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    Wash that tank Help

    Pappy, Yes, Future is a gloss coat. You can add Tamiya flat to it to make a flat coat (never done it, so you will have to do some experiments). The other choice would be to use an water base flat coat like PollyScale or Testor Arcyl. The oil base wash will not effect the paint job if you have a water base flat over it. Eric
  2. Having judge in a lot of contest (mainly our local contest and others in the area), I've seen quite a few models with info booklets. If during the judging one of the kits that has a booklet makes the finale cut, we usually look at what he's done. Most of the time though we never have the time to look thru it, there are just to many kits to look at in the time we have. As someone who wonders the hall before or after judging I do like to glance thru the info booklets, as long as they are reasonable in length (I remember one book that the guy took a photo every step of the build). Just my tw
  3. What I think is a good hobby shop is not the shop itself but the people who own and run the shop. If they are interested in their customers, answer their questions and welcoming to just modelers hanging around and talking, then to me that's a great hobby shop. If it has a good selection of kits and books so much the better. I've been to Brookhurst in So. CA and I think it's call Colpars in Denver, CO. Both have a big selection of kits and books but at both I did not feel welcomed. The workers talked with people who seemed to be regulars but did not bother to say hello or ask if I needed h
  4. Anthony, Sorry I don't know but have you tried some figure specific forums (www.timelinesforum.com is the one I mainly check). They have members around the globe and someone might be able to help locate the figure. Eric
  5. Well according to the photos in Squadron's new walk around book they look like they are silver. But this might be a restored aircraft, so it might be wrong. Still I would probably go with silver. Eric
  6. Mike, I believe there is something in the rules for the IPMS National contest about kits attached to a base. I find at my local club contest it helps when judging armor, we can turn the kit around and view it from all angles without touching the kit. I've mounted some of my armor kits to bases. As to aircraft I don't think it's a problem to judge unless it has very little ground clearance. Some judges might think you're trying to hide a flaw. My two cents, Eric
  7. Tamiya's 1/48 P-51 D Mustang in PTO markings. Eric
  8. Eric

    Series 77 figure

    I keep trying to get that figure. The only luck I've had finding it is on E-bay. Never had a winning bid on it. Eric
  9. Mark, I don't of any in Vallejo but if are driving and coming from Southern CA, then you might want to check out Ace Hardware in Berkley. I know "A hardware store?", but my understanding is that the owner wanted a loan to start a hobby store. Could not get one but could get one for a hardware store. So he opened a hardware store on the first floor and a hobbystore in the basement. It has your general current kits but also some unusual aircraft and armor kits. Eric
  10. Well for armor I've got Dragon's 1/35 M-16 Halftrack just about ready for paint and Tamiya's 1/48 Austin Tilly about 3/4 done. Eric
  11. Hi Brian, I don't think the question "Why do you model" has been asked before. Anyway, I started probably around 6 or 7. I think the first kit I got was at a Cub Scout Christmas party. Anyway just started building whatever kit I could get in my younger days (with my mom thinking it was a waste of time and money). I stuck with it because I like working with my hands and it gave me things to do in the evenings. Now I model to try and get rid of all the kits I've bought . Actually I find it relaxing. I prefer building US WW2 armor and aircraft but will build just about anything as l
  12. Eric

    Tamiya "new" Matilda????

    I can't say if it's a new tooled or just an updated kit but there were photos on Armorama site of the kit and spruces at a Japan hobby show. Eric
  13. Dick, I just picked up a bottle of "Pledge with Future Shine" to dip some canopies. Worked just like Future did, dried nice and clear. Dreamsof51, What stores have you checked. I checked my local Safeway and they didn't carry it but my local Lucky's did. I am in Northern California, so not sure what markets you have around. Eric
  14. WOW in stealth uniforms :P . Sorry couldn't help myself but can't see any pictures. Eric
  15. PMMS on their "New Kit News" is the list of the new promise kits from DML. One surprise to me was the announcement of an M-3 75mm GMC. Also on Missing Lynx site Steve Zaloga posted a photo of his preproduction kit he had built. Looks great, now if they would only release the promised M-3 Halftrack kit. Eric
  16. Dreamsof51 (interesting name, what's the meaning) Are you sure you arn't mixing SNJ up with Metalizer? It's been a while since I used SNJ but after it dried I had no problem masking or handling it unless I had use the powder already. As to what I am building, it's the NMF parts on a Tachicoma (from the anime "Ghost in the Shell"). Eric
  17. I just used it for the first time last Saturday. Was dry to touch by Sunday evening. But I am not happy with it. I've never been too good at spraying glossy paint jobs and sure enough some parts are glossy but most are not smooth. Not a good thing with NMF paints. I think my next one will be sprayed with SNJ, at least I don't have to prime with that brand. Eric
  18. Flipping channels last night and saw Quantum Leap. I would add that to my list also. In the fantasy area of television shows I would throw in The Muppet Show. Eric
  19. Top three, hum........that's sort of hard. I use to like watching Lost in Space, Voyage to the botom of the sea, and all those other late sixties scifi shows when I was growing up. When I look at it now I can't believe I watched them. So I guess the more recent shows seem better. Star Trek Deep Space 9 Doctor Who (the new series) Star Trek Next Generation Eric
  20. Well if we are going to start with TV shows, the new Doctor Who is right up there. Eric
  21. Mentioned this poll to my son and he was surprised no one had voted for Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan. Also went and saw Dark Knight last night and they had a trailer for a new Hollywood remake of......The Day the Earth Stood Still. Looks like it's a typical current Hollywood remake, bunch of explosions and action. Oh well, maybe it will be so bad that the younger generation will want to see what the orginal was like. Eric
  22. Recieved mine beginning of last week in San Jose, CA. Eric
  23. Okay my top 3 are 1-The Day the Earth Stood Still 2-Gojira(the orginal japanese version of Godzila) 3-Them! Runners up Star Wars (the orginal, what is now called Episode 4) Star Trek, First Contact Terminator Eric
  24. Thanks for the replies. John, thought about ordering direct but have known some people who had the credit card number stolen by ordering from a European contry. Cwentzel, yea I checked Spruce Brothers but they did not seem to carry a very extensive line of the guns in 1/72. Maybe the sets I'm looking for are old and unavailable. Eric
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