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"How To Make Your Own Decals" ebook update


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One and all,


For those who are interested, the decal ebook is making good progress. Already a little over 5,000 words. Just so you will know what will be in it, below is the current Table Of Contents. There may be some adjustments to it, but this is probably 90 - 95% of what you will see.


Table Of Contents




Chapter 1: Equipment


Aftermarket Scanning Programs



H-P Photosmart 8250

Epson Workforce 840

Epson XP-410




Open Office Draw

Microsoft Paint


Chapter 2: Decal Paper


Experts Choice



Chapter 3: Fixatives

Chapter 4: Capturing The Image

Chapter 5: Restoring Old Decals

Chapter 6: Resizing

Chapter 7: Creating A New Image

Chapter 8: Printing The Decal

Chapter 9: Sealing The Decal

Chapter 10: Applying The Decal

Chapter 11: Alternate Techniques


About The Author



Price? As it stands now, either $3.99 or $4.99.

Formats? mobi (for Kindle), epub (most other ereaders) & pdf (most ereaders, tablets, desktops and laptops)


Availability? Hopefully by the end of December 2014, though it might be a few weeks later due to delays caused by a trade show model that I recently finished.


Any and all comments while the ebook is being completed will be most welcome.



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One and all,


Appreciate your comments and interest. Target date is still end of December/early January. When it's ready, I will be providing a series of links that will make your purchase as easy as possible. At the present time, I'm researching another printer in order to provide as wide a spread of recommendations as I can. After the ebook becomes available...assuming y'all like it...I'd encourage you to post comments and reviews. Also, recommend the ebook to other modelers who might not be aware of its existence.



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Are you still soliciting comments & discussion on content here? I use a couple of techniques that seem to work with the ALPS, but often sense that there's gotta be a more efficient way to do it.

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Hey Bob,


Sure. Send'em on. Note that the Alps printer will not be discussed in my ebook due to its lack of availability, nor will laser printers. It'll be interesting to see if your techniques will convert to inkjets in a more efficient way.



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