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  1. Les: You may want to try Thr Red lancers. They have a huge selection of figures. So does Sentinel Miniatures. Jack Kennedy
  2. Hi, Gil: I have a 1/144 F-86F that I built with Blue Impulse markings that I made myself. Hope you can use it. Jack Kennedy
  3. Jack Kennedy

    Fokker Dr 1

    All: I had done a review kit of the D.1 as Voss's A/C. It was posted in the A/C kit review section and it is the 1/32 Roden kit. I think I nailed the colors right. You guys be the judge. See, I can build something other than figures and race cars. Jack Kennedy
  4. Great build, Dick. Nice acrylic base for it. I see you didn't add enough weight to the nose and required the acrylic base. Can't fool us old modelers. Jack Kennedy
  5. Great face. Highlanders can be a real pain especially the plaid and the stockings. Yu have a great start on a fine looking figure. Someone suggested using plaid paint but I couldn't find it anywhere. Jack Kennedy
  6. Gilbert, you got it. I can do it at a meeting or you can come to my home. Your call. Jack
  7. I use Duplicolor Auto Primer (Light Grey or white). It is super fine, dries immediately and takes top paint like a dream. I then paint with acrylic (Andrea, Alllejo, Model Master, etc.) After the acrylic is dry, I match the color with oil paint and use very sparingly. It is easy to get great blending. Just don't put a lot of oil on the figure. Jack Kennedy
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