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  1. As both a modeler and a quilter, I can say that the hobbies are equally enjoyable. About the space thing...well, we have a 500 square foot hobby room which started out equally divided. Half contained Les' ship kits & modeling area. Half housed my figure modeling work space & quilting area. However, as my figure kits, library and sewing materials stash expands - along with a new fancy quilting machine - so has my space - which now includes about 2/3 of the room. May have to build on an addition to the house just for Les.... Patti
  2. Nice work! I love the character of the face. The base really is a match for the figure - good job!
  3. Welcome Bob! Glad you've joined the forum - it can keep you occupied until the kits arrive. (As if building a new home isn't enough!) :lol: Patti
  4. Welcome, Charles! With all the snow and "inside weather" in Wisconsin, you're getting a lot of modeling done this time of year, right? :lol: How about posting some of your work for us? Oh, and be sure to check out the Member Gallery and submit pictures there, too. (In fact, deadline for March is this Sunday, February 28.) Larry will be glad to get the submission & we would all enjoy seeing your model work! Patti
  5. I'm new to the forum, so thought I would post some of my work. Comments and critiques are greatly appreciated!
  6. Thanks for the Welcome Wagon, Clare. How do I submit photos?
  7. Hello everyone. I registered in order to follow forum threads, which I find quite interesting & informative. I have been modeling - painting figures - for over thirty years, and have been a club member of North Olympic Peninsula Modelers' Society (NOPMS), IPMS chapter, for six years. I'm looking forward to "meeting" modelers through the threads and learning more about this hobby that we all enjoy. A good day to you all! Per your requests, here is a picture of one of my latest models.
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