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  1. We have plenty for the room count, but I’ll make sure everyone paying the convention rate counts
  2. The room block is gone. There were still a handful of Thursday-Saturday rooms. Plenty of rooms in the newly renovated Marriott. There is also a Hampton Inn and a Comfort Suites across the street. It’s amazing how quickly it all happened. I understand people who called reservations for the Embassy got the rate early. That’s not the way it was supposed to work and I apologize for that. There are still a lot really nice rooms available onsite and across the street. Scott
  3. Embassy is having an issue. The link was fine Wednesday, broke Thursday afternoon. I can get to the the Embassy easy, but the rates are wrong. They are working the problem. I fixed the dead 2017 link to the Hampton Inn
  4. http://www.ipmsusa2022.com/index.cfm?mode=home I was just there. Right now the Embassy is showing a bad rate. When we tested earlier this week II was good. Something happened yesterday. The hotel is aware and is working it. I’ll update you when I have news.
  5. Nats_2022.pdfHere's a pdf on the 2022 convention for those wanting more information.
  6. The website IPMSUSA2022.COM will go live tomorrow morning just before 0800 Central time.
  7. Friday morning at 0800 we will launch the website ipmsusa2022.com and you can begin making hotel reservations. The hotel links are live, so this is the best way to make the links available to everyone at the same time. The website is still a work in progress, so for the time being its simply your portal to the hotel links. There are two links-one for each hotel. Each link will take you directly to registration for that hotel. The good news is there is a five-dollar price reduction on both hotels. The Embassy is now $157 a night and the Marriot $137. There are some taxes added to those base rates. Base rates for our convention time are $289 and $319 so these are good deals! In 2017 both hotels sold out in three days so don’t hesitate. There are two additional hotels just across the street. If you are driving, you’re two minutes away from 1700 free parking spaces. They are comparably priced. Comfort Suites La Vista – Omaha Hampton Inn & Suites Omaha Southwest-La Vista Good Luck and we’ll see everyone in Omaha July 20-23, 2022
  8. Tuesday we don't start until the afternoon, bright and early Wednesday morning. Their are carts, the path isn't long, and the there will be help.
  9. We'll have a restaurant list at the convention so enjoy exploring Omaha
  10. Vendors are setting up on Tuesday and Wednesday. Drop me an email Scott.hackney@cox.net if you need more information.
  11. Drop me an email scott.hackney@cox.net Chairman 2017 IPMS NATIONAL CONVENTION
  12. The cow on the roof is Anthony's. A good reasonably priced steakhouse. My wife has put together list of the best restaurants of all varieties that will be available at the convention for your dining pleasure. Scott
  13. We had to close the tours for a bunch of reasons. Yes the base has to do a security check and we are contacting those people now. We also needed to contract the buses. The zoo tour we aren't getting a break on the ticket price. It's a great zoo and I highly recommend it. Go on Friday early and enjoy. Stop by and chat with myself or my wife if you want any tips. Scott
  14. Mark, I've got you two. Send me a PM and I'll tell you my tail. Scott Hackney
  15. There are some rooms available due to cancellations and the convention rate should apply. If you can't get the convention rate book anyway and reach out to me through the convention website and I should be able to fix it. I haven't failed yet. You can always cancel. The Embassy has the breakfast and Marriot doesn't. The Marriot is also less expensive. It was a choice. Scott Hackney 2017 Convention Chairman
  16. Hi Tim, yes you could. I would tell you the packages get slimmer every year. Most manufacturers depend on the internet now so we have very little to stuff in the bags. Books are too expensive as well. The spare pins by popular demand will be on sale at the desk and Spruebrothers should have the Decals on sale a couple days after the event. It's a Fabulous decal of Vietnam Sam Killers in two scales in you're in to such things. Scott Hackney 2017 Convention Chairman
  17. Hi folks, there will be plenty of seats for viewing the awards presentation in a separate room. Just as in 2011 we will broadcast the awards presentation into a room that seats between 150-200 people right across from the contest room. Bring your popcorn and enjoy the show! Scott Hackney 2017 Convention Chairman
  18. We are working with Embassy on such a mechanism. Standby for news Scott
  19. Folks the Embassy is sold out! All 250 rooms went by Saturday afternoon. The Courtyard has about 75 rooms left. These are the two attached hotels. There are three other hotels across the street (one under construction) so there's no shortage of rooms. We will work with those hotels for rates. The Vendors Room is also approaching a sellout with over 300 tables sold and less than 30 tables left. We are amazed and humbled by the response to Going Downtown. To have this kind of response from both the vendors and the members is fantastic. Let us know if we can be of help. The website is up ipmsusa2017.com Scott Hackney Chairman
  20. Haven't seen your email yet. I'm getting lots of email at Omahabythesea@cox.net. Please try again. Thanks Scott
  21. Lots of us here. Drop me an email at omahabythesea.com and I'll hook you up. Scott Hackney Chairman, 2011 IPMS National Convention
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