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Which E-Books would you buy? Your opinion matters!


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Hi all,

In an effort to provide Modelbuilding Guides...step by step kit builds...that y'all both want and will buy, I present a list of possible future subjects for your consideration.  All subjects will be available in printable PDF format.  There will also be a link to sites for epub and mobi formats for those who prefer alternatives.  Look over the list and let me know the projects you can't do without.

#1    Atlantis 1/48 JN-4D Jenny   (repop of Lindberg kit.

#2   Academy1/48 MiG-21PF Fishbed D

#3   Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-15

#4   Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18 Super Hornet

#5   Encore & Trumpeter A-37B   (kit build comparison e-book)

#6   Revell 1/48 Arado AR-234

#7   Monogram 1/48  Do-635 Conversion

#8   Williams Bros 1/32 F9C Sparrowhawk

#9   AmTech 1/48 Hs-123B

10  Accurate Miniatures 1/48 SBD-1

11  Accurate Miniature 1/48 SBD-5

12  Accurate Miniatures 1/48 P-51B

13  Academy 1/72 PBY-5

14  Hobbycraft 1/48 DeHavilland Beaver on Floats

15  Accurate Miniatures 1/48 F3F

16  Revell 1/48 PT-17

Note that some of these projects may be incorporated into vignettes or dioramas for a better appearance.  Finally, if there is a subject you would like to see as a Modelbuilding Guide that isn't on this list, don't hesitate to let me know.


Richard Marmo

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Looks like a fantastic start for most people. As one who builds 1/72 scale aircraft exclusively, I would only be interested in the PBY-5. It would be even more interesting for me to see it include how to add some interior details.... or even how to add civilian interior details to turn it into a flying houseboat.


Just my tuppence.


Good luck on your proposals; I hope you have a very large response.

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Hey Richard,

I am also a 72nd scale builder and have 3 of the PBY kits to make, The RAF one that spotted the Bismarck, a US one, probably the one that spotted the Japanese fleet at Midway and a Black Cat but I might try to make a warbird or foreign post war version with that one.  Saw some neat Norwegian markings from Vingtor.

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Hey Phil,
The PBY will be an ebook, but it will be basically OOB with USN WW-II markings.  Can't make changes since it's a commission for a client who has specified appearance since his father flew it. No beaching gear but I will build a cradle for it to be displayed on.
I will go ahead with the 1/64 equipment shed after reading your comments.  I didn't realize that the Hot Wheels line is basically 1/64.  Also like your suggestion to also include dimensions for upscaling to 1/72 and 1/24 options.  By the way, I had considered including three other 1/;72 Williams Bros kits, but dropped them since I figured there wouldn't be that much interest in them.  The kits?  Northrop Gamma, World Cruiser and Boeing 247.
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I have the four-kit World Cruiser set so it would be interesting to see something done for that. However, that being said; I couldn't afford it so if someone else wants it, I'll try to pick on up later.

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