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  1. Very, very interesting... The upgrades made to the RDAF A35s must've included the 'chiseled' nose. If you notice, the pictures we both submitted are of the same aircraft (A-018) assuming of course that the a/c numbers didn't change with upgraded/non-upgraded machines. Looks as though a 'legacy' A35XD *can* be produced from the current Hase kit (though I'm not sure how extra fuel and strengthened airframe would figure into it). Thanks for the replies! Mike
  2. Well, folks; to answer my own question (shoulda done in the first place ) it looks as though both Danish Drakens had a "recce-type" nose (that is the "F35XD" and the "RF35XD") so it is not possible at the moment to kit the Danes' ground attack bird or its recce sister. http://www.airplane-pictures.net/images/up...008-4/13523.jpg The preceding link is a nice case in point. I guess since there was no radar installed, the RDAF and Saab decided on some other stuff to go in the nose of the mud mover (a shot of the recce bird is here http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3099/256467...6b1ec9b.jpg?v=0 ). Hope this keeps any of you Danish Draken fans out there spending dough on what Hasegawa is selling now, hoping to build on of them. Looks like one helluva fuselage re-tool, so we may have to rely on aftermarket... Mike
  3. Can the Danish A35XD be built from any of Hase's current releases of their 1/48th kit? Thanks in advance! Mike
  4. MPeters

    1/48 T-28s

    Why hasn't *some* company come out with a new mold of this airplane? The ancient Monogram kit couldn't have done that badly in sales. IMO, once the molds were done (to at least a decent degree of accuracy/detail) it would be like writing a blank check to themselves! Mike
  5. It's the H-182 kit, but really any will do... Who needs instructions anyway! :D Thanks for the reply! Mike
  6. Anyone have a .pdf or other electronic copy of the instructions for the *original* Revell 1/32 F-4E? Mike
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