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  1. I tried it once but left residue on the kit when I removed it. Eric
  2. Thanks all, looks like I save 6 bucks. Eric
  3. A member of my local club mentioned this product. Found it at a local gaming store but at $6 for a small container thought I would check if anyone else had an opinion about it. Thanks, Eric
  4. According to Wikipedia Marvel comics gained the trademark in the late sixties. According to the timeline there has been a number of female Captain Marvels in the history of the series. Eric
  5. Never mind. Should have looked at the profiles in the book. Found it there. Eric
  6. Started reading Chris's new book on the 362nd fighter group. Had a photo of Jim Ashford's P-47 Okole Maluna. Remembered that there was a set of decals for this aircraft in the Journal. Found the decals but no drawings. Unfortunately I downsized my library when I moved and gave all my back issues of the Journal to members in my club. Wondering if someone could scan the article and any drawings for me. I think it was like Volume 7 of the Journal. Thanks, Eric
  7. I am working on Hobbycraft's kit of the F-89 and their decals don't include any of the placards or step markings. Anyone have a sheet from Revell's kit they don't need? Eric
  8. I mainly use Tamiya paints with some enamels and trying to figure out when it's too cold to airbrush them. Just moved to Wisconsin from California. During the winters in CA could still get warm (around 60) enough days that I could keep going on projects. So far in Oct. had a few days 60 or above but it's starting to stay below 60. I know I'm not going to try to airbrush below 40 but would above 50 still work? Thanks, Eric
  9. Picked up the 15 x 20 paint booth and just put it together. Looks like I'm going to need an extra light source. The product description says an under the cabin light fixture can be fitted. Has anyone done this and how did you mount it. Thanks, Eric
  10. Thinking about buy the 15 x 20 standard paint booth from Micro Mark. Any own one and have a opinion about it. Thanks, Eric
  11. Filled out the change of address form but when I hit submit the next page that comes up shows a box with what looks like problems with the form. Not sure if the form is working. Is their an e-mail I can send a change of address to just to be sure. Eric
  12. This might sound like sacrilege to some but I had all my issues since I started in 1975 as well as some earlier issues I had picked up along the way. Wife and I are planning on moving across the US and I sat down to pack them up. As I started going thru them I realized that I had not looked at any of the old issues of Quarterly, Update or the Journal in at least 5 years. Decided I didn't need to take the cross country if I wasn't using them, so I took them to my IPMS club and let anyone who wanted them have them. Also doing the same thing with my old AMPS Boresight, MMiR and Fine Scale Modeler magazines I had. Never really realize how much room they took up. Eric
  13. Wife and I are planning on moving across the US this summer. Any suggestion on moving built kits. Thanks, Eric
  14. Eric

    raised panel lines

    One of our members in our club painted the raised panel lines black. He then painted the aircraft Olive drab. After it had dried he lightly sanded the panel lines to exposed the black paint. It looked really good and sounded very easy. Eric
  15. I agree with Gil. It took me awhile to find the Chapters map when I was looking. Also there used to be a list of foreign IPMS websites that was useful but I don't find that anywhere. Eric
  16. Eric

    Academy M-36 done

    Finished Academy's M-36 kit. Personal opinion, pass on this kit. Interior in the hull is not correct for an M-36 and the turret interior parts are not installed correctly. I also believe the turret is the wrong size and shape (cannot confirm as I cannot find a decent overhead drawing of the vehicle). Also the kit represents an diesel M-36B2 and not the gasoline version used in ETO. Anyway added some resin stowage to the turret and a Tasca 50 cal. Did do some work on the interior as well to try and get things right. Painted as a M-35 during the Battle of the Bulge. Eric
  17. Looks like you have some 3D printed phone box and exhaust screen. Who makes those? Eric
  18. Planning on using a set of Panda Plastics T54E1 tracks and duck bills I've got in my stash. Eric
  19. Looking good. I just started an early M-50 as well. Mine is an Dragon M4A4 hull with a Formations turret. Eric
  20. Eric

    Tamiyas M4A3 E8

    I have not built the kit but one of our club members has (he has also built the Dragon kit). He said the suspension was way easier than Dragons and looked just as good. Eric
  21. I've had the same reaction using Future as well as Alclad clear coat gloss. I think the issue might be that Microset and sol use ammonia in it's formula and ammonia attacks water based products. I do use a second coat of clear after I decal and it seems to clear up the cloudiness issue. Eric
  22. I think the kit was by AMT. It was a 1/16 (I think) kit of Shelby 427 Cobra. I don't know what the used as a reference. One of the prominent item on the body is the oil cooler scope in the front, totally missing from the kit. The engine parts really didn't match up well. It had dual carbs but the way they were installed didn't make any sense. Finally just tossed the kit, wasn't worth the time to try and fix it. Eric
  23. First store I remember having models was a department store in my home town. A little while later I found a true hobbyshop that really got me into modeling. Eric
  24. UMM-USA at http://www.umm-usa.com/ and roll models http://www.rollmodels.com/ carries Pavla. Not sure if they have the set you want Eric
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