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1/48 Hasagawa Spitfire Mk VB Jan Zumbach


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A replacement for one of my donations regarding the 303Sq. I ran across a decal sheet from Third Group Decals regarding Spitfire Mk Vb/c at Old Dominion Contest and off we go. Naturally I had no Mk Vb models in my stash (Inventory). Scored a Hasagawa kit at Heritage -Con and at Canadian prices ūüėÉ.


Model was mostly out of box except some Eduard Seatbelts . I did add an IFF Antenna from Uschi line and a higher mirror brace. O well, goodbye Basic Kit build.


Don't look at the drooping gun barrels, I repaired them and had three guys from the model club verify alignment at our monthly meeting last night. The decals were ok except for the wing Insignia which had a smidgeon of white protruding from a section ,ended up having to use some weathering to correct.


Paints were Gunze all around. GX 114 Flat clear coating for final finish. Oil paints for panel washes and Tamiya weathering colors for dirt and wear. I did try some hairspray techniques in the wing root areas, semi successful . The gunze aqueous Dark Green did not want to vacate the wing . The Gray on the starboard side behaved better.


Thanks for looking 

Comments always Welcome


Bill D.





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Very nice, Bill.  I recently got in contact with the granddaughter of a friend of mine.  He was a Polish pilot in the RAF in Spitfires.  She recently sent me a group photo of a flight instructor class he was in, and I hope to see some photos of some of the airplanes he flew.  I towed gliders for him way back when in Truckee.

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