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28mm Imperial City


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My grandest visions include much much more than this flat city...I can see multi-tiered playing levels, like the fictional Hive-cities of the 40K fiction, including playable sewers below..but this'll do.


This project will probably never be done, but it's more of a showcase of all of my models at once...it is my City game table.

The bearded Man is not a Dwarf, but my Uncle, who got me into this crazy hobby 25 years ago lol. Here we are playing the table's innagural game!




This building is a couple of the Pegasus Gothic Ruins sets


with removable base


ANother little Abbey made with Pegasus Panels


Or the most recent landing pad addition


the whole album is here, all the WIP shots are there






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Really like your stuff. Looking forward to more.

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