sitting here tonight looking at the 1/32 Apollo spacecraft model trying to figure out how to make a photo-realistic control panel and light it up with fiber optics for the crew overhead lights. I have to rethink the whole whole thing after seeing your photo's of "why not individual lighted buttons?", "why not for dash lighting in car models?", "night ops on a carrier?" "cockpit lighting, and running lights on an aircraft?". ARGHHH! This is how I have to go from now on! Thank you for making me a better modeler.
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