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    Academy M-36 done

    Finished Academy's M-36 kit. Personal opinion, pass on this kit. Interior in the hull is not correct for an M-36 and the turret interior parts are not installed correctly. I also believe the turret is the wrong size and shape (cannot confirm as I cannot find a decent overhead drawing of the vehicle). Also the kit represents an diesel M-36B2 and not the gasoline version used in ETO. Anyway added some resin stowage to the turret and a Tasca 50 cal. Did do some work on the interior as well to try and get things right. Painted as a M-35 during the Battle of the Bulge. Eric
  2. Looks like you have some 3D printed phone box and exhaust screen. Who makes those? Eric
  3. Planning on using a set of Panda Plastics T54E1 tracks and duck bills I've got in my stash. Eric
  4. Looking good. I just started an early M-50 as well. Mine is an Dragon M4A4 hull with a Formations turret. Eric
  5. Eric

    Tamiyas M4A3 E8

    I have not built the kit but one of our club members has (he has also built the Dragon kit). He said the suspension was way easier than Dragons and looked just as good. Eric
  6. I've had the same reaction using Future as well as Alclad clear coat gloss. I think the issue might be that Microset and sol use ammonia in it's formula and ammonia attacks water based products. I do use a second coat of clear after I decal and it seems to clear up the cloudiness issue. Eric
  7. I think the kit was by AMT. It was a 1/16 (I think) kit of Shelby 427 Cobra. I don't know what the used as a reference. One of the prominent item on the body is the oil cooler scope in the front, totally missing from the kit. The engine parts really didn't match up well. It had dual carbs but the way they were installed didn't make any sense. Finally just tossed the kit, wasn't worth the time to try and fix it. Eric
  8. First store I remember having models was a department store in my home town. A little while later I found a true hobbyshop that really got me into modeling. Eric
  9. UMM-USA at http://www.umm-usa.com/ and roll models http://www.rollmodels.com/ carries Pavla. Not sure if they have the set you want Eric
  10. If you have a TAP Plastics near you they carry RTV mold material and 2 part polyurethane resin. I believe I paid around $60 for the mold material and resin. Eric
  11. Frederico, I've tried to download the images but when I do the images are bigger than 1/35. What am I doing wrong. Thanks, Eric
  12. Working on Airfix Banshee kit. Trying to figure out what the landing gear and gear bay color is. The only photos I can find is a restored F2H-2P and it shows an interior green color in the gear bay, red interior surface of gear doors and aluminium gear. I thought that all blue Navy aircraft had the same exterior color on the gear and gear bay. Checking some photos of restored F9F Panthers show some with blue gear and gear bays, while others show blue gear and white interiors, white gear and gear bays or aluminium gear and white gear bays. Anyone have any idea what the Banshee should be.
  13. Wish someone would do a new 1/72 or 1/48 F2H-2 Banshee. Working thru the Airfix kit, and it needs some help. Eric
  14. Should of made the topic "What I almost got done for the Nationals" Eric
  15. Well, my wife are arriving on Monday and plan to go to Epcot and Universal studio on Tuesday and Wed. The rest of the convention will depend on what we feel like doing. Eric
  16. Don, Actually it's a 1/43 kit of a GT-350R. Only problem is it has a stock mustang interior, so I've got to cut away the resin and phony up the race interior. Eric
  17. Checked the web but have had no luck. Looking for interior photos of a "65 Shelby GT-350R. I need the race version with all the interior removed. I took some photos back in the '90's at a classic car race but can't locate them. Looking for some idea what I need to make a stripped out interior look like and where the roll bar mounted. Thanks, Eric
  18. 1/24 Shelby Daytona Coupe I know that someone did one in late '80's and there is a resin kit but those are beyond what I want to spend. Eric
  19. Here's my vote Buffy Ripley Iria from Zeiram the Animation (Anime) The Major from Ghost in the Shell series Eric
  20. Well I just spent two weeks in Dallas next to the DFW airport. I had asked the same question just before I went and the only one that was mentioned is M-A-L Hobbies 108 South Lee St., Irving. He does have a website for his hours. The owner was a very nice gentleman. He does not have a huge selection but he does try and get some new kits and he has some older kits on consignment. He does have alot of new aircraft titles in stock. That's it for specific hobby stores, there are some hobby lobbies and hobbytowns around but didn't make it to them. If you get a chance check out the Cavanaugh
  21. Well my two have been done as a vac and resin but not in plastic 1/35 M-103 US heavy tank 1/72 B-32 Eric
  22. Sorry guys, Chris is apparently in NY for work, so I wasn't able to pass the word on. Eric
  23. I should see Chris tonight at our meeting. I'll let him know. Eric
  24. Eric

    I am Batman

    Neat bust, who's the manufacturer? Eric
  25. Working on Tamiya's P-51D kit right now. I know that the top of the wing was primed and painted at the factory but I was wondering about the lower surface. Of the one or 2 photos I can find of WW2 era P-51's it's hard to tell. I think the whole wing was painted but if not where was the demarcation line for the upper to lower wing? Any ideas. Eric
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