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1/48 Willy Fudd


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This is the 1/48 CollectAire resin E-1B Tracer, a long out of production kit. It's one of their better kits, but it did give me some troubles, especially the decals, despite gloss coating the decal sheet twice! I cut the wings and folded them... the kit is designed to let you do so, but the wings are molded in the out position. My wing fold detailing is busy, but entirely bogus, so don't rely on my build for "accuracy".  The most difficult part of the kit is having to build the main gear before assembling the nacelles, as they cannot be inserted later. It also needs a good amount of nose weight to sit on its gear, though in real life the Tracer tended to sit on its tail wheel when the wings were folded.

This is the basic kit. The major parts are hollow molded....


I heated and bent some thick strip plastic to make the wing fold spars, detailing the "hinge" with punched discs...


Building the mutli part main gear legs...


Detailed the gear nacelles and gear wells with some strip plastic...


This shows the vacuform canopy with the overhead control panel the kit provides


I made gear door hinges by punching rings and cutting them in half....


The decals, despite gloss coating, tended to fray and tear, as you can see with the bat emblem... it was repaired using a fine tipped Sharpie pen


The 4 part wing walk decals had the same problem... You can see the touch ups in this pic (highlighted by the flash)


Test fitting the folded wings to the fuselage....


On to the finished model!







Gil :cool:

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Very nicely done! I love the insignia on top of the radome. 

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