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  1. It will probably be awhile before I get to it. I also have the Testor’s kit and will probably build them together. I’ve been in contact with the folks at SAC. They’ll have a landing gear kit for it in February or March.
  2. I got the new ICM OV-10A Bronco from kitlinx.com last week. It looks like it will go together well. On page 24 of the instructions a drawing of canopy masks is shown. Don't go looking for them. I filled out a support form on the ICM website & got this response from them today: Dear Nick, Thanks for your request. They are mask templates in instruction that are just printed on paper. It is up to you to make a copy or cut them from the instructions and glue on the parts before painting. Hope my info will help you. Best regards, Daryna Support manager I'll be using Tamiya tape instead of "gluing" paper copies to the canopy.
  3. I'm with Ralph. The Donegan Optivisor is a very good choice. I've had 1 for over 40 years with their #7 (2.75X, 6" focal length) lens set. It works very well for modeling.
  4. Have any of ya'll built the Modelsvit XP-55 Ascender & used the Scale Aircraft Conversions landing gear & nose wheel well kit? The nose wheel well in the SAC set I received is about 1/8th short. I contacted SAC. They're sending me a mailing label & will recast a new wheel well for me. They indicated it looked like Modelsvit replaced the kit wheel well with a resin part. The gray piece in the photo was cut off sprue E. No resin in the kit. I've been emailing Ross at SAC about the problem with the nose wheel well part. It appears they made their molds from the original version of the kit. Modelsvit re-did the sprue with the wheel well to correct the length.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions everybody. Now I just have to decide which color to use.
  6. Can anybody confirm that the wheel wells of the XP-55 were actually yellow? The Modelsvit instructions show Humbrol 81 Pale Yellow which I assume to be zinc chromate yellow is the color to be used. I haven't found any pictures online in color that show the wheel wells.
  7. I'm with Mark. Very nicely done. I also have 1 in my stash with plans to mark it for VP-30. I spent a couple years with the squadron while they were at Patuxent River 67-70 as a still photographer.
  8. Thanks, Mike. I'll have to check those companies out.
  9. Many years ago, 1 of the decal companies produced sheets of stripes; various colors & widths. They were very good quality, dense colors, thin, & easy to apply. Does anybody know if sheets of stripes are available now? I'm looking for red, yellow, black, white, blue, & possibly green.
  10. Did you scan the negative or have it scanned? I have a number of 4X5 negs that I would like to have scanned.
  11. I have a T.O. 1-1-4 that has the F-4 SEA color scheme. If you’d like a copy of the whole T. O., I can email it to you.
  12. You might email Jim Stepanek (IMcrazyjim@aol.com). He’s the region coordinator for Florida & can give you all the information.
  13. Great comments, David. I helped photograph the aircraft entered in the 2015 Nationals in Columbus. There were so many excellent models, choosing the winners had to have been difficult. I remember hearing some of those comments & thinking why weren't you in there judging.
  14. Thanks, Gil. I'll have to give your technique a try.
  15. Outstanding work, Gil. I'm constantly amazed at how good the tires/wheels turn out on your aircraft. What's your secret?
  16. I was assigned to the 48FIS at Langley 1985-1986. We had 2 T-birds. The cheat line on both was the same blue as the arrow on the wing tip tanks. I purchased the Caracal sheet & emailed them with a photo of the birds when I noticed the black cheat line. Their response was too bad. We’re not correcting it. I have both the old Testor’s & GWH kits. The GWH kit has the correct cheat line. I have never seen a 48th T-33 with a black cheat line. The squadron admin office had hundreds of slides of their F-106’s, T-33’s, & F-15’s. There were no black cheat lines on any of them. Again, excellent job on the kit. I wouldn’t repaint it either.
  17. Well done. My only comment is the cheat line is the wrong color. It should be blue not black.
  18. I'm with the Duke. Excellent work on polishing the canopy. Hope you'll post how you mask the canopy & paint it.
  19. Very nice build, Gil, even if it is a Marine bird ;}. One thing I've noticed on a lot of Scooter builds is there is no step at the back where the slats sit. The slats actually sit on top of the wing. Why all the manufacturers haven't corrected that error is beyond me.
  20. Lookin’ good, Duke. You & Ron Bell seem to love the braille scale armor.
  21. B&H Photo has the same case for much less money & offers free expedited shipping. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ntt=Pelican™ 1510 Equipment Case&N=0&InitialSearch=yes&sts=ma I usually get items shipped from New York to Arizona in 3 days. I have a couple Pelican cases for my camera gear. They are 2nd to none for quality & packing security.
  22. I have an ICM 1/48th scale O-2A Skymaster that I've managed to mangle both props (parts A15 & 16) & part A54. I emailed icm@icm.com.ua 2 weeks ago asking how to get replacement parts. Still haven't gotten a reply. Anybody have an idea how to get the parts?
  23. If Dave can’t find his, I think I have a set. I found my copy. Send me your email address & I'll send you a copy.
  24. I received the September/October issue a couple months ago. Not sure what's happening. Hope 1 of the guys on the e board will have an answer.
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