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  1. If you have a TAP Plastics near you they carry RTV mold material and 2 part polyurethane resin. I believe I paid around $60 for the mold material and resin. Eric
  2. Frederico, I've tried to download the images but when I do the images are bigger than 1/35. What am I doing wrong. Thanks, Eric
  3. Working on Airfix Banshee kit. Trying to figure out what the landing gear and gear bay color is. The only photos I can find is a restored F2H-2P and it shows an interior green color in the gear bay, red interior surface of gear doors and aluminium gear. I thought that all blue Navy aircraft had the same exterior color on the gear and gear bay. Checking some photos of restored F9F Panthers show some with blue gear and gear bays, while others show blue gear and white interiors, white gear and gear bays or aluminium gear and white gear bays. Anyone have any idea what the Banshee should be. Thanks, Eric
  4. Wish someone would do a new 1/72 or 1/48 F2H-2 Banshee. Working thru the Airfix kit, and it needs some help. Eric
  5. Should of made the topic "What I almost got done for the Nationals" Eric
  6. Well, my wife are arriving on Monday and plan to go to Epcot and Universal studio on Tuesday and Wed. The rest of the convention will depend on what we feel like doing. Eric
  7. Don, Actually it's a 1/43 kit of a GT-350R. Only problem is it has a stock mustang interior, so I've got to cut away the resin and phony up the race interior. Eric
  8. Checked the web but have had no luck. Looking for interior photos of a "65 Shelby GT-350R. I need the race version with all the interior removed. I took some photos back in the '90's at a classic car race but can't locate them. Looking for some idea what I need to make a stripped out interior look like and where the roll bar mounted. Thanks, Eric
  9. 1/24 Shelby Daytona Coupe I know that someone did one in late '80's and there is a resin kit but those are beyond what I want to spend. Eric
  10. Here's my vote Buffy Ripley Iria from Zeiram the Animation (Anime) The Major from Ghost in the Shell series Eric
  11. Well I just spent two weeks in Dallas next to the DFW airport. I had asked the same question just before I went and the only one that was mentioned is M-A-L Hobbies 108 South Lee St., Irving. He does have a website for his hours. The owner was a very nice gentleman. He does not have a huge selection but he does try and get some new kits and he has some older kits on consignment. He does have alot of new aircraft titles in stock. That's it for specific hobby stores, there are some hobby lobbies and hobbytowns around but didn't make it to them. If you get a chance check out the Cavanaugh Flight Museum at the Addison airport. Pretty good collection of aircraft and the CAF's Fifi is also based at the airport. I think you can go see it thru the museum but it was out of town when I went so I'm not sure how they work things out to see it. Eric
  12. Well my two have been done as a vac and resin but not in plastic 1/35 M-103 US heavy tank 1/72 B-32 Eric
  13. Sorry guys, Chris is apparently in NY for work, so I wasn't able to pass the word on. Eric
  14. I should see Chris tonight at our meeting. I'll let him know. Eric
  15. Eric

    I am Batman

    Neat bust, who's the manufacturer? Eric
  16. Working on Tamiya's P-51D kit right now. I know that the top of the wing was primed and painted at the factory but I was wondering about the lower surface. Of the one or 2 photos I can find of WW2 era P-51's it's hard to tell. I think the whole wing was painted but if not where was the demarcation line for the upper to lower wing? Any ideas. Eric
  17. Eric

    Wash that tank Help

    Pappy, Yes, Future is a gloss coat. You can add Tamiya flat to it to make a flat coat (never done it, so you will have to do some experiments). The other choice would be to use an water base flat coat like PollyScale or Testor Arcyl. The oil base wash will not effect the paint job if you have a water base flat over it. Eric
  18. Having judge in a lot of contest (mainly our local contest and others in the area), I've seen quite a few models with info booklets. If during the judging one of the kits that has a booklet makes the finale cut, we usually look at what he's done. Most of the time though we never have the time to look thru it, there are just to many kits to look at in the time we have. As someone who wonders the hall before or after judging I do like to glance thru the info booklets, as long as they are reasonable in length (I remember one book that the guy took a photo every step of the build). Just my two cents, Eric
  19. What I think is a good hobby shop is not the shop itself but the people who own and run the shop. If they are interested in their customers, answer their questions and welcoming to just modelers hanging around and talking, then to me that's a great hobby shop. If it has a good selection of kits and books so much the better. I've been to Brookhurst in So. CA and I think it's call Colpars in Denver, CO. Both have a big selection of kits and books but at both I did not feel welcomed. The workers talked with people who seemed to be regulars but did not bother to say hello or ask if I needed help as I walked in and wandered around. Just my two cents, Eric
  20. Anthony, Sorry I don't know but have you tried some figure specific forums (www.timelinesforum.com is the one I mainly check). They have members around the globe and someone might be able to help locate the figure. Eric
  21. Well according to the photos in Squadron's new walk around book they look like they are silver. But this might be a restored aircraft, so it might be wrong. Still I would probably go with silver. Eric
  22. Mike, I believe there is something in the rules for the IPMS National contest about kits attached to a base. I find at my local club contest it helps when judging armor, we can turn the kit around and view it from all angles without touching the kit. I've mounted some of my armor kits to bases. As to aircraft I don't think it's a problem to judge unless it has very little ground clearance. Some judges might think you're trying to hide a flaw. My two cents, Eric
  23. Tamiya's 1/48 P-51 D Mustang in PTO markings. Eric
  24. Eric

    Series 77 figure

    I keep trying to get that figure. The only luck I've had finding it is on E-bay. Never had a winning bid on it. Eric
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