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  1. I see (at least on my computer) that the IPMS home page is promoting the 2019 convention - any ideas when the 2020 convention will move into such a place of prominence? Regards, David Doyle
  2. Thanks for the information. Since I'll be lugging in 8 tables worth of books (and racks) - some of which have never before been seen, I hope to get at least in before it gets TOO hot! Best, David www.DavidDoyleBooks.com
  3. Hi guys, I would have sworn that at some point I saw published the days and time for vendor set up - and now I can't find it. Has anyone else done a better job of keeping up with this? Thanks! Sincerely, David Doyle www.DavidDoyleBooks.com
  4. Greetings friends, In order to fund the research for a new book, I am offering special pricing on some combination packages of book now in stock. For the aviation enthusiast we have a Cold War Warriors combo, featuring my books on the B-36 and B-58 bombers, and the F-104 and F-105 fighters - an over $80 retail value for only $44.95. For the military vehicle enthusiast, the special is my two-volume (1100+ pages) set of Dodge truck books PLUS my 504-page volume on the GMC CCKW - all for $144.99! The Dodge volumes start with the pre-WWII VC-series trucks and go up through and include the M37 family of vehicles used through the Vietnam War. List price of these books is about 200 bucks, so this is a substantial savings (and near my cost). VERY limited quantities of these combinations are available - and when they sell out the the sale will end - sorry, no rainchecks. Please check out this and other specials on my website www.DavidDoyleBooks.com Denise and I hope each of you have a very Merry Christmas! Sincerely, David Doyle
  5. Just in time for the holidays, a special purchase has allowed us to put together our best price ever on my DUKW and CCKW books. Quantities are limited, so don’t hesitate in taking advantage of this limited time, never to be repeated deal! Visit www.DavidDoyleBooks.com Happy Thanksgiving to all! Sincerely, David and Denise Doyle
  6. I am pleased to say that my new F-104 Starfighter in Action has been released. Featuring over 60 vintage color photos, 100+ black and white photos, plus artwork. Introductory price is $15 at ahttp://www.daviddoylebooks.com Have a great weekend! Sincerely, David Doyle
  7. Thanks for the info! See ya'll there. David
  8. The IPMS website says that the vendor tables are 8 feet by 24 inches, whilst another vendor has told me that they are actually 30 inches wide. Can anyone confirm the actual dimensions? Any help appreciated. Sincerely, David Doyle
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