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  1. Just wanted to be sure you knew, some guys here (like me) have to plan the day before off this far ahead of schedule
  2. Cincy Show has been in Oct for a few years Lee, 2010 date is Oct 2nd
  3. Myself, I like the Badger line (100G and Sotar 20/20) and started using a Grex pistol grip after this years Nats. I'll also suggest a gravity feeder over a bottom feed. The Grex I bought has interchangible cups...something I wish others did. You'll find you get smoother flow and can get closer with a gravity feeder
  4. Thanks.... I just noticed the shield over the port side exhuasts was lose in the photos, must have worked lose when I was moving it around. I'm too lazy to reshoot the pics so when I send them to the Journal I'll delete that angle :P
  5. I used this photo I saw posted on Hyperscale over the summer as a guide Couple things are a WAG (that's Wild A----d Guess :P ), color of the prop spinner and yellow cowling...I based it off what other JG 53 planes were from a Jadgwaffe I've got
  6. That's moving along nice (me, I got sidetracked on mine but that happens allot here :P ) Keep us posted
  7. That shaded out pretty good, I've always done a wash after the fact but might try that next Emil that scale I do (got another in mind after the 2 on the bench are done)
  8. I want to do the masks for 2 reasons....my freehand that scale I need more work on and I want to try and get every frigging donut matched right. What I want to do is the masking then "freehand" inside of the masks with my brand new Grex airbrush (I normally use a Badger 100G or Sotart 20/20). I'm only going to try this guy once and figure go for broke
  9. Its the sweetest little kit I've ever built. Problem is the damn things are hard to find here in the US. I'd gotten a couple of the Bf 109F-4's at the VB Nats then bite the bullet and ordered a bunch from Rainbow 10, they seem to be the only shop worldwide that had a stash and decent selection. I'm glosscoating the one on the right now..should be ready for a dry wash this week....plus these 2 here Need to paint the wheel wells tonite then their ready for camo. One of those might take awhile, I'm doing this pattern and it'll take time to mask 3rd one will be Aircraft 7 on that sheet
  10. Forums have been funky all day :P [forum sluggishness noted, Don, please delete this post as it's off topic, thanks]
  11. Eagle Strike sheet "Augsburg Flyers Pt 2". I wanted something simple for the 1st one of those I do, 3 more on the table plus their G-6
  12. Danke....I'll have it display only at the show in 2 weeks
  13. Hi Glenn, The F was the best fitting Bf 109 kit I've ever done. The biggest problem is the engine cowling 1/2s, since the kit has a basic engine their designed to be posed open so you have to canter sand the edges to get them flush in the closed position. Tailplanes were very tight fitting also, I had to sand and file the holes out a tad so I could get the alignment right ....never thought I'd bitch about a good fitting kit :P I've 3 more F's on the bench plus the Bf 109G-6 from them. The later seems to be a tad "looser" in fit...so far nothing major but compared to the F's it suprised me I had to tape the fuselage 1/2's together :)
  14. I never had that one as a kid, my 1st Emil was in the Revell 1/72nd scale Battle of Britian set, loved to find one of those someday in decent shape just to hang on the hobby room wall :P
  15. Looking good. Keep a eye on those tailplanes and the supports, Tamiya molded the support struts a bit to short since theres a leather boot there that the museum plane they copied didn't have so if you use them for alignment you'll get a downward cant on them, I always use this as a guide
  16. I remember now, you posted that allready My 2 OOB Tamiya Emil's that scale is on the bench now Just finished decaling that tonite, need to seal the decals with gloss then wash through what needs it then flatcoat and some exhaust staining, That one I'm waiting on decals on from this sheet to get here http://www.airconnection.on.ca/HUSSAR/DECA...SSAR_48d001.htm Bottom "White 5"..if they don't show up soon I'm going to start another kit (I've a bunch in the stash :P ) and do that one in a 7/JG 53 pattern that doesn't have the swastika on the rudder. JG 53 flew for a time with them painted out and I've pictures of a plane I've wanted to do for awhile. I'll have to bash the decals but not a problem with the stash I have
  17. Nice, I've 2 on the table myself OOB builds (I'm a woozie :P ) and your really doing that nice. What markings you planning on??
  18. Bomb rack if your doing a Jabo (fighterbomber) since SKG-210 would have been a ground attack unit IIRR. You can always say the rack ain't installed IIRR.....I've never researched SKG-210 since if I ever do a Jabo Emil I have aftermarket for those parts 1/48th scale and 1/72nd scale Tamiya included the parts for some reason but never on any 1/48th scale release
  19. Like Gil said, kitwise you need the pointed spinner, plus since your wanting to do a Jabo from the sounds of it you'll need the rack...which isn't offered in the kit. A E-7 I would also paint the entire cockpit RLM 66 if I was doing one
  20. You did a nice job on that POS James, I still ain't got a cockpit into mine after 3-4 months
  21. Kits got more issues than the E-4 canopy..see Lynns review thread on it. I've slowly been fighting my E-1 into shape and I'll wait and see what the Trumpeter Emil looks like that scale before I get anymore Eduard versions. Eduard honked me off with that statement, I used to buy their kits sight unseen....now I wait and see how bad it is 1st
  22. Modelmasters RLM 70 and 71 SUCK for accuracy, their no where near close. Since you use enamels I would suggest looking at the Floquil Railroad line of paints. "Pullman Green" is a dead match for RLM 71, I use it myself, I also have a stash of the old Aeromaster enamels and have compared the 2. Their are so close I did a 1/72nd Emil years ago and won around R-4 with 1 wing using the aeromaster and the other using the Pullman Green :D RLM 70 the closest match in Floquils railroad line is "Brunswick Green". this isn't a dead on match but it was going to be workable with some tinting.....till Roll Models found a stash of Aeromaster on the shelfs and I bought 20 bottles of the stuff :D
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