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  1. Ryan, Just got a note from my brother, SVSM is schedule to meet Sept. 17 at the Milpitas Police Department community room starting at 7:30PM. Masks are required. Eric
  2. Don't live in the area anymore but I know that last month they met at Game Kastle in San Jose on the 3rd Thursday. Spoke with my brother who reserves the room at the MPD and he said the first available date was in Sept. for the 3rd Friday. Eric
  3. There is Silicon Valley Scale Modelers in San Jose and Fremont Hornets in Fremont. Not sure of their meeting schedules right now, the last time I looked at the SVSM facebook page it hadn't been updated since last year. Eric
  4. The second page didn't bother me too much, might be a tad too blue. What about a more pale blue color. Eric
  5. When I've used it I added a dollop of white glue to the mix. It helped with adhering to the base. Eric
  6. Had to replace my decals from the kit. Polar lights sent me replacement sheet but I guess they up dated their decal sheet. I believe I've figured out where decals 49 go but have no clue where decal 45 is suppose to go. Does anyone have the instructions for the latest issue and can post or e-mail me a scan of the decal instructions. Thanks, Eric
  7. Just curious. I renew back in the beginning of November but as of today have not received a new card. I know things are messed up due to Covid but just want to make sure the payment went thru. Eric
  8. Very nice. What did you use for the snow on the vehicles? Eric
  9. Not really effecting me, just lowering the amount of stash I've got. But was wondering about how this is going to effect some of the websites I visit. Noted one saying that he was short $1500 of support money compared to last year. Wondering how many of the websites we visit won't be around next year. Eric
  10. Been looking for a source of 1/35 pots, pan and coffee pots either in plastic, resin or white metal. I've previously had used H & R metals but can't find anyone who carries the line. Did find their website but minimum order is $25 and I don't need that much stuff. Tried asking on an other forum and people have mentioned Miniart but their sets don't have what I'm looking for (plus the price to buy a set for one item is not practical). Didn't someone make a field kitchen kit in 1/35? If so, did it included pots and pans? Someone also mentioned some doll house stuff is close to 54mm size but it seems like all I can locate is 1/24 or larger doll house furnishings. Anyone know of a good source? Eric
  11. Thanks all. I drain the tank on my compressor after every use. I've got a 10 ft. section of hose to air my car's tire so maybe I'll install it then my trap before connecting to airbrush. Eric
  12. This is the second full summer since moving to Wisconsin. The last two weeks has seen temps in the 80's or better with humidity above 70%, long range forecast doesn't show any improvement . I know not to bother trying to airbrush when it's in the mid 80's and above but never dealt with humidity this high. How does humidity affect airbrushing? If it's about water from the compressor does installing a water trap inline fix the problem. Got 4 paint projects I'd like to move forward with but even if I try at 7 AM I'm still dealing with humidity in the 70 % or more. Thanks, Eric
  13. Thanks for the input about the base color for the ship. The color guide with the kit says to use Duck Egg Blue for the two large panel on the upper aft of the hull and for the large panel on the lower aft of the hull. From all the photos I can find it looks more of a bluish gray color not Duck Egg Blue. Maybe it should be the Intermediate Blue but that looks to Blue compared to what photos I've seen. Don't really want to mess around mixing paints, so wondered what anyone else used for these panels. Eric
  14. Having just primed my 1/1000 kit of the Reliant and looking it over for defects, I realized how deep the panel lines on the saucer section are and how deep they would be in actual size. Planning on using Polar Lights Aztec decal sheet and wondered how well the would work on the current surface. So even though it was suppose to be an easy project I now am thinking about filling the panel lines ( as the AMS Borg would say: Resistance is futile) So just wondering what other builders have done. Eric
  15. Managed to pickup Polar Lights 1/1000 USS Reliant kit at an auction really cheap. Since I got so cheap I bought the Polar Lights Aztec decal set for the kit. Had hope the decal set would give a better paint guide, no such luck. Kit instructions say to paint the kit white but I'm not sure that's the right color, I'm thinking something more on the lines of off white. Also, looking at some photos of the ship online the recommended colors don't quite match up. Anyone know of a good site for the color scheme for the ship or how they painted the kit? Thanks, Eric
  16. That's neat. Really like the diorama you did as well. Eric
  17. My thoughts as to the reason some regionals are two days and some are one is the cost of renting the venue, cost of a hotel room (and if they can get a discount for the rooms) and what there is to do in the area. I know at my old club in the bay area of California it was really hard to find a venue that didn't break the bank for the club just for our one day contest. I realize that California is not the normal for costs but still that's the main issue for clubs. Also if there is nothing to do outside hanging around a contest for 2 days I would just go for 1 day. Yes, you can say there are seminars but still if none interest me then I won't go for 2 days. There is also the issue of getting enough volunteers to run a 2 day contest. I've only been to one contest in the area I currently live in but still at that one they were still having trouble finding enough people to judge the contest. I joined a team so we had 3 people but at times had only 2 because of one person being entered in a category we had to judge. Just my two cents. Eric
  18. I tried it once but left residue on the kit when I removed it. Eric
  19. Thanks all, looks like I save 6 bucks. Eric
  20. A member of my local club mentioned this product. Found it at a local gaming store but at $6 for a small container thought I would check if anyone else had an opinion about it. Thanks, Eric
  21. According to Wikipedia Marvel comics gained the trademark in the late sixties. According to the timeline there has been a number of female Captain Marvels in the history of the series. Eric
  22. Never mind. Should have looked at the profiles in the book. Found it there. Eric
  23. Started reading Chris's new book on the 362nd fighter group. Had a photo of Jim Ashford's P-47 Okole Maluna. Remembered that there was a set of decals for this aircraft in the Journal. Found the decals but no drawings. Unfortunately I downsized my library when I moved and gave all my back issues of the Journal to members in my club. Wondering if someone could scan the article and any drawings for me. I think it was like Volume 7 of the Journal. Thanks, Eric
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