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1/48 Mystere IV Israeli


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A Bit of a modeling challenge here.This is the Hi-Tech Kit I found visiting a Hobby Shop in Grand Junction.

You should always be a little wary about kits in the back with a lot of dust and a description that say High Tech
but what the heck ,lets challenge the Model skills !
The IsraDecal decals were the best part of this project, I did double them over the fusalage red and that worked Great. Also I had great luck with the Wing formation lights and some blending skills.
Alclad and lots of sanding and Priming
Please let me know if you are not familiar with the term "3 Footer"
My interest in the subject was much higher than my skills in this aircraft
The wing tanks and pylons were not included and came from the spares Box. So much for High Tech :-)
Something to View
Bill :D :D
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Hey Bill,

I think you did an excellent job on the kit. I *think* I know of the 3 Footer, but this kit looks much better than that.

I'd be proud to put it on my shelf. :D

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