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  1. Welcome Aboard.....Just hop on it's a fun ride... Texas
  2. Very Nice......You did a great job on the weathering and the over all build.. Texas
  3. Looking Good Steve....Keep up the great job your doing. Texas
  4. It Looks Great For A Twenty Four Hour Build... Texas
  5. Very Nice.......You did a fine job on it...Really like your paint work. Texas
  6. Nice Looking Model....You did a fine job on it and I like it on the stand. Texas
  7. Great Looking Model......Really nice job all the way around. Texas
  8. Very Nice....You did a a great job on it. Texas
  9. Looks like a great 2010 start for the factory. You are building some interresting models. Texas
  10. Looking Really Good....That driver figure sure adds a lot to the model.. Texas
  11. Thanks.....I used Model Master Dark Anodonic Gray Buffing Metalizer paint on the body. Texas
  12. Thanks for the posative comments and the info on the license plate. I may have to add a front one to stay out of trouble with the law. Here's a couple of photos of the interior before it was installed. If you would like to see the on line build of this model you can find it on The Golden Spread Modelers web sight in the In Progress Section. Just follow the link in my signature area on this page. Texas
  13. This is my take on the Revell 32 Ford Five Window Coupe, The top was chopped four scale inches and the front end was lowered four scale inches. The finders were bob-ed and the wheels modified to look like stock reverse ones.I used a 327 Chevy engine from a AMT Nova kit and scratch built the headers The entire kit was painted using Model Master Metalizer paints except for some details. Texas
  14. Looks Very Nice......A great job on the weathering... Texas
  15. I don't know if you have thought of it but EBay has a O scale RR category that is very informative as to whats out there and sometimes some unique items as well. Texas
  16. Looks Very Nice.....I do like the Red with the White accents on that black frame.. Texas
  17. Looks Good........Mine are never perfect eather but it's all for the fun of building... Texas
  18. Oh Yes thats a great shade of red. That rig should really stand out. Texas
  19. Texas

    Yet another Corsair

    Looking Good.....Hang in there and you will figure it out. Texas
  20. I use a one car garadge as my modeling room . I is insulated and has heat and AC from the central unit so I usually don't have any trouble modeling winter or summer. Texas
  21. That's Really Starting To Take Shape......Looking Good To. Texas
  22. Really Nice........Looks like it's going together really good. Texas
  23. Welcome Aboard....... Texas
  24. It's really starting to take shape and looking very nice....Keep up the good job your doing. Texas
  25. Thanks...I used Microsoft Word and Adobe Photo Shop to size the decals until I got them to fit. I then printed them off on a ink jet printer. I used white decal paper for the Texas state shape and clear for the letters. You can see the complete build on our clubs web sight forum shone in my signature box below. Texas
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