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  1. I've been thinking about how I could do this recently. Maybe adding details from other models. But the smaller "In-Universe" size of the Star Trek ships makes it hard. I would have to use pieces off of hotwheel cars to add any proper scale detailing. But thats also one thing Ive never liked about Star Trek ships. They really are so small. The actual volume of a TOS enterprise cant be more than a 2-3 story building where as a Star Destroyer is probably equal to the Sears tower... Notice I didnt call it the Willis Tower?
  2. I would have to say... and Im just guessing because I dont have a working bathroom scale. I would say its no more than 10 pounds max. The top and both sides are pretty well done, except for some detail pieces and detail painting. But I dont have anything on the bottom except foam painted black. I still intend to hang it flush on a wall with the lighting rigged up so I can flip a switch to turn it on. Overall I would say that its lighter than it looks tho...
  3. Not trying to offend anyone. Just wanted to see the Enterprise with the type of surface detail you would see on the Millenium Falcon or Star Destroyer.
  4. I was wondering. Has anyone ever done a Star Trek ship with Star Wars details? What I mean is, has anyone ever scratchbuilt a Enterprise A-E and then gave it a Star Wars style detailing? I would like to see pics or concept drawings even. Thanks /Matt
  5. This is a pic of a lighting test I did. I just wanted to see how it would look so I didnt bother covering up the back to prevent spillage onto the wall behind. Im using some christmas lights for now but I plan on getting some LED's and hooking them up to a switch...
  6. Didnt you know? The borg are made in Korea... and China... and the USA. A little bit from everywhere... All kidding aside. Im not gonna worry about sanding off numbers or any words in the sprue til I get near the end. If I end up adding another layer it might get buried anyway...
  7. Got some updated pics. I've added quite a bit to the right side and top. I am trying to get a little negative space on the top and sides where it looks like wire without anything behind it.. .
  8. Thats a good idea. I will start a new thread for that topic... Thanks
  9. I didnt really want to ask for another donation. Especially considering the stuff is pretty expensive. I was thinking about trying to print some images of PE brass onto some thin styrene or plastic. Then cutting out as much as I can with an exacto knife. But Im not sure if my printer will print onto styrene. If I cannot get that to work then I would ask for used PE brass sprue.
  10. Does anyone know of a cheap way to make photo etched brass? Or possibly to make fake PE brass? For what I need it for it doesnt need to be made from brass. It could just be very thin styrene or even a plastic film. So it could be fake or just a look-a-like...
  11. No particular scale. But the overall size is 20 inches by 20 inches. Some of the model railroad parts I have used are HO scale tho. I plan on getting some work done on it this weekend tho. Finally have some time off...
  12. I wanted the Sprue to be smaller in scale in relation to the entire cube. Plus I plan on hanging it on the wall with some LED lights inside.
  13. So I asked a mod and they got this thread moved to a more relavant sub-forum. Got alot of work this week so I wont have too much time. But I have some more detail pieces on order and coming in a few days...
  14. RGronovius, If a mod wants to do that its ok with me. I was also thinking the title of the thread didnt match what I was doing anymore. I dont know how to move it or rename it but if a mod wants to do that its fine...
  15. Small update... I started adding some detail pieces. Hand-Rails and Stair-Rails from model trains (red) and some Plastruct beams (yellow) to break up the standard Sprue. They Really help. I have identified these parts in the original Cube so they go a long way towards making it look authentic. I have 5 of each type on each side so far but plan on adding more. Another thing I need to do is add a lot of Photo-Etched Brass but that stuff is expensive.
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