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  1. The Saggin'Dragon was a F-80C of the 16th Fighter Interceptor Squadron that came to grief when it made a wheels up landing at K-13 during 1951. Here is a better photo of the tail. Texas
  2. I am new here but have been building models since the early 50s. This is my last completed model. A Czech Model 1/32 scale F-80C. I used a AM cockpit and exhaust pipe from Harold at AMS. The gear legs are the metal ones I ordered from Sprue Brothers. The wheel wells and speed brakes were detailed using Evergreen and bits from the spars box. It was painted using Testors paints and the NMF is Alclad II. The decals are kit supplied. Texas
  3. Hi Steve.....It's funny that we both decited to sign up here on the same day. Texas
  4. Just want to say Hello. I am Mike Allen from Amarillo, Texas USA. I was a IPMS member from 1978 until 2004. I droped out when our local model club was unable to keep it's charter because we lacked sufficient IPMS members. A couple of months ago we had some renewed interrest in the club to get re-charted and I signed on again. The Golden Spread Modelers is now a charted chapter and I for one am glad to be back. I am a old retired Welder & Machinist that started building models before they were plastic ones. I am a member of two local model clubs, The Golden Spread Modelers and The Top O Texas Car Modelers. I enjoy build all types of plastic models, going to club meetings and contest when possible. Texas
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