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  1. Now I feel dumb. I bought a second LCVP that included the 25 troops last year from Ebay. It was a good price but not as good as just buying the troops only for $35 for the LCVP I already had. But this is good because I can buy another set or two to populate my currently built LCVP or for my LCM. Now if Italeri would make a combat set of figures for the PT-109 model that would be great too.
  2. Revisiting the airport question but with a different take--why is it so expensive to fly into Norfolk? I just priced flights on Southwest and even though the rate charts don't go out to August 2014 yet, I checked the going rate in the beginning of 2014. From Portland, Oregon it is a $604 round trip. Just for the record I could not price Newport News because Southwest doesn't fly to Newport News. Richmond is next closest but Southwest will stop flying to Richmond in March 2013 so that won't be an option. Now here is the kicker--I checked Dulles and the price is only $337 round trip. A weekly rate for a rental car is about $200 (picking the car up away from the airport) so it is less expensive to fly to Washington DC and rent a car for the week. Larry
  3. Vladimir, Awesome job on getting the winners' pictures posted so quickly, but do we also have the list of winners viewable as well. This is great that we can see the models but it would be great to see the winners names as well. I suspect that isn't your department, but if you could pass that on to the judges, that would be great. Larry Randel
  4. The decals are in the box but I really did not give them a complete check yet. What is provided is very basic and I expect they may have turned brittle. I will probably be in the market looking for replacements just to get more complete markings or Top Gun markings.
  5. There are always stories out there of dogs who find their way home after being lost for years. Here is one of a model finding its way home. This past weekend I picked up a vintage 1/32 Hasegawa A-4E/F Skyhawk for half of the marked price of $15 for $8 at the annual Spring IPMS Seattle Show. It seemed like a good enough deal (I know repops of the same molds go for $60 new and let's not even talk about the Trumpeter prices). When I got it home, I looked closer at the price tag and noticed it looked like it was in my handwriting. Also on the box was a old yellow sticky note not in my writing saying it was purchased from a swap meet on 10/16/93. With that info, I looked through my Excel model records and found I had sold an 1/32 Hasegawa A-4 on October 16, 1993 at a swap meet in Portland for $15. The dealer selling the model was from a suburb of Portland so finding at a show in Seattle was not too big of a surprise. I still need to find out from him if he was the original purchaser or if he had acquired the model from another person (he is a dealer that buys models from estate sales and from people liquidating their collections). Going back further into the history of the model, I had purchased it in June 1986 for $12 in Phoenix, Arizona at Michael's near Metrocenter Mall. I had carted the kit around in my stash all through my time in the Air Force to Florida and then to Oklahoma until I found myself in Portland in 1993. Now after 20 years of lurking unbuilt in someone else's collection, it has found its way back home to my stash. Without adjusting for inflation, the net cost of the model to me is only $5 at this point. And now you know "the rest of the story". Anyone else out there have any stories of sold models returning to your collection?
  6. Chris, Sorry I took the Easter Sunday morning off from checking the Forum. I would like to note that the email address with one zero was the email address provided on the event form back in September 2012. What email address did you use to let me know of the error because I just checked through all of my email addresses and found nothing regarding this issue? For future reference the best address to use to reach me for an issue like this is dlc@ipmsusa.org. In any case, thank you to Eric for getting the correction entered since the most important thing is the correct information is listed on the event calendar. Hope you guys have a great show in 2 weeks. Regards, Larry Randel DLC
  7. Do you have an estimate how much your cube weighs at this point and if only half way, how much do you think it will weigh in the end? I would guess all that sprue is mounting up towards being a real armload to handle. Also, on behalf of the IPMS Make 'N Take program, I want to thank you for your donations as you promised. We are very greatful you thought of the program as a benificiary for your generosity.
  8. I bought one of these a couple months ago. How did you handle the glue areas on the coated parts. I anticipate a certain amount of touch up so I am curious what you used. What is the the lighter color over most of the ascent stage?
  9. LRandel

    New Kit coming

    Glen, I am hoping the F-94C will be in 1/48th scale. Do you have an estimated release date and an estimated price?
  10. LRandel

