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  1. I agree with Jim. IF the force majeure clause contract between IPMS and the venue does not include broad language allowing IPMS to cancel without penalty in the event that circumstances APPEAR that attendance will be way down, the IPMS leadership is obligated to let this ride in hopes that a government agency imposes a restriction that gives them an escape without penalty. IF there is a broad-language force major clause that allows them to cancel if it appears that attendance will be way down, I don't see how they could publicly say "don't come" - as this statement by the leadership could be seen by a legal eagle as CAUSING the attendance to go down, thus nullifying the majeure protections. However, if they remain silent, and simply present to the venue the figures that IPMS has regarding cancellations, and that the venue sees itself in cancellations, the two entities may agree to allow cancellation without penalty. That is the reason that I cancelled my reservation as soon as I decided it was too risky for me to be there. In the event none of these things play out, there is always the option for the leadership to cancel a few days out and take the financial hit. Will this inconvenience some members, yes, some even financially, but the leadership has an obligation to look after the interests of the organization as a whole, even if they know doing so will present hardships for some members individually. Selling books, people handle the books, we handle the books, the next person handles the books, plenty of chances for passing the virus around. While we do take precautions, there is always an element of risk, and that we try to minimize. Tight quarters for vendors, and the attitude of some vendors (and buyers) of, "I'm not taking any precautions because I don't want to," means that no longer can I simply refuse to serve those that I feel are putting me at risk, the close quarters means just being there is risky to me. Back in March Denise and I drove from Memphis to Michigan for a show, and literally the day we got into town, the show was cancelled (Wednesday before a Saturday event). Was this inconvenient for us - you bet. Was it the right call on the part of the show leadership? Absolutely, and the frustration for the inconvenience to us was over in ten minutes, but the feeling for them making the right call remains - and we'll go back. Regards, David Doyle www.DavidDoyleBooks.com
  2. Hi Jim, Nor am I an attorney. That said, in the case of my event, we typically have a significant international attendance. As that is not possible presently, that "...materially affects a party's ability to perform..." I'd further plea that given the social distancing standards established by CDC, coupled with the high percentage of "high risk" membership of the group, that further affects an ability to perform. That said, all this is immaterial, since we've not seen the IPMS contract, and we aren't lawyers - but hopefully someone has looked into this area. PS: I'd still REALLY like to know the dates for the coming Omaha convention. Best, David www.DavidDoyleBooks.com
  3. First, I want to make it very clear that I sympathize with the plight of IPMS, and in particular with the host group. Further, I am not in a position to offer an informed opinion about the IPMS 2020 convention without seeing the actual contract with the venue. However, I do have an oversight position with a couple of other international conventions. For one of them, our host hotel is also a Hilton-brand property (as is the San Marcos Embassy Suite), albeit in another town. Here is the key clause for my group's contract: FORCE MAJEURE: Should events beyond the control of the Hotel/Venue or Group, such as acts of God, war, strike, civil disorder, curtailment or interruption of transportation facilities, threats or acts of terrorism or similar acts, State Department travel advisory, civil disturbance, or any other emergency of a comparable nature beyond the parties‟ control, making it impossible, illegal or which materially affects a party‟s ability to perform its obligations under this Agreement as they relate to the Meeting, such party may cancel the Agreement without liability upon written notice to the other party. In the event Group decides to hold its Meeting despite such circumstances, the Hotel shall waive any fees related to a reduced-sized Meeting (including any room and food and beverage attrition fees and any function space rental fees) and shall offer the Group‟s guests any lower room rate offered to guests during the contracted dates. Is it safe to assume that it has been confirmed that there is no similar clause in the San Marcos contract? On other fronts, is the date for the 2022 IPMS convention known? Respectfully, David Doyle
  4. I see (at least on my computer) that the IPMS home page is promoting the 2019 convention - any ideas when the 2020 convention will move into such a place of prominence? Regards, David Doyle
  5. Thanks for the information. Since I'll be lugging in 8 tables worth of books (and racks) - some of which have never before been seen, I hope to get at least in before it gets TOO hot! Best, David www.DavidDoyleBooks.com
  6. Hi guys, I would have sworn that at some point I saw published the days and time for vendor set up - and now I can't find it. Has anyone else done a better job of keeping up with this? Thanks! Sincerely, David Doyle www.DavidDoyleBooks.com
  7. Greetings friends, In order to fund the research for a new book, I am offering special pricing on some combination packages of book now in stock. For the aviation enthusiast we have a Cold War Warriors combo, featuring my books on the B-36 and B-58 bombers, and the F-104 and F-105 fighters - an over $80 retail value for only $44.95. For the military vehicle enthusiast, the special is my two-volume (1100+ pages) set of Dodge truck books PLUS my 504-page volume on the GMC CCKW - all for $144.99! The Dodge volumes start with the pre-WWII VC-series trucks and go up through and include the M37 family of vehicles used through the Vietnam War. List price of these books is about 200 bucks, so this is a substantial savings (and near my cost). VERY limited quantities of these combinations are available - and when they sell out the the sale will end - sorry, no rainchecks. Please check out this and other specials on my website www.DavidDoyleBooks.com Denise and I hope each of you have a very Merry Christmas! Sincerely, David Doyle
  8. Just in time for the holidays, a special purchase has allowed us to put together our best price ever on my DUKW and CCKW books. Quantities are limited, so don’t hesitate in taking advantage of this limited time, never to be repeated deal! Visit www.DavidDoyleBooks.com Happy Thanksgiving to all! Sincerely, David and Denise Doyle
  9. I am pleased to say that my new F-104 Starfighter in Action has been released. Featuring over 60 vintage color photos, 100+ black and white photos, plus artwork. Introductory price is $15 at ahttp://www.daviddoylebooks.com Have a great weekend! Sincerely, David Doyle
  10. Thanks for the info! See ya'll there. David
  11. The IPMS website says that the vendor tables are 8 feet by 24 inches, whilst another vendor has told me that they are actually 30 inches wide. Can anyone confirm the actual dimensions? Any help appreciated. Sincerely, David Doyle
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