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  1. I'm with the Duke. Excellent work on polishing the canopy. Hope you'll post how you mask the canopy & paint it.
  2. Very nice build, Gil, even if it is a Marine bird ;}. One thing I've noticed on a lot of Scooter builds is there is no step at the back where the slats sit. The slats actually sit on top of the wing. Why all the manufacturers haven't corrected that error is beyond me.
  3. Lookin’ good, Duke. You & Ron Bell seem to love the braille scale armor.
  4. B&H Photo has the same case for much less money & offers free expedited shipping. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ntt=Pelican™ 1510 Equipment Case&N=0&InitialSearch=yes&sts=ma I usually get items shipped from New York to Arizona in 3 days. I have a couple Pelican cases for my camera gear. They are 2nd to none for quality & packing security.
  5. I have an ICM 1/48th scale O-2A Skymaster that I've managed to mangle both props (parts A15 & 16) & part A54. I emailed icm@icm.com.ua 2 weeks ago asking how to get replacement parts. Still haven't gotten a reply. Anybody have an idea how to get the parts?
  6. If Dave can’t find his, I think I have a set. I found my copy. Send me your email address & I'll send you a copy.
  7. I received the September/October issue a couple months ago. Not sure what's happening. Hope 1 of the guys on the e board will have an answer.
  8. Thanks for the responses everybody. I obtained some flux from the tech at work who does a lot of soldering. I guess a LOT of practice is in the offing.
  9. Do any of our esteemed colleagues have a preferred method of prepping PE for soldering & painting. I've heard soaking the fret in white vinegar helps remove any residual oils so paint adheres better. Anybody have any other advice?
  10. My welcome as well, Chuck. There are quite a few of us who got started when we were young & came back later in life. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. That’s part of what we’re here for.
  11. Looking good, Mark. It's taken me 3 months to get a Monogram 1/48th scale F-106 to the point where I'm almost ready to glue the fuselage halves together.
  12. Interesting idea, Pete. I've never heard of Woods's metal before. I found it on amazon.com but, it looks like a rather small amount. Any idea where it can be found locally?
  13. Thanks Mark. That's about what I expected. BTW I've been using self-adhesive wheel weights for a couple years. They are in ¼ ounce segments and can be pounded very thin & folded/molded into almost any shape you need.
  14. Work at Batteries Plus in Chandler, AZ. We're considered essential so, we've been open since the beginning. Early on we reduced our hours a couple hours a day. No we're back to business as usual. The retail side dropped off for awhile but have slowly come back. Commercial sales have actually risen beyond what they were this time last year. I've been working more hours because some of our folks decided they didn't want to risk the chance of exposure. My model building has never been prolific. I have 2 kits waiting for the temperature to drop during the day so I can airbrush in my shed (Phoenix set records for the most 100 degree plus & 110 degree plus days this summer as well as 1" of rain for 1 of the driest monsoon seasons on record) and a Monogram F-106 on the bench. It hasn't affected my buying much. I already have most of the kits I want(very limited stash storage space) so most of what I have purchased is paint, resin, & PE.
  15. I'm very slowly building a Monogram 1/48th scale F-106. Any of you that have built either the Monogram or Trumpeter kit recall how much nose weight you used? It probably won't be very much as the main gear is set fairly far back on the airframe.
  16. nmertes

    Monogram F-106

    Thanks for the information, Richard. I'll have to get some.
  17. nmertes

    Monogram F-106

    The P-51's are put away for awhile. I pulled out the Monogram & Trumpeter F-106 kits to finish in 48FIS markings. I have Detail & Scale markings that Bert sent me when I was with the 48th 1983-1985. The Monogram seat has good detail but, it's all molded in. The Trumpeter seat consists of 6 parts with no harness or other detail on the seat and there are 2 complete seats in the kit. PE harness is included but has to be painted the correct colors. Eduard to the rescue. Set 49714 was designed for the Trumpeter kit. Most of it should work with some careful modifications. I'm reasonably satisfied with how the seat turned out other than I got too much glue in several places. I tried using CA but, couldn't get parts settled where I wanted them before it setup. Ultra Glue from Ammo by Mig seems to work just fine. It gives the extended working time I like to get pieces settled where/how I want them. The seat now consists of 21 pieces. The 2 small hook pieces on side of the head rest are flattened solder. The PE parts were gobbled up by the floor monster.
  18. I keep wondering where you come up with all these unusual kits & conversions. All very nicely done. Encouraging just to see your work.
  19. You’ll get lots of good suggestions from this crowd. My favorite is Sprue Brothers (spruebrothers.com). I’ve never had them show an item in stock & then find out they didn’t have it. That has happened several times with squadron.com. There are a number of good overseas online stores but, you have to be prepared for very lengthy shipping times. I’ve had orders take as long as 6 weeks to get here from Eastern Europe.
  20. Follow-up on my previous post about Ludwig's Modelers Library. It appears to be back up & working. Not sure what happened but, it's back. The instructions for the Monogram F-106 aren't there but, if you're looking for instructions for almost any kit, check it out http://www.cavallar.ch/model/.
  21. Outstanding work, Rick. I'm curious. How thick was the aluminum and how did you get the panel lines so straight?
  22. It looks like archive.org saved www.cavallar.ch/model 11 times over the last 5 years. All they have is the home page. There is no link to the instructions.
  23. Instructions are posted for SOME kits on Scalemates. Just not the Monogram F-106. If you click on the box art picture & scroll down past the timeline, there is a link to a downloadable copy of the instructions. I checked several other kits in my stash & they show instructions available.
  24. I have my stash cataloged on Scalemates, Someone on the Monogram Scale Models facebook page mentioned Scalemates. I'll try the facebook group.
  25. I've had responses from some folks on modeling facebook pages with the same result, Gil. It looks like Ludwig took the library down. Not sure what happened. Somebody mentioned that scalemates.com has kit instructions. I haven't figured out how to get to that page.
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