    E-2C refs

    From an E-2 tour I had once when I was in the Air Force, there really isn't much to see at at that doorway anyway. Once up the stairs it lands you on a narrow walkway that is dominated by a bunch of electronics racks that are mostly black. Turn left and you head forward to the cockpit. Turn right and you head to the three scopes in the back. To tell you the truth from my memory, if you paint that insert from Kinetic Dark Gull Grey and most of the "boxes" black, it is about as good as it needs to be. For my Kinetic E-2 I am putting the wings extended so I am buttoning up the hatch anyway. I Googled E-2C interior and found these links: http://www.scalespot.com/onthebench/e2c2000/build.htm (a build of a Hasegawa 1/72 scale but he scatchbuilds the a convincing looking open entrance). http://imagery.vnfawing.com/archive/Aircraft/E-2/g0051794.jpg (a nice interior diagram--might be able to blow it up some) http://derf.smugmug.com/photos/416602254_FAJqu-L.jpg (nice interior shot looking from the scope area forward to the cockpit) Maybe these will help.
  11. I too loved the explanation of shades of colors and dry-burshing in "Super 8". In "ET", Elliot had many built models hanging from his bedroom ceiling. However, in most movies with model building featured, Hollywood is not so kind. In "Butterfly Effect", the character who built models was an often institutionalized psychotic and model building was presented as a symptom of him being messed up. For TV, in "Desparate Housewives" a few years ago, a character brought a Hasegawa 1/32 Stuka to build with his girlfriend's child to help ingratiate himself with the his mother. (somehow they finished it in a single afternoon but I believe they did no painting), In Tim Allen's "Tool Time" he had several built car models on display in the living room in the show. In the new Battlestar Galactica series, Commander Adama was working on a wooden ship model for several episodes (until in frustration over the death of a character, he destroyed the model, which according to the commentary was not scripted and an expensive act since the model was only on loan to the show). I can't wait to hear other people's input to this topic.
  12. Top 3 in no particular order: Babylon 5 Best written Sci Fi that got to execute it's planned story arcs more or less intact. Great characters with compelling story arcs with payoffs years later. Battlestar Galactica (new version) Almost undone by the last episode, but the show had incredible well written stories and complex characters with enough great battles and conflicts to keep you hooked. The show is on BBC America weekly again and it is as good in reruns as it was originally--maybe even better because you don't have to wait for huge gaps from season to season. Of course I have the DVD sets and have watched them at least 2 times through as well. Lost Here is one I haven't seen in anyone's list. Also almost undone by a badly received finale, but upon watching it again, it finally did make sense. This is a show that I really miss now that it isn't on anymore and it is almost better watching it again when you know what to look for.
  13. I don't care where I put it--I want at least one of these. I wonder if they will make an earlier version like the multiple versions of the B-25 they are doing? This will be an incredible year for 1/32 scale bombers--the B-25s, the He-111, and now this B-17G. I just hope the interior detail is as nice looking as those external pieces.
  14. Bob and everyone else interested, I just checked and we have data going back to 2006 on the server and I may have even farther back on the CD I received when I started the Members Gallery job in 2009. I will work on uploading the prior years starting with 2009 and going backwards. This will also make 2010 look less lonely when you open the Gallery page. The new system is really nice because I can load a gallery submission into the system in only a few minutes and probably not need to have anything more than the E-mail program to receive the entry and the Gallery editing program open on the computer. That is compared to the prior method of downloading the pictures, renaming, resizing, making thumbnails then copying the text into a Word file to edit, followed by then going to Dreamweaver to build or update the HTML pages (and then spending a good chunk of time testing and fixing broken or mistyped links to get the new page to work the way it is supposed to work). Finally when all that was done, I would have to upload the changes to the IPMS server with an FTP program. Doing single entries was time prohibitive because of the need to batch everything together to save time. Eric definitely rocks for creating the new Gallery system.
  15. Hello everyone, For the October Members Gallery, I have shifted to no longer use the old Gallery web pages. It is posted only in the new Gallery pages that Eric created earlier in the year. All of the 2010 Members Galleries have been migrated to the new method and from here on out, month by month the new galleries will be only done in the new method. This does not affect the contribution method and in fact I will post your gallery model within a few days of you sending it to me as opposed to waiting until the end of the month as in the previous web page method. So how do you submit a model to the Members Gallery you ask? First off, you must be a current IPMS member so send your IPMS number along with your name to gallery@ipmsusa.org. Of course it is nice to know what you built and have a short description of your model. Here is an example of the way an entry might look: Joe Modeler IPMS # 12345 City, State IPMS Club affiliation (if any) (Scale / Manufacturer / Model Description or Type) which might read like this: 1/48 Hasegawa F-15C Eagle USAF 1st Fighter Wing This basic infor is followed by a description of issues building the model or general comments on why you built the model the way you did. In this case I'm not so much looking for a 2 page build article or a reference history on the subject -- just basic what it is, how it went together, any unusual techniques or aftermarket parts or anything else you think might be of interest. All of that should fit in 2 or 3 paragraphs. If your writing skills are limited, give it your best shot and I can usually clean things up to be presentable. Finally it is a gallery so I need pictures--and the better the pictures the better. Make the pictures at least 800 pixels wide (big enough to fill most monitor screens now) and probably no more than 1600 pixels wide (to reduce file size bloat). If you err on too big that is fine -- I can always reduce a picture in size but it is not practical to blow up a picture if it was taken from a phone camera at 640 x 480 (it can be done but the quality suffers). 3 or 4 pictures are usually enough--front quarter, rear quarter, top, and side views usually work best. I can use more pictures if you really want to send them and if it adds to the article. That's all there is to it--maybe 15 - 20 minutes work on your part tops. Some people have complained that it is always the same contributors--well I use everything that comes in and the way to get more contributors starts with you. Send in your contributions. Thanks, Larry Randel Associate Webmaster--Members Gallery
  16. Most of my model building mistakes were of my own making. When I was probably 5 or so, I hit on the brilliant idea that if I couldn't smell the glue then it couldn't cause a problem. I took a clothes clip and clipped my nose closed and then proceeded to build a my newest acquisition, a Revell KC-135. You can guess what happened. By the time I was done, I was so high on glue fumes that I could barely walk. I also had loaded up the model with so much glue I also discovered the phenomenon of glue sinks. The nose of the plane so loaded up with glue that by the next day the nose was nearly molten it was so softened. Here is another brilliant move from when I was 11 or 12. I was home sick and decided I would create some serious battle damage on my Revell USS Hornet aircraft carrier. I used a cigarette lighter and began to liberally melt some holes in the hull and the deck. I was really happy with the blackened edges it produced. Well I got fairly carried away and I produced this big drip of plastic that fell on my thigh just above my knee. It produced a hugely painful third degree burn about a half inch in diameter. I still have a scar nearly 40 years later. Another side effect was the burning plastic produced black fallout all over the kitchen and dining room where I did my model burning. I cleaned most of it up and was able to make my parents believe it must have been the result of a cooking incident. Those are two of my most stupid self induced model building injuries.
  17. FWI, the May Members' Gallery is posted. Here's the breakdown by subject: Aircraft: 9 Armor/AFVs: 1 Automotive: 1 Sci Fi: 1 Ships: 0 Figures: 0 Sorry for posting them late. I have been in the hospital battling a skin infection and verticle time to work on this has been at a premium.
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