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  1. Any Idea when Registration and Hotel will open? Thanks
  2. At our Annual Show this year a Wood Ship Model was in entered in the Contest. What is stance or Rule for this since we are a "Plastic Model Society? Thanks Dan Bauer
  3. dan

    need part!

    Hi! I have the Dragon Karl Gerat 041" Loki'' in 1/35th. The lower hull has alot to be desired as I have learned. My problem: The lower hull is molded in the lower "travel "position. I desire to build this Karl in the "firing" position. I need the other Dragon Karl Gerat 040 lower hull which is in firing position. Any ideas? Is anyone willing to trade or sell me a lower hull for the Karl 040? Regards, Dan
  4. Thanks Dick! I got in contact and have already sent what I need done. Regards, Dan
  5. Thanks Dick! These are not anything major, but will help set off this project I have been working on for almost a year! Best regards, Dan
  6. Hello~! I am working on a scratch built 1/72 Type IX U-Boat. I need someone who is willing to make 3 decals for the conning tower for me. I have copies of the images I need decals for. I am willing to pay for the materials and postage. Any one willing to do this for me? Regards, Dan
  7. dan

    Fokker Dr 1

    Hello! The U-201 Diorama came out very well. I will be bringing it to Ohio . Hope to see you there. Best Regards my Friend! Dan
  8. dan

    Fokker Dr 1

    Hi All! I want to thank you all for the great replys, ideas and help you have given me on this new project. I want to especially thank Ed for the great packet of info he sent me. I recieved it yesterday. I feel this Fourm is a big plus to all the members. A great group of guys! I hope to meet you all in Ohio next month! Best Regards to all! Dan Bauer CC South Central Modelers of Minnesota
  9. dan

    Fokker Dr 1

    Hi! I would like the review on Voss' A/C also info on Hermann Goreing and his DR 1. Thanks, Dan
  10. dan

    Fokker Dr 1

    Hello! Thanks for the interesting schemes! I like Kemps different DR 1s. Regards, Dan
  11. dan

    Fokker Dr 1

    Hello! I still want to build the Revell kit , but I have gone ahead and purchased the early Roden 1/32 kit of the F1. Do yo have Kemps paint scheme also? Would you be willing to send me a copy of Goering's and Kemp's DR 1's. I will send postage if needed. Thanks. Dan
  12. dan

    Fokker Dr 1

    Wow! Thanks Ed! My Address is: Dan Bauer PO Box 55 Mountain Lake, MN 56159 Thanks again, Dan
  13. Hi Again! Thanks for the great info! Regards, Dan
  14. dan

    Fokker Dr 1

    Hi Gil! Thanks for the reply! Can I get a copy of this article from you? Or do you know where I can get a copy of that Journal ? I am very interested in any research on this A/C I can get. Let me know if you are willing to send the copy. I would gladly send you the postage. Thanks again! Dan
  15. dan

    Fokker Dr 1

    Hey, Thanks for the heads up! I will look for that kit. Also can you give me the publication number or where I can get a copy of that article? This is great Help! Thanks, Dan
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