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    WWII Aviation, Star Trek and Original Series battlestar Galactica ships, ships that have sunk!
  1. Put me down on the casual side. Like Mike Moore, I am on vacation at most Nationals so I prefer to be comfortable. Suits are reserved for church, funerals, job interviews, some weddings and business functions in my case. This time after working the convention up till a few minutes before the start of the banquet last thing I wanted was to put on a coat and tie! But, like Jodie said no hat at the dinner table(those undergoing cancer treatment not included). No host is going to impose something that will restrict attendance to the banquet as that does hurt the bottom line and whether some want to admit it or not, the convention is first and foremost a business and has to be treated as such from the financial perspective. The banquet is what helps make the convention affordable to put on.So in that case it is necessary. Food sales help offset the rental costs and this makes the large venues we require affordable to the society. Without the banquet you would probably see registration costs skyrocket. So while the banquet is not for everyone, supporting it does help keep the convention more viable cost wise.
  2. Due to fire regulations there will be NO additional seating or standing in the banquet room available for the awards ceremony, only those attending the banquet will be allowed in that room. Seating and a TV broadcast of the ceremony will be available in the Lexington A Room along with a cash bar..
  3. There is free parking adjacent to the CMCC on the lower end, first come first served. The parking garage is $10 a day or garages have cashiered hourly parking: $1.00 - First half-hour and second half hour and $1 for every additional hour.
  4. All 1/48 Attack Squadron F2F Icaero Designs IAR 81c Lone Star Models F-15 Reporter Conversion of HobbyBoss P-61
  5. Meeting this Saturday to set the date. IPMS/USA has been working on some credit card acceptance issues.
  6. Eric: You have the city limits population for Columbia. The population for the metropolitan area is 737k just an FYI. How is this relevant? Attendees of events like this have the tab picked up by their employer, or write it off as a business expense. Some people save for years to go to an IPMS National event. When was the last time the Nats were held in the NE....huge population centers(Boston, NYC, Philly, etc) with potential for lots of walk ins.
  7. No promises but we will look into this for 2016 and see if something could be worked out given space and budget. Website is now live with the information we have now, more will be added as it becomes available! http://www.ipmsusa2016.com
  8. B-32 C-46 B-23 B-18 Short Stirling TBU/TBY Seawolf Curtiss A-18
  9. Gil: I believe Lonestar makes some resin engine cowlings for this bird, might want to contact Mike. Hub
  10. Hope to see as many of you there as possible. For more info and forms: http://www.swampfoxmodelers.com/index_2.htm
  11. Mid-Carolina/IPMS is proud to be hosting the Region 12 Regional at the SC National Guard Bluff Road Armory for more details and forms please see: http://www.swampfoxmodelers.com/index_2.htm
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